I am in Dangerous Love Situation!

by Somebody
(Cochin, Kerala, India)

The Grape Season in Mexico is the best season for love to Maturate. A Scene from A Walk in the Clouds.

The Grape Season in Mexico is the best season for love to Maturate. A Scene from A Walk in the Clouds.

Somebody wrote from Cochin, Kerala, India a confusing request in one long and unorganized paragraph, I divided here, "I am in a dangerous love situation. I don't know what to do? Please give me a solution to my problem".

"Don't think this is a cheap problem. My problem is that I am in love with a person about 10 months. We are in deep love. Our relation is like 10 years deep attachment. Now, we are in suicide stage".

"That is before he met me, he had a mistake happened. In his alcoholic stage, he was in physical contact with a girl. That's not love affair. It just happened. Really, he loves only me, very much".

"Not cheat me and that girl also. Now that girl said that she was carrying and he wants to marry her. He was in big shock. Then he said all about this and beg my pardon. I thought about death, because I can't live without him".

"I am ready to forgive all his mistakes, because I love him very much. I considered that was only a mistake. He had not any contact with her, after that mistake. Now, his situation was sad".

"He loves me and wishes to marry me. But, that girl's problem had no solution. I had many proposals for marriage and my parents compel me to get married. But, I can't. I want him and I want to marry him".

"Is it possible Sir? I can't avoid him. We are now in contact with each other, as we used to be before and we can't separate from each other. We are one. But, he told me that his life was spoiled and he must compel her to marry".

"Then he said to me marry someone for his happiness and his love was always with me forever. He said this for my good future. But, it is not possible to me. I can't think like this".

"In anyway I want him with whole my life, only for me. Please help me by a solution to this situation. I can't tell anybody to this problem. What should we do? I had two ways. One to marry him or to die".

"Please give an immediate reply. Don't ignore this. I am such a situation. Don't think about me as a bad girl. Please help me. Now you are only my relief. I expect you kindly reply. I want this mail confidential. Don't publish my name and mail ID. Please give me a positive reply".


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Read the guidelines posted on the main consulting pages to submit good request in good details and well explained case.

No, you will not die. That what seems to you in this age and in this situation. I have seen and known many people who said that they will die if they lost their partners. But, they didn't.

In addition, you should have submitted more information about the mistake you mentioned and other important personal information, such as ages, education, economies (if you were independent) and good details.

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Litu wrote in one line from Bangalore, Karnataka, India, "I love one girl. She is 17 years old. Her name is (full name deleted) She doesn't love me. Help".

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Ashok wrote in less than a line from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, "She is avoiding me. I don't know what is the reason?"

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