Shadow Strategies to Build Strategies for Your Online Business!

Is "SHADOW STRATEGIES" a strange concept in the business world?

Yes, it is. So, I will use two conceptual ideas to define it, as it not a cliché, but a term that has "interesting" deep meanings beyond the fold of online businesses and offline businesses too, as you could see through the Ezine Acts Home Business and the Ezine Acts Offline Businesses.

As, I explain the shadow ingredient I added to the term of business strategies to use in textual content, I explain it also in imagery content to get the idea right.

For example in theatre arts, the theatre craw could use strategies on the shadow of the theatre, but also symbolic shadow strategies to get their messages to the public, even during severe dictatorships, as you could see through the symbolic strategies used in the Argentinian theatre below.

Shadow Strategies: The theatre in Argentina used shadow strategies in symbolism to fight dictators, 1976-1983. A scene from Imagining Argentina.Shadow Strategies: The theatre in Argentina used shadow strategies in symbolism to fight dictators, 1976-1983. A scene from Imagining Argentina.

So, the page concentrates on defining the concept and points towards the essential thoughts, as from where I did get this concept. It polishes it to understand it right and use your imagination to do similar things while inventing new conceptual terms.

In a nutshell, this alone is a strategy in itself to use whenever you want to, to make things literary better and enjoy your time building those things you enjoy to make your life more better. Moreover, invention of such terms differentiate you from the others and to some levels you could reach a point to get most of the audience to use your shadow strategies.

As this term, which makes a concept is about your online work at home business in general, the Seven Shadow Strategies are defined for one of the most successful followup methods businesses use or should use to connect with customers, get more customers and maintain the lists with the leads generating systems they have.

Conceptual Backgrounds on Shadow Strategies!

Shadow Strategies in Economies:

Virtually, when economies bloom, the state, just any state enters a prosperous period in which it may need to implement shadow strategies to saturate its economy and keep it strong.

It does that by marginalizing the social gab between the poor and the rich and laminating the economical gab between its income and expenditure.

It should certainly avoid comprehensive privatization and prohibit the privilege of the rich to gain top producing industries from the state and other sectors in the state.

It should legalize the privilege of the working class to improve their economies, so they keep the productive projects going strong and defend them as their own properties to eliminate corruption and secure them from any unexpected failures.

There are so many things to do in this regard, I consider as necessary shadow strategies to maintain that prosperity and relax on that shadow.

During any recession, most of the highly struck states need different economical shadow strategies to bridge the gaps in its economy, so economists should have the inventory open to create economical bridges between the private sectors and the state owned sectors. Socializing the conical sectors could be a solution.

Shadow Strategies in Military:

In another interpretation, the shadow strategies could also take place during wars. I do not mean, of course, wars against other states, like what has happened in our miserable world, but wars to defend the sovereignty of the state.

Basically, the shadow-strategies term belongs to the military operation, but I demilitarize it here, as you could see through the economical and arts examples.

The army could implement shadow-strategies to gain a foot on its land while defending it, or liberating it from invading power.

The shadow strategies here could also be implemented by many ways, such as the strategy of "strike and flee, or run", which is one of the successful strategies of the revolutionary Marxist Red Army of Mao tse-Tung.

They include the tactics too and they are not limited to the guerrilla attacks, the thunder attacks and the locust attacks (depending on manpower), etc...

During peace, the army would enjoy other kinds of shadow strategies, particularly when the state constitutionalize the participation of the army in the economy of the state through some part-time and shifting methods, or even by creating business and industrial sectors for the army.

One of the examples for the army is to work with farmers in their lands, building compounds planned in the state's housing policy, providing medical services and other emergencies in the hospitals, providing military treating to high school students and guarding big industries.

Shadow Strategies in Businesses!

So, it obviously that you have got by now some good points to understand the shadow-strategies concept I have invented, regarding this home based business and as defined as small business, connecting it to build narrow niches, even from just simple business ideas, as you see through these links.

The narrow niches you should focus on to build your brand consist of either one hobby for each niche, or one of things that you have a passion for, or your professional, or personal experiences

The best way to acquire useful conceptual BUSINESS and MARKETING ideas is to read more different literature and combine that with some philosophy, relax and then come back after some days to find yourself motivated and full of some kind of influence to write your own business ideas and even create your own concepts.

You'll actually create your own services, or products from such literary reading. Let us say for example you were too fond of the movie production and you have watched so many movies. More focused literary reading in this area would get you some shadow strategies to use and build a movie website.

Another example, if you could focus only on the most important things that interest you, you could probably come up with only one interest that is so profitable online.

So, this term is not in fact in contrast with the military term, as you could use it throughout your business marketing efforts, while building solid home business online and use it to build the list, or the follow up with this business.

It includes money making mechanisms and more than just one marketing strategies comment, because the marketing strategies comments as a whole are one of the follow up shadow strategies through which you build interested targeted followers to the theme you build and enhance your communities marketing without even marketing.

The idea would always be the focus on narrow interesting topics, but not narrower to the state that it has not enough leads.

To discover this parameter between "narrow but not narrower" and "enough leads", you would come with some good shadow strategies from your literary reading at the resources included below.

But, how to build more shadow-strategies and use them to create your business foundation?

Well, you need the tools to carry out such project and the tools should include everything you need to lift the heavy weight from your shoulders, enrich you with ideas to build web pages, go further to build automated content, analyze that content and help you monetize it to improve your life 

Kind regards.

Khalid Osman

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Useful Shadow Strategies Resources!

One of the useful shadow-strategies resources is the Action Manual. Hey, it is not a Mao Tse Tung strategy;-)

The others are available through the literary reading I mentioned.

* Managerial Economics & Business Strategy. This is a comprehensive business strategies studies for students and businessmen alike to develop their businesses using many methods. Well, seems there are many shadow-strategies in this volume.

** Under the Shadow of Napoleon: French Influence on the American Way of Warfare from Independence to the Eve of World War II (Warfare and Culture)

*** Writing in the Shadow: Resistance Publications in Occupied Europe - Some people have succeeded using shadow strategies during the occupation of many countries in Europe in the Second World War to produce newspapers and books. They lived in hard conditions, but they have enough courage to carry their jobs and highlight that period.

**** Brand Portfolio Strategy: Creating Relevance, Differentiation, Energy, Leverage, and Clarity - Building strong brands, even using shadow-strategies is strong in this book.

I didn't read it completely, but through what I read, it includes case studies of many brands such as Microsoft, Dell, Sony and Disney to envisage and then investigate their methods and demonstrate the brand strategies that has been done in this regard. It explores and suggests many strategies for new brands and managers.

Continue SHADOW STRATEGIES at the link provided above to discover some strategies to use while you are sitting on the shadow to develop newsletters, as explained at the Ezine Acts Newsletters and maintain your lists.

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