Personal Relations' Problems!

by Sarah

Real Love in Hollywood Heights Marathon, TV Series, Between Loren and Eddie.

Real Love in Hollywood Heights Marathon, TV Series, Between Loren and Eddie.

* Somebody wrote: I love a girl. I found out that she has many friends. There are just so many other boys around her. She is always busy with her friends.

This is why I couldn't find a way to reach here. I am open to personal relations, but not in the way she carries on with all of her friends.

Many of her friends seem very silly to me. Some of them are just pretending that they have personal love relations with her and there are few good friends.

I am not jealous and I am not that type of a shying away guy. I am more serious than most of them and I know my values. But, I just cannot accept open relations to go this way.

She doesn't care of me. Right now, I am feeling that I do not like this. But, my mind always thinks of her and other things, such as what she is doing now, is she sleeping or awake, what worries her, what pleases her and so on. Will you help me to forget her and everything about her?

Some Notes to Read Carefully!

- I think, you are not serious, as you have not mentioned your name, or your email. In addition you wrote the entire request in one long sentence and there are so many language mistakes on your request.

Are you student? You have not submitted any details about you, as we mentioned on the main consulting pages and at the love consulting requests.

However, as you have these thoughts about her, I do not know why you just wanted to forget her! Why you want to do that? Please provide more details when you reply to this question.

Tell's where are you from and some information about your families, cultures and income. Write in full details, including your name.

If you didn't want to publish your name, just end your love consulting request with a note to tell us not to publish it. We'll them replace it by a nickname.

This not only for you, but it is also for many people who submitted incomplete love requests. Please, always be serious and help us understand the problem by providing all the requirements, we mentioned here. Without that we couldn't provide any help.

Use the comment link at the bottom of the page to re-write your request. See the the construction of sentences and paragraphs here to write your request in short sentences and short paragraphs.

Does He Love Me?

* Sarah wrote: I can't tell the whole story. It's so long. I love a boy and I do want him in my life. He said to me that his love became less because I did not give him a space. I tried to get better and I became 80% better.

After all of this, he said that he doesn't love me. I tried a lot but nothing changes. I treated him toughly for 2 days and pretended I am not in love with him anymore to make him feel that he is going to lose me.

He started to be afraid of losing me. He began to feel that he is missing me so much and wanting to cry. He sent to me to meat him. He said, "I missed you a lot, but when I saw you I got back to what I felt 2 days ago".

So, is he crazy? I am asking this because I was the first to be "wanting him to get his love to me back".

We are in the same college and we are living next to each other, so we always see each other and go together. I really have no one, but him. I don't have friends. My family does not understand me.

- You make it difficult to read your request and understand it correct. You wrote it without following the guidelines we mentioned at the main pages and at the link above. It takes time to re-edit requests and we have so many requests everyday.

We have no time. So, readers, if you want to submit requests, please follow the guidelines and DON'T submit bad written requests.

Well, he is not crazy. But, that means there is telepathy between you.

The title you entered with your request is so confusing, so some other sentences in your request. Please always avoid contradictions.

If you do care of him, keep him in your circle of influence, as I think you have some good love strategies that works.

However, you both played this trick on each other to get yourself crazy about each other, or why he said he does not love you and then got back to his mind, when you implemented the same trick on him?

See what interests him. Find shared interests and maintain this personal relationship by more readings at your college library and other libraries online.

Stay away from being selfish, or egoistic. Look after what he cares about and show things that you care about.

Do you have some good international TV channels?

Let me know, to get you more information about a channel that has good programs to learn from them how to manage personal relations.

However, it is full of negatives about the way young people think and behave. But, wise and good oriented people could learn from it many useful things to avoid mistakes in personal love relations, personal family relations, or personal marriage relations.

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