My Parents Want to Destroy My Girlfriend!

by Purna

Jake Madsen (Brandon Bell) and His Wife Traci Madsen (Shannon Kane) Enjoying Love Outdoors in Hollywood Heights.

Jake Madsen (Brandon Bell) and His Wife Traci Madsen (Shannon Kane) Enjoying Love Outdoors in Hollywood Heights.

Purna wrote from Karnataka, "objection from parents because she already loved some one". He said, "I loved her very much and she is well known of my family and she knows me much than my parents. I am affraid that my parents are saying that we will arrest her father and inform his about her first love to eand say is this the way u grown ur daughter. Oneside my parents are saying that we will not live and oneside her. i cont leave both so give me some idea related to this how to convience my parents".


* I did not understand anything from your request. There are so many language mistakes in your request. You did not read the submission guidelines we posted on the main pages at Online Love Consulting and Online Love Consulting Services. We also highlighted some guidelines at Love Consulting Requests for readers to read and then follow these guidelines to write good requests.

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Somebody wrote, "I am a girl. About 6 months ago I took admission in a college. After some days a senior of my college tried to make friendship with me. He send me friend request in facebook and I accepted it. In first days he continuously chatted with me and sometimes it seemed to be flirt. After some days we became good friends. I came to know about his past. He had an one sided love. But some days ago I felt that I have feelings for him. I shared with him and he said he thinks me as a friend. But if someday this happens he will be very happy. But he wants to grow feelings for me inside him. He tries to accept my every requests. Sometimes in his activities it seems he has feelings for me but he wants to hide it. His friends make joke and I came to know from his friends that he praises me to them. He also make fun with other girls and he is very friendly to them also. But he has an intimacy with me.Somedays ago my parents was talking to arrange my marriage. I informed it about him. He remain cool but after that I came to know that he has not filled up an exam form that day after knowing about it. I want to make feelings inside him. What should I do?"


* You should be able to write good request in English, the way you write your assignments. Write good English. Avoid grammar mistakes and compose short sentences in short paragraphs. We explained how to write good requests at the main pages and at the third link above.

* Use a text editor to correct spelling and grammar mistakes. Rewrite your request again and provide more details when you do. It seems from your message that the senior wants to trick girls. Be careful. Provide more details and follow the mentioned steps to write good request to get the consulting services you want.

Someone wrote about "Summer love forever". She said, "I met this boy at my cousins house party last week. He blew me away from the get go and it would seem we spent the whole night flirting. Now I really like him and I'm not sure if he feels the same way. And people are just saying to get his number and contact him but he's my cousins best friend and I don't want to make a fool out of myself".


* You have not followed the guidelines to submit good requests in good details, as we have mentioned at the three links above to solve your love problem. Do not summarize your request. Write as many details as you want to help us read the problem better. Read the comment we posted above for everyone to follow and write good requests.

Zeeshan wrote from Pakistan, "Sir, I am sending you my problem I hope you will definately give me the solution now I am teling u my story Minal(girl) became my friend through email chating in 2010 she was studying in medical college then we exchange each other telephone number and started sms messaging and mobile conversation late night one day during conversation she told me that she was in love with her class fellow then their relationship came to end to breakup".

He added, "Then she left him as well as her ex boy friend also left her.I thought that now her life change becuase i am in her life and she loves me but I was wrong her ex boy frind came back in her life and she left me.One night during conversation I asked her do you love me she answered me that she still loves her ex-boyfriend and myself is just a good frind of her.that answerd hearted me and I got angry on her and made the brokeup all relationship with her she started weeping at that time but finally I left her she text me so many time but I left her now she turn off her cell phone but she still no facebook please advise me what to do ??what do to I am still love her missing her.Pleashelp me sir please I want her to love me desparetly as I love her".


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