Prospect Leads Generating System!

You might have been invited to "Leads Generating System"  through the newsletter, as I have published this page for some members of the list.

The page was protected by a password the first time I publishes it and I then though why not remove the passwords to help others read it and know some about the systems that has proven to generate millions of leads in the past decade.

You are either getting offers by email from some marketing and shopping programs online, or you have been even spammed. The obvious thing you know is that you will not get any sort of mailing until you provide your email address. But, when you publish your email, you will get the spam of the earth to your email box.

Leads Generating: The lead generating system should be built-in within your website system.

Sometimes, you will find out that your full contact information has been approached negatively and or unsolicited online. If you know how to protect your privacy, then you will not have any problem. But, what if you chose to follow some co-op and leads generating network like the ones you will read here?

If you came here through the link I sent in the last issue of the Ezine Acts Biz Marketing Newsletter, you are welcome to use the Contact Us form to tell me whether this page is up to your expectation according to the message I published on the Wise Biz Marketing Newsletter, or not.

I appreciate it so much, because that lets me feel you are confident and you are an honest friend, not just a reader of the Wise Biz Marketing newsletter.

Other visitors, please note that the first time I published "Prospect Leads Generating System", I did it for my WBM lists and this page was a password protected page. But, then thought why not remove the password for other readers to benefit from it. So, here we go all together.

Leads Generating System on the Coop Network!

I am 100% sure that you have agreed to share your full contact information, when you received some gifts, participated in some services including surveys and contests, joined some platforms that have collectively partners in success to share information with, or did something with a service provider and submitted your email address.

Some services use the information confidentially and some are not.

I have nothing to do with this more than to reveal some secrets you might have not considered when you submitted your full contact information to some of those programs I am about to mention.

Noting this, you know of course that there's no "spidering" software on the Internet that can collect the full contact information of anybody. It's too difficult too for anybody to manually collect full information.

In this case, the only one person who could submit your full name, email address, phone numbers and postal address, is you or somebody who's very close or intimate to you. There's no prospect leads generating system online that could capture any full contact information, unless you provided it yourself.

I have got hundreds of full contact information from some kinds of network online called coop network. This is a lead generating system well operated through different platforms using many offers (i.e. sweepstakes and give-aways).

If you'd been some times in the past, or even if you get there now to some online network like Ivillage for example, and have any kind of membership there using their free services, they'll provide you from within the same process you use to sign-up, with some of their partners to sign for them too.

It's obvious that those programs are using a prospect leads generating system, to capture more subscribers to send them their offers. Nothing is wrong with that.

The Classical Leads Generating have Disappeared!

I am giving ivillage as an example only, because I know very well that they are so good there. I am one of their members and I've got there using one of their leads generating system.

I've never been disturbed by them or by their partners. They haven't shared my full contact information with any bad partners online.

I know it’s seemingly a women society online, but I love to get some secrets about this society, since women make our other sweet "dreams";-) I love them for so many reasons; especially if they are very sophisticated, clean and honest to the point.

While ivillage and few other networks I know are honest, great numbers of services are not.

The co-op network, such as cash evaluation, clupshop, ivallage, smart mall, worldprofit (this exists) have  also terms and conditions if you agreed to, then they can sell you as a lead. This is what does. I purchased many leads from them generated by their system.

Now to get back to your case, you know this coop network, so called leads generating system, I am writing about, is working in coordination between the home shoppers club and some of the sweepstake, gateway gifts and give-away companies.

They all starting from the home shoppers club to others, are using software give-aways and sweepstakes, to generate leads for sales or distribution to their partners or co-workers.

They use their leads generating system as well as any other network online, to keep them fresh and sell them too. So, if you've missed your way by getting into that wrong leads generating system, you need to read on.

Leads Generating System and Software Collectors!

Some other programs offer software downloads. Some of these software are encrypted with malware, to be used in information distribution, and some other files transfer online.

They use those software you might have downloaded to record several locations and keys to your data. Some of those software providing website services have advanced techniques to get to the root level of your data.

This could possibly be the first step to hijacking not only your data but your computer at a click.

The best way to protect yourself from such kind of Malware and file transfer is to download LavaSoft from its main source at or Microsoft Firewall from its main provider, or you may consider this family filtering software at F-Secure.

If you cannot find it linked here, please use the search box at the right column and enter F-Secure to find it. It's designed to protect your data and your children while surfing or playing games online.

Leads Generating System Through the Gateway Pages!

