Online Love Consulting to Refresh Your Life!

You may ask what kinds of online love consulting we offer through this page, if you came here by accident. But, if you searches for consultation on love matters, then you'll certainly be satisfied when you get thoroughly to see what is it about.

You have your logic, asking this question, if you came accidentally. Therefore, we do have an answer in our natural and professional senses to ensure that you get the best of this love consultation.

However, we consider some visitors who may be here now, or will arrive at this web page, searching for some answers to their love problems. That could be you.

Eddie Duran (Cody Longo) after breaking up with Chloe Carter - Cynthia Kowalski - (Melissa Ordway) hearing her telling him more lies to get back to him for the sake of his wealth and his icon.

Eddie Duran (Cody Longo) after breaking up with Chloe Carter - Cynthia Kowalski - (Melissa Ordway) hearing her telling him more lies to get back to him for the sake of his wealth and being promoted to be star using this icon.

You and other visitors are looking for free online love consultation services that meet their needs honestly, without having them to pay lot of money to social relation's consultants.

You, or they might have stuck somewhere, while using the Internet to search for secure, confidential and honest love consultants to share their secrets and useful love problem solutions.

Moreover, you, or they might have even sucked because there are so many love consultancies out there leading to pornographic media, asking for lot of money, or leading allegedly to love consultation businesses but not to real, live and one-on-one love consultation services.

We are so confident that our online solutions to your love problems would be sufficient in this area of knowledge and we will prove it through the online love consulting we provide you.

No matter from where did you or other visitors came, you will not be in position to ask that question if you were searching for a solution to your love problems.

That is our position to ask to solve your love problems. Therefore, the logical point in this argument is to ask you some questions.

Asking you is the evidence of our love to you and of our intention to know and explore your love problem.

This love is a lovely point that gives us our strength to do real online love consulting not "false ones".

Our lovely point to providing a true love consultancy is to have you as our best friend not a customer.

Customers come and go, but friendship remains and it will be rooted very well in the ground of our online love consulting business, when you try it.

You will watch any bit of it through pages on this website all of which you can read for enjoyment, compare the problems other people posted here with your own problems, examine solutions to those mentioned problems, in case that you may find solutions and even discuss solutions or bring your own solutions online.

Max Duran (Cody Longo) feeling sad after a new tragedy involving his rock star son Eddie Duran (Cody Longo) conspired by his ex-girlfriend Chloe Carter - Cynthia Kowalski - (Melissa Ordway)

Already hurt by losing his rock star wife Katy Duran, Max Duran (Cody Longo) feeling sad after a new tragedy involving his rock star son Eddie Duran (Cody Longo) conspired by his ex-girlfriend Chloe Carter - Cynthia Kowalski - (Melissa Ordway)

Take the Online Love Consulting and Tell's the Following:

Well, did you feel the purity of this logic?

We are "seeing" you in the transformational point to becoming our best friend.

Why? You may ask.

Because you feel it, the way we feel it right now and you believe as we believe, "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed". That is that.

We will be honest at the point. It is easy to solve any kind of your love problems right away, because we know "Every cloud has a silver lining". It's so that simple, although the mission is not :-)

So, to get back to our position and start the enquiry process, note the following questions, before getting involved in this love business:

  • What kinds of love problems do you encounter right now down the way?
  • Are those problems with your beloved ones?<br><br>Are those problems with your kids?
  • Are those problems with your parents?
  • Are those problems with your neighbours?

... and then:

How sincerely and interested you're to:

  • solve any love problems?
  • manage your children?
  • manage your family?
  • manage your neighbourhood's relations?
  • manage your society or any institutional activities?

** We are not speaking about sex here. Do you think love is sex?

** How do you understand the other sex?

** How do you treat your love in general?

** How do you treat your beloved ones, other family members, neighbours and friends?

** What do you expect from them?

** What do they expect from you?

** How do they treat you?

** What do you expect (just go deep to your deep inside faith) to do for them?

Guidelines to Get the Best of the Online Love Consulting!

  • You should write the problem in full details and good language.
  • Write short paragraphs that consist of short sentences.
  • Avoid using a SMS language, or texting language.
  • Begin sentences and names by capital letters.
  • Include your name and location in the suggested fields of the form.
  • If you don't want your name published, indicate that at the end of your love consulting request.

** We neglected so many love consulting requests because of these reasons.

*** Provide your ages, education, jobs, cities, cultural backgrounds and some details about your parents regarding education and jobs and economical situations.

That is our turn to ask you, to determine how to deliver our online love consulting. But, you should submit full information.

You will NEVER get any response, if you did not applied the steps I mentioned above in your request.
Khalid Osman at his desk providing online love consulting.

Online Love Consulting: I've fun with my "love", doing my online work 12 hrs/a day.

These are our first set of questions and your first intention, which brought you to this online love consulting Webpage.

With that said, your turn to ask may only involve two simple questions you had in mind while browsing here. Yet, you maybe wondering about...

How does our "online sentimental consultation" work?

How do you request our "online love consulting"?

Well, this is a lovely scope. Warm and interesting... desired wild...

It gets you through good thoughts... warm breathing... heart beating... new blood... fresh performance... to render your relationship rhythm... as sweet as it should be created.

We will enhance our role to achieve it with you through our Online Love Consulting here. Then we will wait to see and hear about it... to congratulate you, or celebrate with you and yours solving your problems.

