How to Make Him Feel?

by Gail

Polite Touches Between Nora Tate, Loren's mom and Max Duran, Eddie's dad in Hollywood Heights.

Polite Touches Between Nora Tate, Loren's mom and Max Duran, Eddie's dad in Hollywood Heights.

Hi, my name is Gail and I have been an exchange student in America for almost a year now (since last August).

I joined a Christian fellowship where I came to know this guy in my class. I have had a crush on him since the end of last year (ever since I got to know him better).

So, the problem is that I am a really shy girl and I tend to pretend that I do not feel anything for him and consider him as just a friend. (I do not know why. It is just my character and this is driving me nuts but I just cannot help it!)

And maybe he is not making a move because he thinks that I actually like him as just a friend. But I do think this feeling is mutual. For example, I notice him looking at me several times. He really pays attention, whenever I say anything (even really stupid small things).

But, whenever we actually look into each other's eyes, we pause for a second and then we both turn away and it becomes awkward. He does not really talk to me first, unless he has an excuse to talk to me in front of everybody (We almost always hang out with our mutual friends in the fellowship).

I have asked him to hang out with me often this semester and he always said yes unless he was busy with exams. But it is quite discouraging that he had never asked me first to hang out with him.

He told me once that I am cute (like when we went shopping together with other friends and I tried a shirt on. He said, 'hah so cute!'). He makes lot of compliments, too (I guess not as flattering ones, as I give him haha) and I can feel us both getting tensed, whenever we get close to each other.

He sounds really happy, when I call him (which is actually quite a big move for a shy girl like me)... There are many other things that make me think he likes me too.

The problem is that I want the guy to pursue the girl and I feel like we should talk to each other about our feelings, but then I know I could never ever initiate such a conversation and I doubt he will, either.

I only have three months left until I get back home, and I do not want to be impatient. But, whenever I imagine him being with another girl, it totally hurts and I do not even want to imagine this!

I thought about confessing my feelings at the end of this semester (I am a college student) because I think I would be more free to tell him, when I know I am leaving the next week. But, do you think I should tell him now that we have more time?

I thought that maybe, if he says he likes me too, that I should ask him to wait for me. I know it is selfish, but I'll be back in America in less than 2 years. So, maybe there is a chance. Should I not ask him, or tell him about my feelings at all? Please help!

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