How To Tell My Mom about My Love?

by Anonymous

Love, passion, self-respect, ambitions, honesty, in Hollywood Heights Marathon!

Love, passion, self-respect, ambitions, honesty, in Hollywood Heights Marathon!

I am 25 years old girl. Currently, I am in love relation with a boy who is 27 years old. My problem is that I do not know how to tell my mom about my love.

The reason that makes me afraid to tell her is that we both have different religions. My mother is single mom. She is very religious. She does not believe in love marriage. These are three facts about my mother.

The boy I love is a good person. He respects me. He is very honest and sincere, as he told me that he is ready to change his religion and convert to my religion. We love each other madly and have good understanding concerning the love situation we face.

No body in our families knows about our love relationship. It remains only between us. But, I do not have courage to tell to my mom about my relationship, because my mother is my single parent.

I do not want to hurt her. I also do not want to hurt my lover. My mother and my lover are both important to me. But, I do not want to be selfish and focus only on my personal happiness. I do not want to hurt so many other people who love me, as my lover does.

I do not know want to do! I am really in big trouble and do not know what to do! Please help me.

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