Want to Monetize?

Do Not Monetize a Website Before Building A Theme-Focused Website!

That also indicates the values you could possibly get when you only do what you love to do on a theme focused website on one topic you love.

Personal success depends on choosing the right topic from all of these things that interest you and you love to do to build it right according to some measures.

The measures are what you need from this page.

So, it starts with a preamble and then the article below it.

Understanding the Backgrounds to Monetize!

To simplify it, it is necessary to get in a mindset of a student doing his college assignment on a topic, such as human rights and ethnical dignity (in human rights).

This is an example to help you form the problem and then solve it through an outstanding research on the topic. You don't need any problems management skills to do this.

In a business, you could do the same for the things that interest you and you love to do by making a list of all of them. Write them in short terms on you list and then search and research them to choose the best of the things that you love to do, so you could focus on it.

But, how to choose it right?

That is easy. The best of all of the things that you can do is on one of the terms. That means the term with the high values is the best term to choose to build it a home based business and monetize it perfectly.

To indicate it more, the values you find during the search mean that that term has demands and thus has great profit potential. So, while building it, you should build it in a way to attract free website traffic.

You only monetize through free website traffic. If there is no free website traffic, there is no monetization at all.

How to Monetize Anything You Love to Do?

By - Khalid Osman at Khalid Osman's Network

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Some people think it is difficult to monetize their websites although it is not. Others think it is not difficult and they do it wrong.

We have two smart kinds of webmasters here. The fact is that monetizing any website is not difficult although it is not simple.

Anyone can build web pages, publish a website and monetize it to enjoy receiving some income from his website publishing efforts. The simplest monetization model is the AdSense, Infolink, AdBrite, Media.net.

However, people need to follow a scientific process before getting those monetizing modules to work better for them.

Many people actually have engaged in building many blogs to make money from the advertising modules mentioned above. However, some of them are doing it wrong, seemingly because they do not concentrate first on some primary steps, before getting their websites monetized by Google AdSense or any other monetizing modules.

Posts at the AdSense help groups reveals many facts about how those people have forgotten to prepare the atmosphere to monetize their websites before using those monetizing modules.

They think first of the money and they forget anything else about how to prepare those websites for any monetizing system, whether from ad serving companies or affiliate programs, such as those of Clickbank.

This fact explains why so many of them are complaining that they do not get enough income from the AdSense at those AdSense help groups.

Building a website is easy as stated here in this article. However, it is seemingly not easy to build a web business, and (structure it) for potential income from any advertisement, unless people think again about the purpose of their websites.

This means that it is most important to prepare an atmosphere of potential income before just thinking about building a website to make money.

Yes, the money is important or why should someone ever build a website. However, it is essential to rethink of a purpose for that website.

This is simply because the process of building a website starts from a well-known four-step-method that begins by 1- content, 2- traffic, 3- preselling and 4- monetizing (CTPM).

This could explain why some people are complaining about the AdSense revenues they get. They get low impressions and few clicks through because they bring the monetizing process, which is the fourth step in the CTPM above first, and they build Blogs made only for AdSense (MFA).

They think that once they built some websites they will then start earning money by monetizing them. It gets also to this standard of understanding, that even those who do not know what the AdSense is, let alone how to use it and how to put its codes on their Blogs, have started their websites only and purposely for using that AdSense.

They do not read the AdSense program policy and terms of services good enough. They do not even look to the optimization process at the AdSense help before getting their Blogs up and running, with almost no serious content or only collections of pictures. So, some of them have fallen down of the AdSense road.

Dreams about getting a website and monetizing it are not easy dreams. This is because of the fact that we should know first and utmost, that our dreams should match realities!

They should match realities to be vital in motivating us to create that bewitching world between our physical and mental behaviours and our (souls endurance).

The first thing we should do is to think again about the purposes of our websites in conjunction of our capacity and personal experiences in life.

This is to say the four-method-process is applicable when we Choose It wisely and think about a specific experience as a potential theme to build automated content and build income through content.

What is that atmosphere of knowledge we do have to build a theme-focused website?

By answering such question, we lay the foundation of our web business and start building content. And not just only content, but solid content.

Anyone interested in building income through content should concentrate on building this content around a theme s/he knows better about. That is to say narrow niches count in this regard.

The process of building a theme-focused content has techniques to develop that keyword focused website to bring the second term of the process, which is free traffic to work better and generate the fourth term of that process which is monetizing.

Yes, this means implementing good money making mechanisms. It is simple as that.

We all know creativity has no limit, especially when we develop it through past time experiences or our hobbies or work experiences to find good points to write about them.

This is very important to build a theme that develops a focused content. Wise people who blog there actually do this to drive free websites traffic. They know very well, it is only content that drives traffic.

If you reached this standard, you could manage some more skills very easily and intimately and build your small business using good Internet marketing strategy.

Just follow the rainbow of your creative mentality, to drop your thoughts and feeling on your content whatever it is. Write your keywords focused content intimately and personally and only then think of partners in success.

However, creativity is limited only by the block of money, if you think of it first. Therefore, forget it, as well monetizing lies in between specific words inside your content, ready to use it later to monetize.

For example, I know the AdSense spider or bots or whatever it is, can be seduced intelligently. It feeds itself from those specific words to bring optimized adverts from the AdWords and display them on websites. It does that because your those specific words in your content drive it.

This article for example could give you or anyone else a glimpse of insights to know how this mechanism works with other ads you see here, as other ad serving systems do the same thing AdSense does to monetize your content.

It is unseen of course and that is the flavour of it. I enjoy it personally. Through this observation and enjoyment, you can step forward to build content that is more attractive, monetize this content and diversify your monetization modules.

I have not thought about those words you are reading right now before, but in fact, they typed themselves almost alone using my keyboard without even having me to track my fingers.

This is content, when we think of creating it to enjoy the article writing process first, to express ourselves secondly, to help others enjoy, think or know better thirdly and to monetize this effort at the end.

Hey, those are not my fingers any more, but the fingers of those thoughts I am writing about here to help you see the light to monetize your website-building and publishing efforts.

Enjoy the harmony of my humour.

Note: I actually completed this article about how to monetize a website from line three while I was at my website building tools thinking of a new content to add to the Ezine Act Network.

I am going to build this content there… so, see you at the coming page when I finish building it. Oh no, you are here already. I am just kidding.

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