I am Unable to Control My Girlfriend!

by Tsunami
(New Delhi, India)

Flashback: Eddie Duran (Cody Longo) at the Times he Remembers his Rock Star Mom and Seeks Lights to See his Love in Hollywood Heights.

Flashback: Eddie Duran (Cody Longo) at the Times he Remembers his Rock Star Mom and Seeks Lights to See his Love in Hollywood Heights.

Tsunami... well, many people use nicknames while submitting requests, wrote from Mumbai, India in one long paragraph I divided here, "I had married life when I was 20 and she was my 1st true love. After 6 years she divorced me, because of my weak career".

"She was has a very good job. So, she got some problems inside her family, regarding especially my careers. They forced her to divorce and get married from another person after one year, or more".

After the sad end, I was kind of ill for almost 2 years, work less and totally alone, even I go out from home very rarely. One day God sent at my house a very nice girl who looks like my ex's younger sister, even her name's 1st alphabet was also the same as my ex-wife".

"My young brother wanted me to meet her, so I met her and she became close friend from the first day. We started to meet at home only. I never went out with her. We found that we had the same dreams like in work and other things".

"Then we planed to be together against any manipulation, work together, or do anything to get success. Day by day, she came very close to me and started loving me a lot. She also had normal tragedy, as she had online dating for one year".

"I have started things like I am not able to accept your love. Later, I asked her for physical relationship. She keeps saying she can't do that before marriage. I said I used to be married, so I can't start any relationship without sex, because I lost my trust in love in the past".

After few months she accepted and we had great time. But, my career is still not good and she had also no job. When she got close to me, she was not able to work. She just wanted to be with me or marry me".

"I kept saying to her, either you should be established or let me be established, then I will marry. Within those 3 years, she got a baby of 8 weeks and started forcing me to marry her".

"I said, if you want you can keep the baby, but for this reason only I can't marry you even I will accept in front of everyone he is my baby. Actually, I was only worried about her life and career because she was only 23".

"I was 28. And still she has some hidden dreams about her career, so I requested her to get abortion. She accepted that very hardly and started feeling not good from the inside".

"But, I just took that step only for her good future. Later, I have got a good work and I went out of my town. She was crying to go with me, but I was helpless, when I was with her I was a bit Hitler kind of (only from the outside) just because of my past"

But, I always cared of her more then a kid and when I went out of my town I was expecting her at the very city where I was. But wasn't able to call here there because of my work and financial weakness".

"She got a new job. After 3 days I started to go out for one month and tried my best to call her online by phone. I noticed after one month that she started to react strangely. She got new friends".



I got tired while working to edit your request. It's in one long paragraph, full of spelling mistakes and confusing sentences.

There are not full stops at the end of your sentences. You mixed everything up in your request. This why we could NOT read it to offer you the requested consulting service.

The thing is that, we don't accept requests that include many sentences in capital letters,. You ended your request with many lines in capital letters.

Here is the rest of your request, as is, to read it again and tell us, could you understand anything from it.

"even I was not able to work properly because of her new attitude after 2 months we keep fighting only online I have called her many times at my place even she had enough balance also now and also I was also able to help but sometime she wished to come some time not ..After six months I went back even I met her before I go home on the way to give her surprise but I have noticed she wasn't real surprise by her eyes.. She met me we had good time but when I start love and sex she said she cant do that and later she said she spoke to her daddy and he suggested if he really love you he have to stay as your friend till you don't get success.. I said we had living relationship till 3 years something how can I stay with you as friend ..I also added I came with determined thought like I will marry with you now.. But she said she has no interest in sex and even not wishing for marring with anyone things went so bad after one week she disclosed she said she met someone but he is married and with kids and he supported her emotionally very very much I went to the hell she said you were never expressing your feelings by words I said I thought why we need words I was always wondering you were the best girl of the world who can read my eyes and able to feel my heart without any fancy words ..But she said she is connected with a man but he is also not able to marry with me now I will not marry with anyone .. I left her since that day but wasn't able to stay without her because she pulled me out from my hell kind of life even I have also supported her in same way .. But after few days she met me and said she had feelings about her boss I went shocked things went as hell and also added like her boss loved her as kid and very emotional supported I said before you take that step at list you should tell me once Like I am not having enough emotion support from you I was even willing to leave my work also then I have found out he is damn rich man but he is old a bit .. later she said honestly she is never able to go far from me but the job is good and she has very great opportunities in future without any compromise with her boss now we are kind of friend only me and my boss.. I accepted but my her texts and behaves I have noticed she is in love with that old man for that reason only she is not able to accept me as before ..again she is saying like she is only pretending with him as his close friend for success only but I only love you more then my life but still she is not able to start everything as before now .. me not able to stay without her I love her more then myself and she is asking me time to leave that job but I said if you will get billion $ from that place I don't want you to see there at list for one day also.. but she is kept saying if I will have another job also I can get some problem but my boss he kind of best man ( I feel at hell while listing that) he never offer me wrong things (SEX) I am able to she that old guy trapped her by his artificial words and if I stay away he can use her and he will leave her and that time don't know i will be able to accept her or not but ..Still able to save her but her family also wishing if the boss is understanding kind of and stay as only friend then you can work there and let him know like you will never keep any wrong attachment with him ..But I am feeling kind of heel as knowing she is with him as His P.A ..( but I also know they have not any sex kind of things) and wish to save everything asap .. But she is asking me to trust her she will never cross any limit".

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