Don't Play those Games Online!

If you play the following games online, stop right now. You should not play any of the games included on this page when you are connected to the internet. Playing those games while you are connected to the internet may result either on crashing your computer, or making you vulnerable to some security risks.

Beware of Addons, Some Malware and other IP targeted threats. This page is mainly about one of many online games I published on the following pages on in this introduction.

Most of the popular online games, including kids games are war games. There should be computer games or play stations to play those strong Wolf 3D games.

Games Online: Don't play PC shooting GAMES online.

Games Online: Don't play PC shooting GAMES online... Get posters to make your site beautiful, attract free traffic and earn additional income.

It is better and safe to play Wolfenstein 3D games offline than to play them online. Here are the other Wolfenstein 3D games on the following pages: Ezine Acts Games| Ezine Acts Play| Ezine Acts Video Games| PC Games| Play Games| Wolf3D| Wolf3D Games| Wolf 3D.

So, you have got 14 games on the Ezine Acts Game Site (site map 13) to enjoy reading the stories of these games, including the tactics, the strategies, the secrets and some other offline game playing techniques.

The most interesting thing is that you could discover while reading those pages how to use the best of your hobbies and passion to convert it into a successful internet small home based business.

Yes, just like the way I did through the demonstration in the following two examples. Watch one of the Ezine Acts Videos and the game store below it. The article about games online is just below at the second section of the page.

The two supportive pages at students and passion add additional values to this serious orientation. You will absolutely need the Action Guide, after watching this video.

The video shows you how to change playing games online or offline, or any other hobbies into passion. The second example comes to express how I converted this passion into a small business and a humanitarian project.

The project is intended for charities to help some people in need, I know.

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The games online article as I mentioned is a continuation to the article at Kids Games. That article is also a continuation to other articles at the links I mentioned above.

So, there are many values to learn from this page, as you can see. I could say, confidentially, that I am content and I am ready to help you build your game playing hobby into an online business.

Read the insights of the Collective Consulting Services, along with the Online Free Consulting Services, in case you needed help on doing this. And ASK just this question, "How could I use my game playing hobby to improve my life?"

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GAMES ONLINE - The Invasion of the Cartoons 1!

Episode 4 of the Invasion of the Cartoons 1 is "Feelin' Krabby", where you encounter Mr. Krabs in his new Krabby Land Theme Park of DooM.

Your mission in don't play GAMES ONLINE is to teach this crabby thing a lesson and end him and his crazy army.

Episode Four

The fourth episode has five levels too in addition to the tenth level, as the other episodes.

Level 1 - Seeing Red

There are no new enemies in this level of the online games. You are in the main fortress of Mr. Eugene Krabs. You must make it past the many floors of this hard-core facility. However, there are other dangers in Seeing Red.

This level in GAMES ONLINE is probably one of the easiest in the game. There is a small obstacle in this level compared to the levels ahead.

You will notice that there is a Krew clone hidden on the level to guard a very valuable artifact near the end of the level.

Level 2 - Blue Daze

There are no new enemies in this level. You will begin here at the spot where you hear the door open to enter the next area. Unfortunately, this is another easy-to-do level.

But then again, it is a relief compared to what is waiting for you in Mr. Krabs' Bunker in Krabby land. In addition, you can do this level in a hurry, as the only enemies on the level are Double D, Patrick, and Marcie.

Level 3 - Purple Dungeon

There are no new enemies in this level of GAMES ONLINE. However, you will get out of the fun house, onto the roller coaster and boy; you will make the devil hate playing with you!

They guarded this level very well and you will find that almost all the guards are Ed clones. This level is twice as hard as the last two levels combined! You will also get into some areas that will surprise you.

Also note that this will be the first level that introduces (holo walls) in Invasion of the Cartoons 1.

Level 4 - Krabby Land

There are no new enemies in this level of the online games, so get cranked boy at the Krabby Land, the worst theme park in the biz! I expect that you will love being dirty, as there are many attractions, some of which contain treasures!

Unfortunately, you may get tired after the keys of the secret places. The keys are stuck in the circus tent, and the mirror house. There are also many clones in this area, so should be careful!

Level 5 - Krabs Arena

The new enemies in this level of GAMES ONLINE are Mr. Krabs-Boss 4b, Robo Krabs-Boss 4a, and Neo Cortex Head 4. Hey, did you feel lucky having all those krabs and cortex heads waiting to send you to hell?

Take care when you are in the main arena of Mr. Eugene Krabs! Mr. Krabs have a strike force waiting to assist you to your grave.

If you survived the force, Mr. Krabs will step into battle in his craziest "Mechanized-Robotic-Kill-Robot-and-Battle-Standardizer" or M.R.K.R.A.B.S for short. Beware; your toughest challenge has begun!

Boss Strategy: Mr. Krabs (Robo Krabs)

Ian Summerfield wrote about this strategy, "Mr. Krabs is the toughest of all the bosses in the game, yeah sure. There is a lot of health and ammo, but one false move, and He will kill you in just one attack.

His Method of attack is one Super Chain gun and two Nitro beaker launchers, all of which can cause certain death! Just stay far away to dodge the beakers and return fire with some of your own or use the Peacemaker. Either way, the boss will end up being difficult.

Level 10 - Bloody Paths of Doom

There are no new enemies in this level of games online. You will find three different paths on this level that lead to the exit. However, there is only one path out of those paths; you should look for both keys in it.

You know of course that you should get them in order to get the extra goodies in the vault near the exit. Either that or just go through the other two paths once to get the keys separately.

Mr. Krabs falls down and dies as his body parts disappear into thin air at the end. However, time to celebrate your victory has not come yet. Mr. Krabs was small obstacle compared to the next challenges.

End of Episode 4

You finally made Mr. Krabs falls down under your feet and dies as his body parts disappear into thin air. But then again, he was a small obstacle compared to the next challenges. You chose this fate chasing those bloody dummies.

In the Coming Episodes

Episode 5: N Gin's Battleship - in this episode, you will face the fifth evil, Dr. N. Gin in his horrific Battle-Ship of terror! Read it at the linked PC Games above.

Episode 6: Nitrus Brio's Citadel - in this episode, you will face Nitrus Brio, the mastermind behind the entire plot, Good Luck, hero! Read it at the link above.

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All of the articles could turn your hobbies or your knowledge about games online into some work at home projects.

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