She Refuses to Talk with Me!

by Ahmed

Occasional Love in Airplane in Californication, TV Series.

Occasional Love in Airplane in Californication, TV Series.

Ahmed wrote from Pakistan wrote that the girl he loves refuses even to talk with him and he could not find a way to encourage her to talk to him.

He said, "I love a girl. She is a very nice. She never ever have any boy. (He meant boyfriend)

I told her about my feelings towards her through email. But she simply even refused to talk with me. We both are university class fellows for last one year.

I had good relations with her before I told her my feelings. Now, I always keep on trying to help her in class, but she is not even looking at me.

Now, What should I do?


* We requested good details at the main love consulting pages and at Love Consulting Requests. We could see the problem better that way.

However, in your society, love is something involves dangers to speak about it, although it is not "haram". Even boys afraid of that. So, what we could say about girls?

This perception does not indicate that secret love does not exist. You may have noticed it and saw many people involve doing even it secretly.

Determine what you want to achieve in your love. If it was marriage, I am still waiting for good details we need here to help you better.

We have mentioned the necessity to provide as more details as you could about you, your lover, her family and your family and the economical situation.

Are you both graduated, or not? We do not know this. So, please, do not summarize your request. Again, write it in good details in short sentences and short paragraphs. You have already expressed that you could write well in short sentences and short paragraphs. Do that when you write more details.

Use the same love consulting page, or the comment link at the bottom to do that.

* Are you from Pakistan or other states near it?

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Hooriya wrote from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in short and bad written request the following:

"i m just 13 years old .....and i love my boyfriend but i dont know he loves me or not ..he always says me dat i m beauttiful ABC....but in front of my friends he say dat i m a bitch...............wat should i doooo????? i should love him more or not???"

* Please, that is not the way to write requests. Check the main pages and Love Consulting Requests to read the guidelines and rewrite good request in good details. That is the only way to help you out.

* Are you from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?

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Write about places in Saudi Arabia at Any Beautiful City link above.

Somebody wrote, "we good lovers but she going job in big company am get arrear hi am ram we both good lovers but she working in big company, but am arrear, learning for arrear, but both same class she finished and went job. this become big issue in my heart its keep on pain in my heart what i will do pls help me!!!!!"

Please follow the guidelines at the mentioned links to write good requests in good details. If you cannot write good English, ask one of your faithful friends to help you.

Someone wrote from Singapore, "How can i do for my lover?

I make mistake on my lover. He don't like my using facebook. But sometime I was just chat one boy in facebook, he very angry on me about of that.I know my mistake and apologize my boyfriend. But he forgot to me from this problem. So I want compensate for his love forever and I want closely love with him as before appear this problem. How do i do?"


What did you mean? Are you serious? Your request remained here for a long time. We mentioned that we'll not provide any consulting and we'll not respond to badly written requests.

If you were serious, provide the details we want to help you. You have not mentioned anything to help you. Read the guidelines to write good details including information about you both, your families, jobs and economies. This is the only way to help you.

* Are you from Singapore?

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* You are here at She Refuses to Talk with Me.

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