Know the Nostalgia of the Bright Letters!

The following bright letters are included in a message I have received years ago from one of my friends.

The message at the second section of the page could give you some ideas, not only to write messages, but to write good letters and make your letters brighter. Maybe you can even use them to make your life brighter, just as I did with the AG.

What is interesting here is that, through the ideas you could get through to improve your article writing skills to make your letters brighter with some polite touches included in between the lines of your letters.

Even when writing for the Web, you should always consider that when your letters become brighter with polite touches included, you reach the mind of your reader through his, or her heart.

Emotional writing works very well, not only for love and sex, but also for home based businesses. It builds a kind of spiritual relation between you and your readers (potential clients).

With some touches of verse and proverbs, you'll write bright letters to pre-sell what you are writing about. It could be a product you have created, or a product you promote, such as the products on the Digital and Video Products Index.

It could be also a service you provide, or a service you promote, such as the business financing service at the Ezine Acts Business Financing Section.

Whether you write in English, as you read through the bright words, or in Arabic, as you read at the Arabic Poems, or in French, as you read through Motivation Personnelle, or in any other language, your vocabulary is a treasure.

From this literary treasure you could get the sentimental literature with the verse and the proverbs included with their adjectives, metaphors and similes to enrich your articles.

Yes, it is not only poetry that includes the mentioned elements of rhetoric. You take the art of discourse farther to persuade and motivate your readers, only by writing bright letters, or using bright letters in your public speeches.

And yes, the vocative case is not necessary, at all. See whether it does exist in your First Love Experiences cloud Be Your Shadow for Life, How Do Elephants Kiss? and Liking Starts Here.

Your readers, or hearers read, or hear your words and the emotional bright letters get into their hearts. That is the way to influence your readers like magic. An not only that, even your brights letters could get you influenced to write like Garcia Marquez, or Pablo Neruda.

This is what I believe, as a poet. Despite that I wrote most of my poetry in Arabic, it makes sense to me, because the art of discourse is well connected with any other language and of course genres of literature. See, or read some couplets of my Arabic poetry designed in images below.

The Bright Letters of My Friend!

Some of my contacts wrote me some very nice bright letters. I really do appreciate that and will publish those I'll find useful on my bright letters pages!

Bright Letters Open Some Ways to Good Friendship and Love!

I think this is a very bright letter that I've received ever from an online friend! It is full of passion and polite touches and has some flavor of love and romance too!

Although my online girlfriend (and girlfriend here does not necessarily reflect the European meaning of this word, verbally... seemingly because it doesn't involve sex) said that her letter is very private, but she agreed when I requested to publish it on this page... Appreciated Vicki. This is her name. Here are her bright letters.

Dear Khalid,

I'm also pleased to hear from you again as you seem to me a very wise person indeed! I feel that you have gone through many experiences in your life.

I believe that a true teacher; is living life, for without living it, it does not make one any wiser than that!

I hope that this is your private e-mail that I am sending you this e-mail, for I'm afraid of it to be public, as it is meant only for you as a personal note.

However, I will try to join in to the list when I am more confident in the subject matter. I know you say to me; that write what you feel, but it is not as easy for me as it is for you, you are a professional writer.

If I understand it correctly, you are or were a journalist. Therefore, it is a second nature for you to do as such. As for me, I'm just a normal person willing to learn and get inspired by others, that have been able to have even a little piece of their dreams come true.

My admiration for them, is so great that I am only too pleased for anyone who can achieve anything really in life! Especially in this day and age, unless you are fortunate enough to have a helping hand from a young age to give you that first start.

One thing in my life I can tell you; is that I hate politics! That is where I find myself knowing that everyone has an opinion, as so they should!

But to me this is all getting out of hand these days, even with your closest friend's talking about it.

Most times they get upset when you don't like to talk about it or if you do, it seems that they can't handle your opinion and there starts the hard feelings amongst us little people.

So you see my friend Khalid, these days friends even family relatives sometimes don't realize that all is not what it appears to be.

There are lot of things in the political world that are not known in their entirety to us, until they have leaked through from somewhere, and there begins a whole new argument, again and again never ending story.

I have seen a lot of people through this kind of thing, from family to friends even people on the street become against each other and even physically get involved over this just one issue, politics!

