Problem Instantiating a Relationship!

by Setafire
(Port Norris, New Jersey, USA)

Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood) and Melissa Sanders (Ashley Holliday) Sharing their Views on Family Love with Each Other, as Friends in Hollywood Heights.

Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood) and Melissa Sanders (Ashley Holliday) Sharing their Views on Family Love with Each Other, as Friends in Hollywood Heights.

Setafire wrote from Port Norris, New Jersey, USA in one long paragraph, I divided here below about her problem to initiate love relation with somebody she loves. I don't know whether this is her name or not. (She didn't follow the guidelines). I let just some words as they are.

Here's the request and some more comments on it at the comments below:

I am an Indian girl with somewhat conservative standards. My problem is a bit detailed as follows:

About 6 years ago, I almost fell in love with a senior in my college. But although, we used to chat a lot online, we hardly met each other in person. About a year later, he moved to the US and for 4 years or so, we were out of touch.

I would like to confess that I never did forget him in all those years, but was pretty sure that there was nothing left of the so-called-friendship too. Then, I came to the US about a year ago, and when I came here, this person again contacted me, again via chat.

Since, then we tried to meet up at times, but due to time clashes were again never able to. We still chat sometimes, but now I easily get bored of the chatting, as well and want the relationship to move forward.

I fear that too much of chatting might cause the bond to hibernate. But, the biggest problem is, none of us has spoken about our feelings for each other to each other. I tried a lot to forget him and move on, but every time I thought it was over, he reminds me in a way that he still wants to continue.

Now, I have completely got enmushed into this whole mess and yet I don't know if this person really is interested in me or is just doing some time-pass or wants us to be only friends.

One another important thing I would like to mention here is, we both have never been involved into any other relationship, as far as I can trust this guy. I am kind of completely in a dilemma, although I want things to move forward quickly, it seems nothing is going to happen. Please help.

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A strange nickname, you have given to yourself. Although you wrote the required long request, but there is still some information missing. Please, see the guidelines.

* Are you from Port Norris, New Jersey, USA?

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Akansha wrote from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India in one brief paragraph, I divided here "A guy proposed me 2 years back and before that we were friends. I said yes, but now after two years I don't know what's happening".

"I get irritated, when he tries to come close or touch me. I don't feel like talking to him. I am sort of bored with him. I know its not good, but what to do? I told him everything about this".

"I said to him, (I am getting irritated from you. Let's breakup and lets be friends) But, he is very upset and doesn't want to be my friend. On the other hand, I am talking to another guy since 4 months".

"I enjoy talking to him, meanwhile I am also developing interest with him. He says that he loves me. I don't know what to do. Sometimes, I think its all fake and sometimes I too get attracted towards him. Please, tell me what to do. I cant see my ex-boyfriend in any trouble".

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