Childish Love Experience!

by Jessica

Hollywood Heights, Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood) and Melissa Sanders (Ashley Holliday) Talking about Love Problem Created by Chloe Carter (Cynthia Kowalski) with Eddie Duran (Cody Longo) to Keep her Away From Him.

Hollywood Heights, Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood) and Melissa Sanders (Ashley Holliday) Talking about Love Problem Created by Chloe Carter (Cynthia Kowalski) with Eddie Duran (Cody Longo) to Keep her Away From Him.

Jessica wrote from Birmingham in a very long paragraph, "I met this guy and we liked each other straight away. Went back to his place but nothing really happened we slept and hugged and talked and kissed.

When I left I did not leave my tel num as he nearly forgot to ask me. and when he asked me I didnt. I got in touch with him on facebook as I left something in his house. He replied said it would keep it for me and then asked me if we could have hanged out soon.

I replied saying I was in town all week and to let me know when he was available. (I travel a lot for work and he knows) He never replied. I know he is busy opening a new pub but a reply wont take that long. the weekend was his birthday and I didnt wish him".

She said, "It was also my filmed gig in a radio to promote his festival and I thought he was gonna turn up but he didn't.

After a week I wrote to him he got back and said he was sorry but he was busy opening the new pub and apologized for not coming to the radio but he said he didn't know I was doing it till after late and said he was gutted.

I told him I am busy too and i was gonna be away for a while and I would see him 27th for his party where I am playing. Turns up one of my gigs gets cancelled and I go to see a concert of artists who work with me and he is there too.

He keeps on saying let's hang out soon but never gives me a date. He told me he is busy and he is keeping me on my toes.. I am getting bored and dont know if to leave it now.

He kept on looking at me, but stayed away. Then he walked in front of me hand by hand with another girl ( I think she was afriend girlfriend maybe ) but turned around to look at me as he was walking away with her and he was kinda laughing at me and when he saw I was pissed off he hugged her and she also turned aroung and looked.

I found that really childish . he knows I like him, why does he need to be so complicated and do u think he likes me for real? or is he just making me a fool. I am very popular and he is too but I am an artist and everyone is aroudn me all the time. Maybe he did it cause he got jealous I dont know x".

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Aayush wrote from Surat, "my name is Aayush and i am in Std 12th.Recently my prelim exams are going on and in my examination hall there is a girl sitting behind me in the next row whom i find very attractive and she is in Std 10th.

During the exams we had several eye contacts and always my heart thinks of her all the time and i cannot write my exams.I also send her a FB friend request but she hasn't accepted it.I think that she is also into me but is not expressing herself and i also feel shy in going and talking to her.Please i need serious help".

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Somebody wrote from Texas, "I texted my crush, pretending to be someone else, and said Don't mess with her heart Bro. He said, I know who this is noob. This is (My name). I'm not a dipshiz. What do I do? It will be so awkard at work tomorrow! Please help".

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William wrote from Detroit, Michigan, United State of America about his girlfriend breaking up and said, "My girl broke up with me and I need professional help".

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Denny wrote from India, "I want my love back. im a boy of 19 . a girl proposed me.I agreed. she told me everything about her.but later on I came to know that she was in love with someone else too.I asked to her about him . she told me the truth.I cant get far from her.I wanna get her back.what should I do to get her back".

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Someone wrote from Shimla, "Actually, I invited a very close friend of mine to participate with me in a student competition where a tea of two is required with at least one female. So she agreed".

He said, "Last few days we have been talking to each other; she also is very keenly interested in the competition which is clear as she replied me many idea for the competition. as the deadline for submission is very near, so I asked her if she could come online".

He added, "I also told her some ideas which we can finalize; but since then she did not replied back. I cant even leave the competition mid way like this. I do not want to disturb her by again and again messaging. Please help me".

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