Should I Try to Keep this Guy or Push him Away?

Melissa Sanders (Ashley Holliday) and Her Boyfriend Adam (Nick Krause) in Hollywood Heights.

Melissa Sanders (Ashley Holliday) and Her Boyfriend Adam (Nick Krause) in Hollywood Heights.

Somebody asked, "Should I Try to Keep this Guy or Push him Away?" She wrote the following lines:

"So I'm a wild girl on the inside but shy normally in real life, but on the internet I'm more open with things. I met this guy who is 9 years older then me on the net and we live in 2 different countries, he tells me he really likes me and hopes to see me one day and does just about anything to make me happy. I don't really doubt that he likes me, but I'm confused about it".

"He's 9 years older then me, and never dated before, also a bit daft to be honest, he's very slow and doesn't get what you say when you say it not so directly also sometimes does really stupid things. I'm a fast thinker, and he's kinda slow for my liking".

"He's also addicted to "having fun" he doesn't do anything with his life but dedicate it to having fun, whether it's being addicted to going out with friends or games on the internet. I don't think this kind of person really suits me, he seems like his more intent on playing then doing anything serious with his life".

"Then there's the problem that we've never seen each other in real life and it's hard really for me to love someone I've never seen, just asked questions about, talked to, I mean you can be anything over the net and the other person won't know. It's hard for him to see me because I live in a country where the dollar's high and he lives where the economy isn't so good".

"On the other hand, I think he's really a charming person, and if he wants something badly he would make his best effort at it, and normally he succeeds, that's the point that I value in him".

"He's also really a sweetheart, he always stands up for what he thinks is right and defends his friends. But the downside is that he changes his mind a lot at things that seem good and bad, when he wants what's best for his friends, but is also not sure about things, he just keeps changing his mind and it's really annoying".

"He's very easy to influence on things, and using bribery in promise for something can normally stop him from changing his mind".

"I haven't promised him anything yet, but he really hopes I can wait for him to see me, which I think would be in years. I don't know if I should tell him up from that our relationship is impossible and if we can just be friends, or to not give up on him yet".

"Any advice?"

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Mary asked for help, so she wrote, "my name is MARY aged 21.m in relationship scince past years and i love him truely and i think he too.his grand father knows about us n scold him and oder him to do what he told.grand father told him he should get marry with the girl which he he share me n told me to break up cause it is better to be now because he think that he can't go against his grand father.but what to do what is my mistake why m facing this i don't want to break with him".

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Jaikishan wrote from Bhopal, "I want my love back... Hello Sir I'm Jaikishan from Bhopal, I'm in love with someone and she also love me alot, but I don't what happen to her she stoped talking to me for 2-3 months... generally we fight for small things get angry to each other for some time but this time she did not talked to me...... please help me....."

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Diksha Gupta wrote from Jammu, India, "problem in my relation... my boyfriend doubts me that i am having an extra sim and for him only i accepted that but that is not true. i am not having a sim but now he is not picking up my phone. what to do"?

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