I am Not Sure Whether He Loves Me or Not!

by Sabina Katwal

Loren Tate and Eddie Duran in a Place Where Love is in the Air in Hollywood Heights.

Loren Tate and Eddie Duran in a Place Where Love is in the Air in Hollywood Heights.

Sabina Katwal wrote from the Philippines, "we read in a same class. we have never talked, one day suddenly he messaged me on facebook because i was absent that day. then we talked use to go out for coffee. we use to text and call. and sudenly he start to delay the reply.. he never call me and even reply my text late. we stopped going out and talking also. we were in same team but we didnt talk. then we also had a discussion infront of the whole class. then i also email him but he didnt reply. so i leave him a last mesage not to contact him again and then i stopped. again almost after a month he again talk with me but i dont know what to do.i love him but i i doont know he lovw me or just show off infront of his friends. i really dont know what to do i want to be with him but he had never showed that he also want to be with him. previously we used to talk a lot but i feel odd infront of him now".


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Nantha wrote from Malaysia in one paragraph and bad English the following:

"I never say i don't control her.. i ask her to don't go out often with your friends.. she got studies and all.. last time all the friends betrayed her.. so now i don't want her to choose the wrong friend.. we always will have problem. she will do the things that i dont like.. she ask me to stop smoking and drinking i already did. she is jealous when i talk with any girls or they talk with me. i dont mind either.. so i stop talking with girls.. i used to scold her and hurt her feelings when she do a small mistakes. but i try to fix her.. i getting angry because she always lie to me..but she never cheat me"

He added, "When i ask her why you lied ..she said she scared of telling things to me. i told her.. that dont be scared of me .. im your boyfriend. but she did the same thing.. how i would feel.. i know i hurt her also.. but why? because she always do things that i dont like.. not even telling me anything specifically. Now... when i want things to settle. she telling me she need time .. i really love her care and worried about her all the time. thats why i scold and control her.. i dont want her to fall into problems again. now she telling me.. she went out with 8 guys and she is the only girl. she drank beer and she gt drunk.. guys over there took care of her.. how i would feel.. if people come and tell me.. your girlfriend is with 8 guys and she is drunk. how i would feel? huh? i feel like wanna kill myself.. then only she will understand ..how much i feel and love her.."


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Uday Kamal wrote from Hyderabad, State of Andhra Pradesh, India in one long paragraph the following:

"I am aged 23 years, completed graduation in engineering course and waiting for abroad education. In my street one girl is living. She is first year B.Tech in nearby college. She use to go college crossing my house. They came to the locality about 6 months back. Everyday while going to college, she use to see me to get my attention..Suddenly I observed her and introduced myself and asked her mobile number and E-mail".

He said, "She was avoided to give her mobile number and e-mail. Everyday we use to see each other. One day I proposed her and requested to add me in her Face Book. She declined. I use to message to her and made an habit to wait for her while going to college and returning from college. I have followed her for a month. She messaged why I am following and suddenly she called me ANNA (brother). I was shocked and told I am loving her. She asked me to stop messages but, continued to see me everyday while going to college and coming from college. I offered her course material. She has taken it".

He added, "I gave chocolate one day. She received it. Again gave some course material to her with a chocolate. she refused to take chocolate and taken away the course material. After two or three days she herself messaged why you have offered chocolate. I told that I am interested in her. She again called me brother. Some times she is showing interest on me some times not showing. I became mad after her. What can I do? Whether she is having any positive response on me or not? I am unable concentrate on my work. But,she still smiles at me. Please advise me what can I do?"


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