Here's How to Submit Good Request!

Follow the guidelines to submit good request on this page and other 3 pages on this network. We noticed that many people don't know how to submit good consulting requests, regarding some love problems they face.

Before beaming us for publishing your name, or pictures, please be sure of the following:

We have your consent, when we see that you have uploaded pictures with your request. Uploading pictures indicates that you want them to be published. Typing your name at the "By" field in the form also indicates that you want your name to be published.

Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood) in Hollywood Heights

We mentioned at the 3 main pages that if you wanted your name to be anonymous, you could write that at the end of your request on the big field in the form. The three main pages are at Online Love Consulting, Online Love Consulting Services and Love Consulting Requests.

We noticed that many people ignore the guidelines and get directly to use the form and submit bad requests. It is very necessary to read those guidelines thoroughly to submit good request. Again, this is very important. If you did not read the guidelines, then you have nothing to blame us for.

To submit good request, take notes of the fields in the form.

The first field in the form is where you enter a good title or headline that summarizes the problem. You should make it unique as you see on the titles we published below the forms on the three main pages.

See also Love Problem and Love Problem Solution to get the idea of how to make your title, or headline unique.

The second field in the form is the big field to use to submit your request. You should write your request in good language in short sentences and short paragraphs. We noticed that many people do not know what a paragraph is.

You should also indicate at the end of your request whether you want your name published or not. If you did not indicate that at the end of your request, we'll be sure that you want us to publish your name, when we publish your request.

Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood) Enjoying Her Love and Passion for Music with Eddie Duran

The third field in the form you may use to submit good request is for pictures you may want to upload with your request. You could use it to upload your pictures, or any pictures about love. Don't upload explicit porn pictures, though.

If you agreed with your wife, or lover to upload pictures to use with your text and submit good request, then you should not blame us for publishing your pictures.

The fourth field in the form to use to submit good request is for your name. You SHOULD enter your full name, or your first name. If you did not want to mention your name, write that you do not want to publish your name at the end of your request on the big field.

Adriana Masters (Haley King) During Love Problems with Phil Sanders (Robert Adamson)

The fifth field on the form you MUST use to submit good request is for your location. It is very IMPORTANT to enter your full location in this field including city or village, province or municipality or state and country.

If you did not want all the location published, indicate that at the end of your request, so we could only publish the country name.

The sixth field in the form you use to submit good consulting request id a box to check to agree to the submission guidelines. Those are somewhat different guidelines from the main guidelines we published at the three main pages linked above.

When you complete all these fields to submit good request, you will get to a page where you should enter your email address and check the box to receive notifications about replies to your request.

This is the ONLY WAY to follow up your request and read about it and get the responses you want to solve your problems. We noticed that many users do not provide their emails.

WE MENTIONED CLEARLY THAT NO THIRD PARTY WILL GET YOUR EMAIL. Your email is secure and no one will see it. Submitting your email also indicates that you are serious and trust this service.

Adriana Masters (Haley King) with Phil Sanders (Robert Adamson) in Hollywood Heights.

We also noticed that some people submit wrong email addresses, or write them in the third filed instead of typing their names there. It is wrong to do it this way, as your email would appear as your name. However, we always check to correct that.

MAKE SURE THAT YOU ALWAYS SUBMIT GOOD REQUEST AND COMPLETE REQUEST. You'll save us time this way and help us respond to you quickly.

When you submit good love consulting request, you should be honest with yourself. Do not submit requests for other people. Do not cheat in your request. Do not provide real full names to create problems for others.

If you wrote full names in the big filed, you should write at the end of it whether you want to publish these full names or not. If you didn't, then we'll publish the first name to protect the privacy of the third person you mentioned.


Follow the example of the short sentences and short paragraphs on this page to write and submit good request.

General Instructions to Submit good Request:

Do not write the way the young use to write.

Do not write SMS messages as love requests.

Do not write the personal pronoun "I" in small letters.

Do not start names of people and places by small letters.

Enter spaces after commas, colons and semicolons.

Enter spaces after question marks in the same paragraph.

Consider the following to submit good request:

Instead of apostrophes, write the full letters. Example, "I do not" instead of "I don't". Do that if your request jumps the 10000 characters limit.

Keep every paragraph focused on the story or the details of that paragraph, so you could explain it better.

Submit long requests to explain the problem and provide all the information needed about it, as we explained on the main three pages above.

Write in simple English and provide good information about you and your family (if it is part of the problem), your job, your culture, your economies and everything concerning the person you love.

Tell us about it as a story to enjoy reading, understanding and then respond to you to solve your problem.

* If you wanted to submit good request about business and politics, read the Online Business Consulting Services and the Online Political Consulting here.

* If you wanted to submit articles about other topics, use the forms at: Articles| Articles Section| Ezine Articles| Submit Articles| Submit Ezine Articles|

Read more information about our consulting services to submit good request at the end of the page.

In addition to submit good consulting request, you may also be interested in some love problems at the links below:

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You can tweet, like, or pin the images you see on submit good request through the small buttons on the page. Thanks.

We use good tools to help you submit good request. Read about those tools at the image below and share your thoughts about them at the Solo Build It Discussion Board.

You can use the following form to Submit Good Request, or to comment on some love problems here.

Enter Your Love Problem in Details Below!

To help you better, please do the following:

- Keep your entry organized by detailing the problem in short and clear words per line. You can write as many lines to describe your problem, as you want to make it clear.

- Keep your paragraphs short so the text will appear in good form and be easy to read.

- To receive resolutions to your love problem, please always consider to begin sentences and names in capital letters. Do not enter any short words or SMS texts. Do not expect to receive answers to your request, if you did not give it a time to write it very clear.

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