Creating a new lease of life for others will be a great pleasure for us.

Oh, wait a minute. We should be specific and leave this mesmeric sentimental language, behind. Seems you are getting amused by now!

As developers of family relations, we will help you through a course of tutoring to solve these problems, or develop a new way to manage good personal relationship.

Through a lifetime experience with this issue, any motivated person can give his advices about something in this area, or professional online love consulting. There's not any expert who has been born with an expertise's spoon on his mouth. We actually learn it through our lifetime experiences.

So, if you…

Love it to go loving and learn sophisticated methods of attractions...

Forget about the age. Love knows no age limits.

Love it to get married... that's healthy, but anyway you like it to be, it's up to you.

Love it to solve any love problems... manage your children... your family... your neighbourhood's relations... then our love consulting will get you there.

Important Points!

Our online love consulting work from within a "networking process". To achieve these goals our love consulting will be done through different methods.

Online Love Consulting: conducting reportages and "orientation" about love, sex education and the educational system! 1993.

Online Love Consulting: conducting reportages and "orientation" about love, sex education and the educational system! 1993.


There are two steps you should consider when you request online love consulting, according to the specific criteria of your problem.

The First Step:

If your love problems were results of misunderstanding.

If they occurred simply because of jealousy and suspicions.

If they happened because of misconception and cultural or sectarian backgrounds.

If they made sour consciousness in your personal relationship?

If they reflected negatively upon your children or other family relatives.

If they emerged from the surroundings, or pertained to your children, parents or neighbours.

- We will do a simple online sentimental consultation regarding those points above, through reading, when you use the form at the Online Love Consulting. Please provide as many details as you could to make it easy for us to consult you.

- When we receive the form with your details that you have provided in sufficient manner according to our guidelines, the solution process will begin, and it may take up to one week.

- If the love problem is urgent, we will contact or call you for some more details, if you provided your phone numbers, or to highlight the problem, and discuss our solution together.

- You'll pay us ONLY your confidence and friendship ;-)

What's more beautiful, elegant and subtle as this?!

You will only need to minimize the ONLINE LOVE CONSULTING page, when you click on the following link, to fill the form in the second page, and leave us answers and some details about your love problems at the Online Love Consulting Services.

Privacy and Other Notices:

  • We collect information about the problem, any kind of love problem.
  • It is necessary to collect relevant data about you, your beloved and parents in full details as stated above to see the problem comprehensively from different perspectives.
  • When we receive the collected information, we'll classify and set-up a schedule and a work plan to deliver our love consulting services.
  • We'll then study your love problem to come out with a solution.
  • We'll not look in any  SUBMITTED FROM A HIDDEN IP ADDRESS.
  • We’ll not respond to any short submitted information or information written in bad English.


I'll not submit your full information to any third parties. I'll treat it confidentially. However, if I sought assistance I will only explain the nature of the problem to the team-network.

In our love consulting, we'll not disclose personal identifiable information to any third party. Since we publish the love problems, it is important to mention that you don't want your name to be published, so we could keep the identifiable information safe.

You should end your message in the form by a request to keep your name anonymous, or make it a nickname.

** Submitting the form means that you agree that I may contact you by phone or other means in regards to this FREE ONLINE LOVE CONSULTING, while using the Online Love Relations Consulting form at the link above.

You should be a trustworthy, not to waste your time or ours by submitting false information. We know some will do for different reasons.

Online Love Consulting: Khalid Osman in Hyatt Regency International, Kuwait, 1982.

Online Love Consulting: Hyatt Regency International! My sweetheart was there! I'd fun with "journalism" and "love" 1982, teaching my friends, the secrets of real and original attractions that make any girl melts;-)

The Second Step:

We'll be in direct contact with you all the way through the first step above, but not in the second step.

We treat many of the requests of the online love consulting through the first step of the services. You may approach the second step, if your love problem is of a psyche nature.

This is where the online love consulting services are beyond our capacity at this level, since they involve more psychic love treatments.

In those love problems of a psychological nature, you'll be oriented in such case about how to manage solving them. However, we have some psychiatrists friends we consult in such cases to offer some HELP on how to treat this problem.

Special Note From The Publisher

Some people will be amazed as how I work on those three fields of expertise, giving online consulting services!

Well, I am not "a jack-of-all-trades" who "is master of none" as it may seem from the first look / impression. I have actually done most of them through over 30 years of experiences and noticed that solutions I provided offline while doing free love consulting have helped many people solve their problems.

And, as I've stated somewhere here, that-- in only simple process of the online love consulting, or the online political consulting, or the online business consulting, I'll be available to offer and share my thoughts and solutions with you personally to solve your problems.

In the broad medium that requires specific expertise as for example the "psychic fields", "big political campaigns", or "big marketing projects" I have an online network team of successful partners and they will provide some help, or direct you to the right person in your area.

Please check the Ezine Act, Politics, Business and Love homepage to read this explanation again or to make sure of it.

Anyway you choose it, you'll never fail. "A word to a wise man is enough". See you at the Online Love Consulting form at the link above.

Take these questions in your mind when you get there, you may need them for your input. Alternatively, minimize the browser windows of the two pages to refer to each if you needed that.

Online Love Consulting: Sex education.

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Use the comments from below to comment only, or to write about love and romance. Don't use it to request the online love consulting. The form for this service is at the link above.

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