Friendship and Love!

(Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA)

Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood) with her Love Eddie Duran (Cody Longo) in Hollywood Heights.

Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood) with her Love Eddie Duran (Cody Longo) in Hollywood Heights.

Somebody wrote from Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA in one long paragraph and a note, I divided here, "I am in a (Friends with benefits relationship) with someone I knew for about 3 years. We have sex sometimes".

"He really does not ask for sex, as much as I do. But, I really like him and I want more then just friendship. He say that he is too busy for a relationship right now. But, later on, he will like to have it with me".

"I feel like I am waiting for him, or somewhat like a bug-a-boo. Also, He has 2 jobs and he goes to school. My problem is that I am kind of confused".

"He says he is too busy for a relationship. But, he has time to have sex and post pictures on social media. When I text him in the morning sometimes saying (hey), I wont get a response until later on that night or the next day".

"All I ask is for the simple stuff noting more. I am really getting tired of this and I just need some advices on what to do, or how to solve this problem".

"NOTE: When we do have sex, it's only about 28 minutes maximum. Then he would leave, because he has to go to work. I try spicing things up. (Some lines are deleted here, because they contain more explicit words) I am so attracted to him. Thanks for your help".

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Ayesha wrote from Jalandhar, Punjab, India about (friendship versus love) in one long paragraph, I divided here, "I am 22 years old girl. There is a guy in my life since the last 2 years. We are really good friends and we get along really well".

"The problem is that I have started feeling love for him and every day my feelings are getting stronger. I have confessed my feelings to him. He says that he really likes me, but he is confused".

"The reason, which is stopping him is that, we both are from different castes and our parents will not accept this relationship at any cost. We both love our parents and will not think of going against them".

"He is really a nice guy. He is the guy I dreamt of. I decided to end our friendship and move on. But, I failed. I can't be friend with him anymore. He is the person who understand me the most. He reads my mind, easily".

"It will be very difficult for me to move on. My life wont be the same without him. Please, help".

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