Pierre Auguste Renoir, the French Impressionist Painter!

The second French impressionist painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir had unbeatable feelings of landscapes and the features of women's bodies. Did You think there is any comparison?

That human sense of attraction, attracts beautiful impressions, memories and wonderful moments of pleasure and happiness. Joy becomes an image too.

Pierre Auguste Renoir, Bather with Griffon, 1870

French Painter, Pierre August Renoir, Bather with Griffon, 1870. Get posters to make your site beautiful

Inventing the features of the woman's hidden substructure... well is it a substructure?... he painted it with delightful colors to create beautiful scenes.

It is not about sexuality, but it is about sensuality. That sensuality in his mind... well, was it in his mind or in his soul?

Anyway, that sensuality remained as motive to drive him to spot nudity and touch it with his brush politely to get that wonderful climax on his paintings.

However, he loved everything that stirs his loin, as he loved everything that stirs his imagination. In between the spanning of this feeling, the French painter, Pierre Renoir has scored the best brush strikes on his plates. I feel the colors even whispering what they were intended to illustrate.

Pierre Auguste Renoir, Girls at the Piano, 1892

French Painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Girls at the Piano, 1892. Get posters to make your site beautiful

Pierre Auguste Renoir is a leading French artist who was born on 25 February 1841 in Limoges, Haute-Vienne, France to a working-class family and died on 3 December 1919.

He was a leading figure in the French Impressionist Movement or School of fine arts. He was born artist, as he began painting flowers, fans and porcelain at the age of thirteen, before he entered the art school.

He worked in a porcelain factory, when he was a child. While he was in that factory, he began to draw good pieces of artworks driven by his drawing talent.

French painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Bather, 1903

French painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Bather, 1903. Get posters to make your site beautiful

His first drawings attracted the workers and their leaders and they offered him an opportunity to paint designs on fine china. He started at that time also to draw some other decorations and painted hangings for overseas missionaries.

His artistic talent helped him to enter the art school. It was at that time he realized the importance of studying arts and began regular visits to the Louvre to study the French master painters.

He went to Paris in 1862 to study art in the Studio of Paul Delaroche observed by his instructor Marc Gabriel Charles Gleyre, the Swiss artist who took the studio in 1843 and taught Claude Monet, James Abbott McNeill Whistler and Alfred Sisley, as well.

French Painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Girl with Flowers, 1888

French painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Girl with Flowers, 1888. Get posters to make your site beautiful

He met the French impressionist Claude Monet and the others and befriended them. He lived in hard economical situation in the following few years during the 1860s.

He enjoyed touring beautiful places in Paris, although he suffered from hunger and he had not money to buy even paints.

After getting some help, however, he continued his passion and struggled hard to start exhibiting his artworks here and there. His first exhibition took place at the Paris Salon in 1864.

Surprisingly, he failed to get any recognition. Nothing, though prevented him from following his passion. Suffering of poverty and the failure of his first exhibition became a challenge. The challenge gave him the strength to continue.

The fires of that passion burned deep in his soul and he hadn't rest for a long time. So, he continued to go and sit on many places on the banks of the Seine River to draw.

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The Mosque, Arab Festival
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
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He continued, even during the short period of the Paris Commune, when the Fourth French Revolution formed the government to rule from March 28 to May 28, 1871, he continued to get out to visit those banks to draw some of his paintings.

While he was painting on the banks of the Seine River one day, some Communards thought he was a spy and wanted to throw him into the river.

Luckily, the leader of the Commune, Raoul Rigaulf recognized him and saved his life. The leader met Renoir before when the revolution was under the ground and Renoir has helped him to hide from the authorities and saved his life.

Despite the difficult times he lived through his life in Paris, Pierre Auguste Renoir discovered the capital city of France before the Commune period and after the war in 1870 and he knew almost all of its secret places.

French Painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir, The Umbrellas, 1881-1885

French Painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir, The Umbrellas, 1881-1885. Get posters to make your site beautiful

After that period, Pierre Auguste Renoir started to work on themes devoted to the leisure of the modern bourgeois. His paintings with have good variation of color contrasts. His brushstrokes were lively to stylize visual illustration of forms and textures.

Looking at his paintings as impressionist, fine arts critics say some of his paintings bring him more closer to the innovative modernist artists. However, conservative critics criticized him badly.

He draw with enthusiasm almost all the places Parisian went on holiday excursions that time. Through the impressions of lights his landscapes, the gardens and the river, however, take that artistic expression of naturalism combined with his sense of sociality and the reality the moment involves.

Pierre Auguste Renoir, Madame Charpentier and her Children, 1878

French painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Madame Charpentier and her Children, 1878. Get posters to make your site beautiful

The entertaining impression in his paintings remains intact on many social life paintings in the Bougival and the Moulin de la Galette, where the Parisians danced and leisured.

The Luncheon of the boating party illustrates also the impression of places where the French went that time for parties. They also show the simplicity of the public who attended these parties in the way they dress.

French Painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir, The Luncheon of the Boating Party, 1880-1881

French Painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir, The Luncheon of the Boating Party, 1880-1881. Get posters to make your site beautiful

His work shows art at its most light-hearted, sensual and luminous. He described the influence of his feelings in the arts by saying, "I like pictures which make me want to wander trough them when it’s a landscape," he said, "or pass my hand over breast or back if it's a woman."

At a time when light-heartedness is increasingly rare, it is no wonder that Renoir, the painter of happiness, is so well loved.

Stéphane Mallarmé , the French poet and critic (18 March 1842 – 9 September 1898), described the women Renoir painted, saying "fatnesses with their pouting lips," in an amazing sensual gesture, that those "lips formed rather to kiss than to speak."

Pierre Auguste Renoir, Women Dressed in Algerian Custom, 1872

French Painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Women Dressed in Algerian Custom, 1872. Get posters to make your site beautiful

Renoir invented a new image of feminism; the universe he created was his and his alone. Marcel Proust observed "Women go by on the streets, are different from those of the past, because they are Renoirs."

Guillaume Apollinaire, a French poet, writer and art critic (26 August 1880 – 9 November 1918)  prophesied that with Henri Matisse had begun "a new epoch of contemporary art, in which the voluptuous had almost entirely disappeared, since it was to be found only in the magnificent carnality of old Renoir's paintings."

Picasso remarked of the cocks that he was painting: "We must discover them, just as Corot discovered the morning and Renoir discovered girls." Corot, Picasso meant was Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, a French landscape painter (17 July 1796 – 22 February 1875)

Other critics said Pierre Auguste Renoir is now universally acclaimed a leading artist, museums pride themselves on his paintings, and crowds flock to his retrospectives.

Pierre Auguste Renoir, Woman with Parasol and Child, 1874-1876

French Painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Woman with Parasol and Child, 1874-1876. Get posters to make your site beautiful

Useful Resources:

Jean Renoir, the director of some masterpieces of the cinema, as Grand Illusion and The Rules of the Game, tells the life story of his father, Pierre Auguste Renoir, the great Impressionist painter in this delightful memoir.

It is an account of Pierre Auguste's extraordinary career, that records the rules of thumb by which he worked, and captures his unpretentious and wonderfully engaging talk and personality.

Jean Renoir's book is both in English and in French and it is absolutely a wonderful double portrait of father and son. Here are the books in English and in French. Renoir, My Father (New York Review Books Classics) in English and Pierre Auguste Renoir, Mon Pere (French Edition).

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Pierre Auguste Renoir, The Young Cahen d'Anvers Sisters, 1881

French Painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir, The Young Cahen d'Anvers Sisters, 1881. Get posters to make your site beautiful

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