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This love problem seems difficult to both of you because you both have great respect to your parents and you both have strong ties with your families and face difficult traditions, family instructions that are not familiar and different circumstances in your society.

His parents know very well that by threatening him to commit suicides he will obey them, hear their wishes and leave for the village in spite of being unwilling.

He did not want to destroy your dreams to continue your career in the city because he loves you and wants to sacrifice his love for his parents. Please understand this point well.

He wants to sacrifice his love for his parents because he feels obliged to save his parents from hard decision that may destroy the entire family if their threats are true.

From your side, you love him but you do not want to sacrifice your career, as it seems to you by going with him to live in a village. You also respect your parents and consider their refusal to let you go with him and afraid of getting them angry if you followed him.

He wants to sacrifice his love for his parents (negative attitude) while you still wonder and do not even think to sacrifice your love for your parents by obeying them (not sure attitude).

This is the (contradicted position) between you and him in this situation in spite of your love.

Since your parents did not threaten you by committing suicides, it seems your attitude is stronger, however, to manage discussing with them the possibilities of having him succeeded with your help in business in the village and then moving it completely or establishing a managing office in the city.

You have another point to convince yourself before your parents that living in a village will not destroy your career as you can pursue them from there.

To work in harmony in this situation, build a good frame of mind to consider taking advantages of a work plan in which you can move to the village, manage this business and develop it by taking it (in any way you wish) to the city.

You could both operate it in the village and then find a way to manage it from headquarter you establish in the city.

Another point is that, he should make certain that his parents are serious in committing suicides. This may be just a threat. However, in your society, it could be real too.

Be very careful at this point. Work together and think together of the best way possible to address this problem. Avoid emotions and be practical in developing a positive sense towards such love problem.

One more thing you should both consider is that, being faithful to each other means to share thinking of the real problem you face. However, this is not just a love problem you seek solution to it.

This kind of problem made by people who have traditional mentalities that think they have the sole rights to decide what they want for their children.

From this point, it is always better to discuss it together rationally and come with good logical points to convince your parents that you were right in what you thought better.

You do not need to make your (love live forever by committing suicide) as you have mentioned as this is not rational at all. You want to get to the point his parents have decided to enforce him to obey them and solve it easily.

Since you mentioned that, his parents are not ready to listen to anything, let him make it possible for them to listen to him by saying for example, "yes I have no objection but can you hear my point of view?"

When he makes such intro to his discussion, he will prepare them to hear. Then he could mention your common plan to make this business strives in the village and runs from the city in the future partially or entirely.

You could both prepare free vacations from your jobs to go to the village and run this business. There are some useful chances in doing so.

You may love the village and find the business better and comfortable. In the other hand you may get your parents convinced that you care about them and you are able to manage taking the business or part of it to the city.

However, before doing so you alone need to convince your parents that you could take free vacation to the village and have some different experiences with your husband and you will make him move the business to the city.

In such situations, always choose the best time to discuss such things while they are in good moods. According to your career, you should have managed to make them at least hear your thoughts in your daily lives and respect your points of view.

Educated people should always enlighten their families to accept what is right and ignore such traditional behaviours that could destroy peace in the entire family.

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