I Want My ex-Boyfriend Back!

by Soumya Mullick
(Rourkela, Orissa, India)

Love in the TV Comedy Series, Friends. Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green) talks to David Schwimmer (Ross) and her ex-husband Brad Pitt listens.

Love in the TV Comedy Series, Friends. Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green) talks to David Schwimmer (Ross) and her ex-husband Brad Pitt listens.

I am 19 years old girl. I had a good LOVE relationship with a guy. He is a very good guy and has a good sense of humor. But, after one year he left me without any reason. I was frustrated.

He did not explain any reason to me. So, I requested one friend of my classmates to help me get him back. He helped me a lot. He used to carry my letters and gifts to him. I have a lot of faith on him.

But after somedays I came to know that my friend blindly loves me. I could not decide anything. I will live with my past memories, or hold his hand.

My other friends forced me to say yes to him. I was upset and I did not want to agree to his proposal and to the advices of my friends.

So we decided to be only friends, as we are. However, we live as a couple. I thought he is only a friend and not more. but he never thought like this.

He always sees me as his girlfriend. Other people also thought that we are couple. My ex-boyfriend also came to know this. We remained friends for one year.

After one year I agreed to his proposal, but not from my heart. My friends forced me to do this. They always say to me, "love him whom he loves you and do not love him whom he does not love you".

Still I cannot love him. I tried a lot, but I could not forget my ex-boyfriend.

Now I came to know that my boyfriend had left me because he has some family problems. Lately, I got the feeling that he still loves me. After knowing this I cannot hold myself.

Previously, I was thinking that he does not love me. I am confused. I will return back to my boyfriend, or live with my friend as boyfriend, or live single with my past memories.

Please help me to solve this love triangle.


You accepted for yourself to be blind, but not the second boy. How could you trust somebody to work as a messenger for you and then claims that he loves you?

You make it difficult yourself. The good thing was that you could stay with your first boyfriend, get to know him better and understand his personal problems and then maybe help him while loving each other to solve these problems.


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