I hope that I have not given you eye strain over such a long e-mail, but I was thrilled to see your e-mail yesterday that I had to respond the best way I could.

Love comes in many kinds of ways my friend and I do love you too! I would also love to hear your laughter for my little stupid things that I write to you about, or the way they might have meant to be written. Who knows I'm just going to keep writing the best way I know how.

Until we get in touch again, may your days be bright, and your heart be light, May the Lord lead your way every day of your life!

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I sent her the following reply.

A Response to the Bright Letters!

Hi My Soul,

(This is the way, to address somebody in my culture, when you feel she/he impressed you and energized/enthused your soul and enriched it with lovely images.)

Thank you a lot for giving me a chance to catch my moment/your moment.

That's special world we both belong to! It is the real world where you and I become ONE in thoughts, feelings, bright letters and polite touches.

And... this is the way to write well. Forget about grammar, spelling and the other language mistakes. Concentrate first on the series of feelings, thoughts and ideas that indulged your soul...

This is the moment where you're going to be free even from your physics.

I belong to an Oriental Culture... How lovely will it be when we globalize this oriental culture?

It'll be just like you're adding few final touches of art essence to your masterpiece whatever it is, as you read through the Ezine Acts Art Essence!

Love and Peace follow your steps.



P.S. I am going to help you to do just that... This is not a favor, it's an obligation... Keep on writing to me this way.

P.P.S. Politics is not a dirty game... (They) want it to be that way. However, I cannot leave it to (them) to disturb the others...

If you don't like it, then read the other good articles at the 100 Beautiful Sites Blog. You can even write polite letters about your city of residence or about your city of birth at Any Beautiful City. This is my daughter's website.

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Bright Letters in Poetry!

Let's start those love letters here below, and let's have you inspired by the flow of the bright words to reach your heart and get together to write well. They may seem like a song that touches the hearts and refreshes our souls.

I am still getting to a world of sweet dreams following the bright letters in Kenny Rogers' songs! The World behind his songs is the world I ever wanted to live forever!

There is a pure (Sufi sadness) hidden in his words and tunes while traveling into that world... inside the words. This kind of sadness is the positive mixed feeling of a present joy and its echo on the circle of life and death (the First Life and the Second Life)!

Which one of them is the first life and which one is the second life?

You may find answers to this question in my Arabic poetry in the poetry collection I called Wakening of the Phoenix, or Rising of the Phoenix. However, it is Arabic Phoenix Poetry at this moment. See the right column and the imagism in poetry on the Ezine Acts Pictures.

One of the lives I mentioned above, whether it is the first life, or the second life is on my epic I quoted some of its verse on the image above. It is a mixture of sufism and philosophy. However, you could see clearly that it belongs to imagism in poetry.

So, on one hand I have got many friends. They are scattering now in the Diaspora. The life is taking them by it's hard conditions, that some of them are not getting in touch and some of them are in places unknown to me on this planet.

On the other hand I got many of my friends getting back to me, when I published online. Some of them have been very pleased when they searched by name and found me.

For the first time in my country's history great numbers of my people, the Sudanese are now well known refugees in different places in the world. It is not because of the crises of the nature, but sadly, it is because of the crises of the religious dictatorship composed through a military council.

In addition, the Sudanese (who are living in a country that we cannot call Sudan any more, because the Sudan we know doesn't exist) have unfortunately two kinds of dictatorship.

Read more about this political issue at About Me, Environment ProtectionFormal Measures of Intelligence and Khalid Osman's Network.

Bright Letters make actually polite words and they are my way to friendship and love. The way could be yours too to enjoy reading and sharing your thoughts in bright letters.

I always think the life perle is friendship! People learn from each other! Right?

This is why I have chosen to work this friendship up and build a small web business out of it. That's because some of you could possibly find something useful here and learn more from other people's experiences. In addition, I know that any lifetime experience is a benefit.

It obsoletely right that your own personal experiences could help other people improve their lives. You could provide that through this page, or on your own work at home business.

So, those bright letters and polite touches do have a purpose! We all want to live a life in purpose. Aren't we?

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It's totally up to you to take one, two or all of those three suggestions I mentioned on this page. So, keep reading some bright letters in poetry, as you see on the images below and on prose at the linked pages and here below.

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