The Ezine Acts Love Stories!

The Ezine Acts Love Stories may colour your day by love. They are written by hundred of people about their love experiences and the emotional problems they have while they are in love.

Many of the stories of love on the Ezine Acts have got solutions, or suggestions to solve them. Your sentimental problem and your solution could be among them. So, it is a good idea to go through the stories of love in the Ezine Act's index and at the entire love consulting services.

The Ezine Acts Love Stories are written by hundred of people about their love experiences and the emotional problems they have while they are in love.

Most of the problems were written in a hurry and without even following the guidelines. However, we responded to some of them, while we neglected hundreds of incomplete love requests.

The solution of love problems requires full information about the involved persons and details about the emotional problems.

So, it is apparently clear that no one could provide any solution to problems written in a hurry and in only few lines, some of which are badly written in English and with so many spelling and grammar mistakes.

The Ezine Acts Love Stories make the site map (6 E) and it is part of the site map (6 A) Love. All the sentimental problems with the available solutions are indexed on three site maps, meanwhile the emotional articles are indexed on the rest of the site maps.

So, this site map is a continuation to the site map (6 C) Ezine Acts Commentaries and the site map (6 D) Ezine Acts Love Entries. It continues onto the site map (6 F) Ezine Acts Sentimental Stories.

The guidelines are posted at full information to enable folk write good love consulting requests. They have actually to be sure of that to submit good requests and so get the solution they are seeking to address their love problems.

Love problem solution is not as easy as someone could imagine without having good information about it, as outlined at the guidelines. Following the guidelines on the mentioned pages and on the form page at the Online Love Consulting Services is the only thing that proves that you are serious.

We offer this service genuinely in the HOME BIZ TRENDS and engage on it hours after hours to help you and to get you as a friend, so you could recommend the Home Biz Trends Blog to your friends and share it on the social media and everywhere.

Getting deep in those love stories of the Ezine Acts and as experiment I could say that the service is not as expected to be. We want it better than this and it could only be better when you follow the guidelines to submit full and good story.

The love stories are indexed below. To watch love problems in movies, see

The Sixth Ezine Acts Love Stories Index!

Long Distance Love Relation! Love Stories From Malaysia:

Love at first sight! Ezine Acts Love Stories From India and the USA:

Love in the Science Class! Love Stories From England:

Love Makes Me Confused! Love Stories From Malaysia:

Love Makes Me Sad! Love Stories From India: 

Love or Just Friendship? Ezine Acts Love Stories From Albania, Cuba, India, Malaysia and Holland:

Love Started While Chatting Online! Love Stories From India:

Love Triangle! Love Stories From Britain, India and Singapore:

The Seventh Ezine Acts Love Stories Index!

Mad in Love! Love Stories From India:

Miss Milan Broken Heart in Brazil! Love Stories From Brazil:

My Australian Lover! Ezine Act's Love Stories From Israel:

My Beloved Thoughts! Love Stories From Nepal:

My Boyfriend Loves Another Girl! Love Stories From India:

My Girlfriend Cannot Use Social Network! Love Stories From Pakistan:

My Girlfriend Loves Her Ex-Boyfriend! Love Stories From Indonesia and the USA:

My Girlfriend Wants Me Badly! Love Stories From Cambodia and India:

My Girlfriend Wants to Break Away! Love Stories From India:

My Husband Does Not Know the Child is Not His Child! Love Stories From the Philippines:

My Husband is A Liar! Ezine Acts Love Stories From England:

My Love Relationship is Ruined! Love Stories From India:

My Parents Want to Destroy My Girlfriend! Love Stories From India and Pakistan:

My Wife Likes an Old University Colleague! Love Stories From India:

My Young Boy Stopped Masturbating! Love Stories From Germany:

New Love Story! Ezine Acts Love Stories From the USA:

Nobody Loves Me! Love Stories From India:

No Love Affections Towards Me! Love Stories From Tanzania:

Continue the Ezine Act's Love Stories Index at the Ezine Acts Sentimental Stories Index.

The Acts Love Stories and the Entire Ezine Act's Site Maps!

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Enter Your Love Problem in Details Below!

To help you better, please do the following:

- Keep your entry organized by detailing the problem in short and clear words per line. You can write as many lines to describe your problem, as you want to make it clear.

- Keep your paragraphs short so the text will appear in good form and be easy to read.

- To receive resolutions to your love problem, please always consider to begin sentences and names in capital letters. Do not enter any short words or SMS texts. Do not expect to receive answers to your request, if you did not give it a time to write it very clear.

Submitted requests, or comments appear on this section of the Ezine Acts Love Stories below the comments form. You can use the form to write love stories too and get some useful gifts for doing that.

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