She Left Me!

by Uday Kiran
(Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India)

Loren Enjoying her Love and Passion with Eddie in Hollywood Heights

Loren Enjoying her Love and Passion with Eddie in Hollywood Heights

hi sir i am uday age 26 i loved a girl from past4years she to loved me last yearshe asked me to come to their home and ask her father about our marriage proposal so i gone and accepted them and in my house also they accepted recently she joined in job which was shown by me 3days back i went to their office premises to meet her but the people in the office stopped me not to talk with her all off suddenly i was iritated and have fight with those people and then the office people call police and the girlwho loved me suddenly changed and gave complaint on me finally police settled the issue after 2days describing that i must not see talk and leave that girl.actually this issue was not known to their parents but now i cant leave her because i am still in love i cant do anything i am very dissapointed she is my every thing.still waiting for her please suggest me what to do i want her rest of my life please suggest what to do

* I think that you have just ignored the guidelines on the main "love pages", so you submitted bad written request. We said clearly on the main pages that we would never provide any solution, or reply to any incomplete love consulting requests.

* It seems also that you do not want to waste time to write your request in good details and correctly. See how you start sentences by small letters. See also how you wrote your request badly. Can you read it? Can you understand anything from it?

* If you really have a problem, write good request, provide good details and be clear. Read the main pages again and the page on the link above to learn how to write good requests in full details and get the fast response you want.

* You should always be concerned, so as not to waste the time of other people you want them to help you. This is real and it is not just something to ignore.

* Time here costs money. Remember that we offer the consulting services free. So, you should be careful and take good time to write good request both in good details and in readable English language.

* If you did not know how to write good requests, talk to one of your trusted friends to write it for you. But, I think you can write it yourself, when you read the main pages and follow the guidelines.

* It is not difficult at all to write good request. But, the "thing" is that, you bushed forward and did not give yourself the time needed to write it correctly and to provide good details about everything we explained at the guidelines.

* Read the guidelines at Online Love Consulting and Online Love Consulting Services. Keep the pages open and then start writing your request again to remember how to start sentences by capital letters, end them by full stops and compose short sentences in short paragraphs.

* Short paragraphs make your request easy read.

* Click on the comment link at the bottom to re-write your request. You can also see the construction of sentences and paragraphs here to follow as examples to write your request.

* Indicate whether you want o publish your name with your request or not at the end of it.

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