I Want My Boyfriend Back!

by Sheela

Melissa Sanders (Ashley Holliday) the Sweet, Lovely, Intelligent, Active and Creative Character in Hollywood Heights.

Melissa Sanders (Ashley Holliday) the Sweet, Lovely, Intelligent, Active and Creative Character in Hollywood Heights.

Sheela wrote the following request from India:

We met in Oct 2010 with friendship which turned into more than friendship within 2 days. After our second date, I asked him about his plans about us. He replied that he doesn't want marriage now since he has to study more. And I stopped dating him but continued talking to him through phone and chat.

After 3 months, we started meeting again with the words "I like you but not love”. Then he went out of town for a year.

Again after 4 months, he confessed that he had started loving me because he was getting possessive. He did not like if I talk to any guy. But I didn't confess that I love him because I couldn't show him my emotions. Don't know why.

I used to comment on profile of some common male friend on a social networking site which he didn't like and thought that something is going on between me and that common friend. With time, he started distrusting me. He even thought that I am a prostitute. But relationship was going on and I confessed that I love him.

With time these problems were taking pace (moreover after he came back to country) and reached the level that he has left me now. We had done so many break-ups in the period of one year but that too for 2-3 days. We couldn't live without each other. Reason of our quarrels was marriage.

He did stick to "We can't marry because we are not compatible" and I wanted marriage. 2 months back he decided to break it permanently and again went out of town for long time but he is still in touch with me.

He doesn't like when I talk less or don't talk to him, when I am online on Mobile. He used to say that he had made him cry and shattered during the first year of relationship. We tried our level best but we couldn’t stop fighting.

I try to make him realize that we still love each other and can stay together forever but he doesn't want to listen and discuss this.

I greatly appreciate the help you would give me.


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Somebody wrote about "unseen love" saying in one long paragraph, I divided here below:

"I am a 24 years girl in love with a 26 years boy from last 5 years. We started our relation from internet through chatting.We have not seen each other till now. At first it was daily chat, then friendship and when it converted to love, even I could not realize".

"From the beginning it was told by the boy that he can't commit. At that time I was not knowing why he can't commit. Still I was involved with him.We used to chat for hours and then started talking over phone with each other".

"I needed life time commitment but he was refusing to commit. Then after some days he revealed me why he can't commit. He said he has some serious health issues and he cant live long and that is why he can't commit anyone".

"Then he stopped interacting with me because according to him if I will get more involved with him it will be difficult for me to leave him. Even that is why he does not want us to meet.He wants me to lead a normal life by marrying someone else".

"But till that time I was in madly love with him. He totally stopped interacting with me for 2 years. But I used to send him messages without getting any reply. Then after two and half years I got reply from him. I talked to him".

"I was very happy that I could talk to him although he has stopped everything. But then again he told me that he cant marry me and I have to marry someone else. I tried a lot to forget him but I couldn't. Again I started texting him".

"I used to tell him my problems and he solve my queries by replying me back. But he said that we can be SMS friends only and nothing more than that. I know he also loves me but because he can't commit he is not moving forward to meet".

"I can't force him because if I will do so he will again stop interacting with me. At least now I am able to get his messages. I don't know what to do because I am unable to forget him".

"Now I am a software professional and an independent girl and he is also established in his field. My parents have started thinking about my marriage now and I don't know what to do with this guy. Please help".

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