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First day on earth, a new hatching duck getting out of its egg.

First day on earth, a new hatching duck getting out of its egg.

First day on earth, a new hatching duck getting out of its egg.
Pair of turtles mating, and breeding to keep the growth of the tortoise species.
Turtles like flowers, here is one of them feeding itself on some flowers in a flowers field.
A hedgehog digging its hole in the sand to protect itself from the sand storm.

The article about love and sex ended at this link to make the page short and "sweet" and to continue it on one of the pages at the Ezine Acts Comment C2 Entries. Yes, this page.

The article at the link above ended by saying that "Liking is something else, etc..." So, we continue here to keep on differentiating between love and like, love and sex, but not between love and romance. I hope you keep on enjoying good bright letters and polite touches here. If you liked them, tweet and pin the pictures. Thanks.

Liking Starts Here

Well, you can in fact feel that you like some friends, colleagues and other people you know in your surroundings or abroad. So, this differentiate love a little bit from like, especially when love tends towards only those people who are very intimate in your family, like your parents, other relatives, your soul mate and children.

Even inside your home love is different. You may love your mother more than you love your father. Girls tend to love their fathers more than their mothers. Boys do the reverse. That reversal hidden power of sex is in the unconscious of everybody, according to some points Sigmund Freud mentioned while studying and analyzing love and sex.

That doesn't mean he was right, indeed. In such case, each of the two words love and sex is neutral... none of which refers to the other.

You love your mother, but that doesn't mean sex. However, there is always a sentimental feeling that could make you like most to kiss the bellybutton of your girlfriend, or lay your head on her belly, for example. This is not a sexual indication. But, it is an indication of the rooted love to where you have begun and connected with.

Love and sex also have some other different ways and maybe even (unseen ethics) in the animal lives when animals copulate according to some physical differences between animals and humans. Sometimes, it could be difficult for some animals to mate because of the structure of their bodies.

There are some questions regarding animals, such as do animals feel love and do they kiss, as humans. See how do elephants kiss and the pictures of the tortoise mating to keep the sex of their species on the two pages.

We always think that animals only get into coition to commerce without any kind of feelings.

In fact, animals (females and males) feel love for each other and like each other. They even fight for each other. But, they do that in different ways. We might tend to see that a male could get into coitus with many females and thus monogamy could be rare. But, that is not quite true.

A male animal chooses only one female and sometimes it fights to get that female, or protect it from other males.

It is rare that it chooses many females, just like humans do.

Some animals, especially those domestic animals "like" people. A dog could be more loyal to his owner than his friend. There are so many stories in this regard about faithful dogs. Faith is not only a habitual ethics of humans.

Animals also have not any sexual desire to make love with humans. But, in contrast, some abnormal humans have irregular desires to do copulate with animals and even teach some domestic animals how to do this or that with them. So, the sexual desire is sometimes blind to go on the wrong way.

Animal rights organizations and groups should do something more about this issue.

Humans from the same sex could feel love and sex with each other and have that sexual desire to copulate with the same sex. It is even getting into legalities and the politics of big states in this age to get human rights and recognition to legalize same sex marriage.

This is absolutely not new, as it has roots in the past, since even the first Greek civilization and continued to be an issue of something very different from normal and regular behaviors. It is against the original nature of humans.

Love and Liking on Searches

When you use the search engines at the right column to perform a search to find what love means, you'll find many different answers, some of which aren't correct, others don't have insights on how it begins between two people and how it becomes strong and successful with some of its acts that ends by sex and some of them don't differentiate between the two words.

Bing search will bring you many webpages, some of which repeat the same description 4-5 times in the first group of pages that reach 100 of pages. Their technologists should do something to refine their search result pages. Google does the same and brings many of the same pages in their first result pages.

Yahoo is a little bit different, although it indexes some of the indexed pages by the other two search engines. Many of the serious and interesting resources that cover the topic are missing on those search engines, as if search engines marketing tends to be the reason of operating search engines. Read search engines secrets and Use Yandex and Baidu Searches to get more info about this.

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