Why Do Lovers Break Promises?

by Vince

Love in Hollywood Heights - Max Duran (Carlos Ponce) and Nora Tate (Jama Williamson) While Getting Close to Each Other.

Love in Hollywood Heights - Max Duran (Carlos Ponce) and Nora Tate (Jama Williamson) While Getting Close to Each Other.

Vince wrote the following from the Philippines:

When I was a child, I always dreamed of finding love in the most special ways. I'm was born in a Christian family and praying is very common in my family. Since I was a little kid, I've prayed to God to give me the best and I promised Him that I will wait for that one girl that He'll give me.

Years have already past since I started praying for that one special girl. Sometimes it's hard to fathom praying for someone who I have never met before. But I still kept on going with that faith in my heart that someday the long wait that I have subjected myself into will soon pay off.

And then enters my best friend.

I've known her for quite some time now. I must admit I really like her. A lot actually and whenever I look at her, her eyes always captivates me with ways I could now imagine. Her smile, simply stunning. Her laugh, adorable. Her face, the most beautiful I've ever seen. Everything about is just simply captivating and I have feeling that she's the one. I like her and she feels the same way. However, there's one thing that hinders me from pursuing her heart -- her past. The sad thing about it is that her last relationship didn't turn out well as she had expected. The guy left her (for a reason even she doesn't know what exactly) but he left her with a promise; a promise that he'll come back for her. My best friend, though hurt and confused, held on to the promise the guy left her with.

There were no communication between the two. No text messages. No calls. No visits. No anything.

I know that she'll hold on to that promise of his and I just found out from someone that the guy is also holding on to it. He's just waiting for him to finish college and he'll come back for her. The big question that's been bothering me is, is it wrong to love her knowing that both of them are faithful to the promises they've made? Is it wrong to finish what others have started? Will it be good? I'm really confused right now. I hope someone out there could help me.

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Nika asked whether "to let go or stay and fight for the one she loves".

She wrote from Singapore, "I know him since April 2012 and we start seeing each other since then. Hugging, kissing and we spend time together almost every weekend like a couple. But one thing he never lay a finger on me. Keep,saying that we are just a friend. We sleep on the same bed, hugging each other to sleep but he never have sexual desire with me".

She said, "I love him , but I couldn't stay on like this longer. I can move on being friend with him since I know I love him. He aware that I love him. I told him before but he just keep quite no respond at all".

She explained, "Last week I told him I can't keep continuing like this, either we stay on or we left each other. He never stop me. He let me go".

"I want him as a partner but not as a friend. We know each other as we start from dating. He never give me a chance to date him even in future. Before I left his place I told him if in future he want to data someone don't forget me, he reply I hope you are taken by someone. That hurt", she added.

She continued, "I want to move on , but it is so hard at this moment. Next week is his birthday, he invited me ther. I still in dellima . Whether to go or not. At the end of the day nothing will change between us".

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Corek wrote from Karnatka, "filled (cork) also at the title. i love a girl and she is doing mbbs from pune and she loves me too.we wanna marry in nov 2013 without any prior permission of parents. she is saying to me that we tell them(parents) after four or five years that we are married. we both are very serious for each other .....what should we do".

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