How to Use Twitter?

Twitter has over 240 million users. So, it important to get an account there if you have not already done. It better than FaceBook, although the last one is more bigger and different from the first one. People interested in social media use it to tweet few words about what they do daily, hourly, or even minutely.

Many users have not any business interests on it and they don't know that there are million of dollars made only empowered by their activities and what they do on this social network. Others know and they use it to get both their friends and some economical benefits from it.

I have been between the first people who joined this social network since the first day it lunched in 2006 by Odeo the podcasting company, after 2 years of the lunch date of Facebook, as a bluebird and then changed to Twitter to make the bluebirds (users) tweet in a SMS structure.

I used Odeo company once, as I used Plurk with its horizontal micro blogging for pleasure, since the date of lunch in 2008, so I knew the differences and some of the methods to use them all better.

That way, I could improve my life. See Plurk's Timeline Friends. The benefits may interest you and influence you to improve your life, if you were a user. So…

Are You Using Twitter to Befriend, Monetize or to Drive Traffic?

I have never thought of such question until I had a discussion with the monetizing arms of Twitter. Well it is not a discussion in fact, but it is a followup between Magpie and me whenever they stop the monetizing models in my tweets.

Magpie is the advertising network for Twitter to generate income from conversations on your brand. It helps you reach over 240 million members in this social network and if you were active enough you could get high number of followers in few months.

I noticed that Magpie applies the ingredients of the CTPM method to tweets although the tweets could be in short sentences that use the SMS technology.

Could Tweets Be Content?

The "C" part of the method is simply content. It is not just any content, but a content that has meaning, interest and most importantly focus on any narrow niches, handling each niche with the intended focus required for that niche.

People may consider that the tweets are not content, because they are not full articles about topics in focus. However, they in fact build content when they reach 10 tweets.

This could explain why Magpie uses to place advertising between each set of 10 tweets. Look at this closely, so you could get a clue.

It does not matter what your tweets are about in particular, if you were just an average Twitter. Whatever your tweets are about, you build content in a threshold that you could arrange every week.

But, it is certainly better, if you have small business websites to focus your tweets parallel to your theme for each website you have to empower that website by relevant tweets.

This may give you some business ideas about that even the SMS language builds content. However, you should send short messaging many times to reach the standard of 400-500 characters before considering it a content to analyze.

What is the Best Way to Monetize Your Tweets?

The honey Twitter makes available to tweeters, is that they can monetize their tweet through their Magpie services.

However, Magpie has good policy against spam tweets with links to other websites. They do not remove you if you were a member, but they send you a polite notice that your monetization stopped because you exceeded the volume of tweets with URLs.

You don't need to tweet always including URLs, so as not to stop the money from dribbling into your account.

In fact, this brings my attention to the fact that they use somehow the CTPM method I mentioned above to monetize your tweets.

You will not find an answer if you asked of a percentage of available URLs to tweets that make them release the monetization to your tweets. All you want to do in this matter is to release tweets with URLs that range between 25% and 30% of all your weekly tweets.

I think the logic they follow is reasonable, as how could they monetize your tweets for you if all your tweets refer to URLs? There should be good numbers of tweets that come without URLs to monetize these tweets well.

Even your tweets in Twitter apply the method of CTPM to pre-sell your tweets. It proves that it is only (pre-selling) that counts to help you count the (right) money from the right prospect.

Not only that, but it is the focused tweets on some things that interest you and other people that brings you flowers who have the same interests.

Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether you need followers for free traffic or money while using Twitter. You could arrange the balance between the traffic and the money, though.

Some people tweets 10 times every day. However, let us say you tweet three times a day. If only one link goes with these tweets, you will have 7 links in a week and so 30 links in a month. The other 60 tweets will be free of links.

In this case, Magpie may insert a monetization module five times to appear after each 10 tweets. That means you will have 35 links in 90 tweets. Out of those numbers, there are 30 links to traffic and 5 links to monetize.

Does that Make Sense of Using Twitter?

This is only an example you can use to set the percentage of your free tweets to the linked tweets to drive both free website traffic and money from your tweets. This is the only way to make money from Twitter, if you were concerned and it is one of the money making mechanisms on the Web.

You can control this process when you check your tweets and count them to see how many characters are there in each tweet. If you had ten tweets that make the 500 characters, then you may want to insert only one link in the volume of the next 500 characters.

While FaceBook doesn't offer similar benefits, so Twitter is much better to do all of this and build business relations to improve communities marketing too. The other facts are that Twitter team concerns of privacy more than anyone else. See No One Cares of Privacy Nowadays.

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