The home shoppers club has also its wild range of gateway pages and pointers that the club prepares for its members to use freeservers, 50 megs and even geocity to generate leads for the club.

So, I'd been a member of the home shoppers club for almost three years, and I've achieved the level of a team leader, with the help of two good women there.

This is why I've got 15,000+ prospect leads from the coop network. I am not a VIP, "Vested Income Partner" in the club anymore, although I've got pointers somewhere on the Internet, I could not reach to get them down, because the email address associated with them does not exist now. More details are in the coming report.

I am contacting those prospects until now and no body has requested removal, but only about 200 persons.

There're about 340 bad addresses, 520 protected by those spam filtering software, 784 no such email addresses, 328 invalid recipients, 412 not our customers, 552 over quota, 663 currently suspended, 331 inactive users and 693 are big companies themselves.

Read that? Imagine-- how and why you should go everyday to organize one item of your desktop planner. Checking the bounces, classifying, deleting and cleaning up your lists!

Imagine further-- how could a great company like be a prospect lead in this leads generating system?

Hot Leads Generating Systems are Automatic, So they are Deaf and Blind!

They cannot see Toyota cannot be a prospect.

I'd been also a World Profit consultant for a couple of years. This company has a leads generating system that's one of its kind. It sells those leads by hundreds of dollars. I'd got some more prospect leads with their full contact information from that company.

I know very well, all contact information in World Profit up to now comes with a "Contact Me" guarantee in a double opt-in process, with full information capturing system.

World Profit calls those "hot leads" who requested more information online, about their services and products, through their own leads generating system. I am contacting them until now and no one has requested removal, but only 9 prospects.

All services and products are selling for thousands of dollars nowadays. Very expensive Internet business opportunity not everyone is capable to take.

So, I left them with only some hundreds of those prospect leads that are forwarded to me by the head of the company, Dr. Lant or I'd generated from my previous "Business Center" at World Profit.

That was not a real business centre for you like this Business Center, but it is for the company. More details about leads generating are in the following lines of the report.

Cash Evolution's Leads Generating System!

I'd joined Cash Evolution since its start in June 2002 and I'd a great number of downlines there, but I'd never been able to get their full contact information, but only the names and the email addresses.

They had their leads generating system too, and that was very mad when they'd started. Sharing and observing the progress, I paid for three, four months and waited for the evolution of that money to move in the power of that circle of my great downline.

But Cash Evolution integrated with Total Marketing, so some of those paid members lost their interests during the liquidation. It was very strange, as the government had the lion share on its stock.

Smart Mall's Leads Generating System!

In that same period, I'd joined Smart Mall too; thinking that "it's not wise to put all your eggs in one basket" is true. I'd millions of people in my download generated by Smart Mall leads generating system.

People at that time were just too thirsty to get their bottles full from this "Coca Cola something Internet machine". Smart Mall has started at the same period Cash Evolution has started and there're some differences between those two programs. More details are in the coming report.

My Leads Generating System Too!

At the same time, I have my small Home Based Business too.

I've more than 50 newsletters and autoresponders that are generating prospect leads. Some of them are powering in up to this moment a huge number of spammers, from those who are the sons of some African dictators, to those who are selling Cillias and Viagra, and the enlargement of that stick.

But, it's OK-- since I am still getting those who are generous and sincere to be my readers and sourcing out the garbage to its place in the trash.

I've never approached anyone from those leads with such offers; I'm still getting from my own leads generating system, with silly language. That means some subscribers used fishing emails to get to me with their offers. So, this is a lesson to consider.

Coming to the last point on this page, and before saying, "please come later when I finish my full report about this issue", I take your pardon, if you feel that I'd disturbed you in the past. I haven't got this feeling anyway out of my monthly correspondence. But I feel myself very sincere to care about your comfort.

Your full contact information which is save on my offline files too, is really save with me. I'll destroy it at once if you do not want me to contact you any more... Confidential.

One more point, I'll appreciate it very much if you leave me your impression, comments and your input, about any issue pertinent to the truth and the whole truth you know, about leads generating or about the affiliate and the multilevel marketing (MLM).

Perhaps you may have a good story to share, if you do care about keeping the light on.

So, will you please keep the light on by using the form at Contact Us to tell me some stories?

This will definitely helps other understand the leads generating system and the MLM and it helps me more in putting out and releasing full big report.

I've nothing to give you back for this favour, more than a warm "Thank You", and if you don't mind- another "Thank You" package on the "Thank You" page when you fill the form.

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