Does He Truly Love Me?

(Mumbai, India)

Jake Madsen (Brandon Bell) and Traci Madsen (Shannon Kane): How Can I Trust You After You have Kissed My Friend?

Jake Madsen (Brandon Bell) and Traci Madsen (Shannon Kane): How Can I Trust You After You have Kissed My Friend?

Somebody wrote from Mumbai, India, "I think my boy friend loves me so much and I hope that his love is true love. He tells me lies, sometimes. I also noticed that he has many strange girls around him".

"He likes to have too much of friends in his circle. He never had illegal affairs with his girlfriends and I am damn sure about that. But, he is spending more time with his boy friends but not at all spending time with me until I ask him".

"Whenever I ask him about the lies he told me, he says that I am always mistaking him and he is not at all cheating me. I am a tamil girl and I had been brought up in that type of culture".

"But, he is following western culture in some cases. For example, going with girls in two wheeler, chatting with girls... I am the second girl he loves, after breaking with his ex-girlfriend. He had her while he was schooling, before 6 years".

"She got married to another person last year and she is now living abroad. I started to love him since 4 years. But, suddenly when I saw his Facebook profile today, I noticed that he added is ex-girl friend in his friends list".

"When I asked him about this, he said that she sent him a request, so he accepted it. I wonder, whether their friendship is good or bad, whether that girl is still in is heart, or not, whether he loves me truly or not, etc... Kindly tell me how could I solve this".

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Rajesh wrote from Bangalore, Karnataka, India in one brief paragraph and all in capital letters about his failure in love. Note here that we do not provide love consulting based on brief requests, or requests written in capital letters.

He said, "This is Rajesh. My problem is that I loved a girl since 3 years and she rejected me, when I proposed to her one day. I asked her for the reasons and she said, (I didn't have any feelings for you. You are only a normal friend, not more than that)".

"How can I get her to feel and bring her into my life?".

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Jyothi wrote from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India in one brief and week paragraph, "I have a problem with my boy friend. I started loving him since 5 years ago. He left me last year without mentioning any reason".

"I don't know why he left me. I asked him so many times, but he didn't answer. I tried so many times and through so many ways to know the reason and I expressed my love and concerns while doing that".

"He didn't respond. Now, he does not accept me. I cannot forget him. I want him back again. Please give me a solution".

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Smrutika wrote in one brief paragraph from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, "I love him so much, but I think he is not interested in me now. My husband was in love with one girl during 4 to 5 years ago".

"Now she appears in his life, but she always address him saying, (brother). I don't trust her. I think my husband likes her. Please, tell me what to do?"

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