Responses to Some Love Consulting Requests!

Hundreds of love consulting requests have been submitted to this network seeking solution to some emotional problems.

So, here is a solution to one problem, references to other pages with solution and some guidelines, as many requests have been submitted without paying attention to the guidelines and terms of the online love consulting services to submit good requests.

Some requests in the love consulting services are answered here providing solution to problems, including honest observation outcome to conduct rational behaviours and self-help oneself.

Meanwhile, other requests are neglected because the appliers have not been serious and ignored the guidelines to submit full information.

WE ALWAYS SAY, IF YOU DON'T SHOW SERIOUSNESS BY FOLLOWING THE GUIDELINES, SO WHY SHOULD SOMEBODY WASTE TIME TO RESPOND AND HELP YOU! - Love Consulting Requests: Legend of Bagger Vance starred Will Smith, Matt Damon, and Charlize - Love Consulting Requests: Legend of Bagger Vance starred Will Smith, Matt Damon, and Charlize Theron.

The Legend of Bagger Vance: A Novel of Golf and the Game of Life. The book was published in 1995 and produced as a film in 2000, directed by Robert Redford and starred by Will Smith, Matt Damon, Charlize Theron, Bruce McGill and Joel Gretsch. The movie is just like sweet love story.

Here are some incomplete love consulting request submitted by some people using the main love consulting pages on this network.

But, we started with some notes here to assure you that we are not ready to provide any consulting and respond to incomplete love consulting requests, although we may re-edit and publish the requests on this network.

We receive so many incomplete love consulting requests, although we have mentioned that it is necessary to read the guidelines on the main love consulting pages at the Online Love Consulting and the form page at the Online Love Consulting Services before submitting any love consulting request.

We mentioned also that we are too busy to respond to incomplete love consulting requests and to requests that some people in love troubles wrote in a hurry. We make it clear that we have no time to respond and provide love problem solution, if you don't take time to do the following:

Although Will Smith is absolutely amazing in this sweet movie, but Matt Damon catches the lights through the background story of the legend. The Legend of Bagger Vance worth watching hundred times.

Guidelines to Write Good Love Consulting Request!

A- How to Write Your Love Consulting Request?

  1. Write in good and clear language.
  2. Start your sentences and names of people and places by capital letters.
  3. Don't write all your love consulting requests in capital letters.
  4. Write about your love problem in details.
  5. Write short sentences in short paragraphs.
  6. Do not use SMS language, or the language of the young people, such I luv, plz, bt, dooo, soooo and so on.
  7. Do not write all your love consulting request in capital letters.

Charlize Theron is another story. She is amazing in love stories in The Astronaut’s Wife, with Johnny Depp, but absolutely not in The Italian Job with Mark Wahlberg and the superhero movie Hancock with Will Smith. When I watch her I sometimes wonder where should somebody kiss her, as she is all strawberry ice-cream. See the TV Cinema App.

B- How to Provide Important Details?

  1. Write good details about about yourself and the person you love.
  2. Write about your profession and the other person's profession.
  3. Write about your economies, i.e salaries or students grants or scholarships.
  4. Write about your origins, cultures, beliefs and anything that helps in this regard.
  5. Write about the backgrounds of your relations, when and where you knew that person.
  6. Write about your families and provide good information to read your problem right and see other factors that could make this problem worse.

C- Some other points to be confident of your privacy and to receive response immediately when you submit your love consulting requests:

  1. Provide your name and email address.
  2. Request to keep it anonymous if you wanted that.
  3. Check the box to receive notifications about response to your entry.
  4. Be assured that we will not publish your personal information if you requested that.
  5. The system keeps your email address hidden and there's not any third party to see it.
  6. You can provide your telephone number, so we may call you, when we feel that is necessary.

Again, do not expect any love consultant to respond to your love consulting requests if you ignored the notes above.

Incomplete Love Consulting Requests!

Here are some incomplete love consulting requests submitted through the forms on the main love pages. If you read your love consulting request here, please use the same form on the main page to write it in good details again following the guidelines above.

* A person has the nickname Rocky wrote from Kolkata (Calcutta), the second biggest city in India the following love consulting request:

I love a girl. I recently proposed to her and she said that she cannot forget her ex-boyfriend. But, despite that she wants to be my friend. What should I do?

** Comments:

This is very brief love consulting request. How could we help you? We want to know many facts about the three persons in this request. We also want to know more information about each person and more information of the love relation of each person.

You said her ex-boyfriend. Could you provide more information regarding this situation? When did they broke? Why they broke their love relation?

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Another one...

* We love each other. I do not want to lose him. But, his family is not ready to accept me because of some financial problems. He is very responsible person. But, he became confused and it seems he does not know what to do. I feel that I love him so much and I want to get married with him. Please, help me.

** Comments:

It is better to write good details about you both and about your families. Provide good information about your jobs, economies, beliefs, social relations and any other information that could help me help in more details.

As long as you have mentioned the reason his family does not accept, it was better to write about it in details. It is strange that you have not mentioned anything about and even about the economies of his family to understand the differences and then suggest what to do.

Do not summarise love consulting requests, as that does not help to understand all the circumstances and the situations you are both in.

A third one...

* I have two boys in my life. I am very confused between them. Please help me to choose the right boy for me.

** Comments:

This is what I understood from your love consulting request. You wrote your love problem badly in few words and then expected to get a response. It does not work this way, as I mentioned on the two main consulting pages in this regard.

Provide full information and good details that cover everything about you, the two boys and the other points I mentioned above.

One fourth more...

* Unknown girl from the island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean at the southeast of Africa wrote confusing love consulting request saying:

I am sixteen year old girl. I am in love relation with a married guy. He has a daughter. His daughter is 5 years old. Actually, we have intimate relationship. But, sometimes I have doubts that he is betraying me.

He keeps on telling me that he has much of work to do and he has not much time for me. I meet him only 3 times a month, but I can barely see him. Could you please help me?

** Comments:

You wrote your love consulting request in a very difficult language to understand. For example you said, "I meet him only thrice in a month but i can nearly see him". PLEASE, write in good English and more insightful good details.

Why not write, "I" instead of "i"?

Why not write 5 years instead of 5 yrs?

Did you imagine how such small mistakes take times for us to re-edit submitted love consulting requests?

Always think that you are not the only person submitting love consulting requests. Always think that you are requesting free love consulting. Therefore, you should stake time to write love consulting requests right and avoid such mistakes.

Follow the guideline. You will never receive any help unless you follow the guidelines to submit good request.

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Enter Your Love Problem in Details Below!

To help you better, please do the following:

- Keep your entry organized by detailing the problem in short and clear words per line. You can write as many lines to describe your problem, as you want to make it clear.

- Keep your paragraphs short so the text will appear in good form and be easy to read.

- To receive resolutions to your love problem, please always consider to begin sentences and names in capital letters. Do not enter any short words or SMS texts. Do not expect to receive answers to your request, if you did not give it a time to write it very clear.

Love problems submitted for solutions and sentimental comments appear here on this section below the comments form and on other pages on the LOVE, site map 6 A, with its extensions.

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