How to Choose the Right Girl?

by Keshvan
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Hank Moody (David Duchovny) Hunting Love Everywhere, Even in Airplane with a Girl He Met for the First Time in the Airplane.

Hank Moody (David Duchovny) Hunting Love Everywhere, Even in Airplane with a Girl He Met for the First Time in the Airplane.

Keshvan wrote from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, "Hi sir,
last december i met a fren on facebook.. then v regularly chatting. from the way she chatting, she thought im in love with her. she let the thing know by her brothers n sisters. after a month, v had first meeting. i seriously not attracted with her. but the way she like me so much, showing her hoemtown n childhood areas, make me guilty that if i say i just want to be fren might make her sad. and after i back home, whole night i consider, and seems im single and bachelor, i think why not just accept her n move on in life. the following day v met and both of us exchange our love. then , i left her hometown, n come back my city. it alomost 2 months edy, v jz chatting in phone".

He added, "The problem happen when i met d right girl, or to say d one attracted me lots with her face , beauty , cute, n attitude.. i seriously fall in love with this girl.
Now , im talking with this two girl. i feel more n more guilty as day passes".

He explained his concerns saying, "my concern is, first girl staying far, she quite close with her siblings. the second girl is at my city, i can visit her anytime. i feel more comfortable with 2nd one. but i dont want make first girl cry . i feel of getting sin from that..."

Then he asked, "what i should do..."

Comments and Notes

The more serious you are, the more serious we are to reply and answer your question. You know how to write, "I am" and "I", so why you wrote in many sentences "im" and "i"?

Do not write letters for words, such as, "n", "v", "fren" and "v jz". Do not start sentences and names of people, cities and countries by small letters. Start every word in the title field by a capital letter. Write brief, but descriptive title.

You know sentences and names begin with capital letters. So why you wrote them that way? Please, write your request in good language.

The first paragraph is very long. Write always short sentences in short paragraphs. Read the guidelines at the main pages again. Keep one of the page open to follow the guidelines and write good details.

Provide good details about the problem and the people involved, with more information about their jobs, economies, the culture and beliefs of their families and so on.

Do not neglect this and write good details. If they were students, provide good details about the grades, when they will graduate, where they live and how they meet the expenses of their education.

That means, you should highlight every detail needed to solve your love problem, as we explained at the guidelines on the main pages and at love consulting requests.

We'll not provide you with any consulting, unless you show through the way you write your request that you respect this consulting service. You respect this services by implementing the mentioned guidelines at the links above.

When you follow the guidelines, you will get the attention you need to solve your problem. Remember always that we offer this service free. We receive many requests every day.

Therefore, we choose the best written requests to respond and we neglect bad written requests. So, be serious and do not waste your time and ours.

It is very strange that we have mentioned this in many pages in this network to encourage folk to write good request, but we still receive so many bad written requests.

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Somebody wrote, "Am undergoing terrible mental pain now. Am in love with a guy who loves me too. His family’s financial background was little weak that his uncle helped them in need. That uncle is requesting my guy to marry his daughter who is loving him. As my guy came to know about this love just now and that he wanna marry me. Because he has respect and gratitude towards his uncle and the girl says she’l suicide if she did not get my guy he is helpless. We are such that we want each other. Please…… meee...."


The problem is that you have not followed the guidelines we mentioned at the main pages to write good details in short sentences and in short paragraphs.

Your request is confusing, so rewrite it again following the guidelines. We wrote many times that we'll not provide any consulting until you write good details following the guidelines. Please, do that.

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