Lavender Rose for the One You Love!

Lavender Rose for the One You Love!

Somebody wrote from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, in one paragraph, I divided here, "So there's this guy I think I like. He's 1 year younger than me and is friend with most of the boys in my class".

"He's also friend with one of my girl-friends, as they drive in the same bus - but they're like (frenemies). He has many connections around the school too. We occasionally talk, but only once or twice as we're still on the (schoolmates-strangers stage)"

"He knows my name and knows that I exist. Anyway, I'm like the shy sort of person and need the other person to start a conversation and well, he's the opposite of me - though we do have a few things in common".

"I also catch him staring at me - rarely though - when I try to look at him. I don't want to confess, as I don't want to be in love (itself). I want to get rid of this feeling, but I also want to be friends at the same time. What do I do?"

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Shivani wrote from India, "I am Shivani. I am facing acute love problem. I am in love since the last 5 years. Some members of my family informed me last year that they oppose and will never accept my love".

"One of my brothers had a stroke, when he heard that and he still suffers. Another fainted when he heard about my love. They asked me to leave him. But I did not. I continued with him. Now once again they came to know that I am still in love with him".

"They are forcing me to leave him. Emotionally, they are (blackmailing) me. I love him very much and I cannot leave without him. We have woven so many dreams together. We can't separate from each other. Many times, many thoughts of suicide came to my mind. I am not able to find any solution. I don't want to leave him. Please advice, urgently".

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Somebody wrote from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, in one paragraph, I divided here, "We had a 6 years love relationship and was very passionate. We had a serious fight, but we did contact after that".

"This makes me feel that we are still in relation and we will continue. We talked thrice on chat and twice via email. Then he sent his last email saying that he will love me forever, but its very late now".

"I did not lose hope and kept on sending him emails, SMS and calls. He asks other friends about me and does read my emails. He knows I do not have any relationship for sure. Its been a year, since we had a breakup".

"Now, I'm feeling like losing it all. He still loves me, but he does not want to talk or continue. I love him and will try whatever it takes. So, please suggest me something".

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Someone wrote briefly from Bangalore, Karnataka, India, "I have a problem getting married. I am in love with girl. But, that girl is in love with my brother. My brother is in love with another girl... So what is the solution of these complicated and reversal love relations?"

"Coincidentally, my parents and her parents are committed to marry her to me. (arrange marriage)"

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