I Need Love Advices!

by Someone

Nora Tate (Jama Williamson) While Consulting Her Daughter Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood) to Call Eddie Duran (Cody Longo) and Ask for Explantation Why Chole Carter (Cynthia Kowalski) Picked up His Phone When She Called Him.

Nora Tate (Jama Williamson) While Consulting Her Daughter Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood) to Call Eddie Duran (Cody Longo) and Ask for Explantation Why Chole Carter (Cynthia Kowalski) Picked up His Phone When She Called Him.

Someone wrote in a long paragraph, "i need some advice with love. since im passing through a stage of my life very complicated with men. last april i met someone that ive never thought i will fell in love with. he has 23 years old and i am 17. however, i met him and since the first day his intentions where just to be a one night stand. he's the typical player guy who has lots of experience and im just an innocent girl that only have kissed 2 guys in my entire life. he texted me just in the weekends and i passed the entire weeks thinking about the next time i will see him. when the weekend arrived, we where at the same place saw each other and didnt talked. i left the country for 2 months without having news of him. in this 2 months i tried to forget him but it was impossible, his name passed my mind daily, photos of him appeared in my timeline, etc. i came back and now i started to hang out with his friends so i have to hang out with him to. i have to act as if i dont like him and i cant stand it anymore. he know i am in love with him and he makes it difficult for me to be around because he treat me as shit when me are around his friends but when we are alone he treat me as a princess".

She said, "i want to makeout with him alot but if i do i will be just another girl in his long list. i want to show him what love is and try to change him and the way he feels about me. pleasee i need some advice".


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IVSK said in her request, "I am in love with V but sort of filleting with SK". She wrote from Klang, Selangor, Malaysia, "Hi, Iam female age 30 and in love with V for 11 years and we are planning on getting marry by end of next year. Our marriage delay is due to financial crisis. We rarely meet due to V's workload. He always in stress of work and planning to change job soon. It is always me who ask to meet up but end up he will refuse since have to work overtime. He always says that he is working harder now to save money for our marriage. If not in office, most of the time will be spending time in temple".

She pointed out, "I have joined new job in June 12 and get to know SK. SK is my Senior officer who have thought me my job tasks. He is married with 3 kids. He always talks proudly about his wife and kids. I always admire him for how he takes care of his family by himself since his wife is housewife. He reminds me alot about my dad. I love my dad dearly and he has passed away 2 yrs ago. SK's character's reminds me a lot about my dad. I kind of have crushed over SK".

She said, "After few months of getting to know him, I started to instant message him for pass 2 months continuesly during our working time. Sometimes we would be chatting for 3 hours without doing our work. I really feel fun and happy chatting with him. We would always share funny jokes to each other and laughed a lot. I will never missed to chat with him during the working days. At first, i really thought its a pure friendship but i started to realise that i missed him during his absence and he too missed me too but never admit".

Continuing with her good paragraphs, she explained, "We always smiles to each other, and sometime feel want to laugh seeing each other face without any reason. Sometimes feel like gone insane. Lately, i realised that he started to stare at me with a long smile by seeing my eyes. I really feel something about this but I like it. It make me felt that i have fallen in love again. My working mate also realised that he seems like have crush on me".

She said, "Last week i get to know that he fought with his wife because of me. Both of us were on leave last month for a week during Diwali festival and during that time he send SMS saying that "Dont miss me for 1 week" and I replied saying "Actually, i already did after you said bye to me on last friday...crying...hehehehe". So the fight was because SK and me were exchanging such SMS. This made her suspicious and didnt talk to each other for almost 3 weeks, even after SK explained that it was just joking. She even asked for divorce several times".

She added, "I really felt guilty for what has happened and apologised to SK and he asked me not to worry about it since he dont care about what his wife think as long as we are in good friendship. I think SK and me are flirting without knowingly but covers it by the name of friendship. Flirting means, only with smiles and chatting. We dont chat dirty jokes and we have never even shake hand before, what i mean is, never touched each other".

Feeling sorrow, she said, "I also felt guilty for sending such SMS to SK behind V. V doesnt know that we are SMSing and chatting in the office. But I have told V about our friendship. And V did warn me not to be very close since he is married and his wife might be jealous".

She continued, "After all the incident, I tried to stop chatting with SK for past 2 days since I am working nite shift and he is on morning shift now. I had a hard time of controlling myself of not emailing him anything. My heart missed him very much and my mind keeps on recalling his cute smiles. Another thing is, SK will never initiate a chat because he said, Guys shouldnt look for Girls but the other way around. I felt what he said is right because he is married and he shouldnt be going after girls. So I am kind of addicted to him and not him".

As she is intended to clear somethings, she said, "After study through my situation, i realised that SK came in to my life because V is not giving enough attention to our love since we have been in love for 11 years. I always tell V that I want our love to be alive so at least we need to meet up but his situation doesnt allow. This is what i felt and i do not know what to ask from you".

She ended her request, "ok, I just need a piece of advise to get over the addicted situation with SK since it is really bothering my life. I want to see him as a true friendship instead of special friend. Please dont ask me to quit this job since i have to serve 3 months notice in order to resign".

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