Second Section of the Comments!

Second Section of the Comments: The Center of the Architecture Business in Maputo, Mozambique.

Second Section of the Comments: The Center of the Architecture Business in Maputo, Mozambique.

The second section of the comments is a continuation to the article on the Comments page. So, it is better to read the first part of the article on the linked page and then continue at the second section of the comments.

You will keep the comments alive and updated when you write your views on pictures uploaded by commentators, but before that, you should edit the pictures. Editing the pictures is very different from designing the pictures. The difference is that you use words to edit pictures and you use designing features, which are imagery to design pictures.

After that respond to commentaries posted by others, invite your friends to respond to your entries and then like, tweet, share with your social media, or pin the images on any page in the network. In addition to encourage visitors, use your imagination to create a new way to call to action. For example, you could write something like the following:

What you get from comments, as a visitor?

As a regular or occasional visitor, you get the following benefits when you submit your views on topics or on pictures, and when you respond to entires made by other people:

  • First, you get attention by making good entries in good topics, or responding to entries providing good insights to the given topics.

  • Second, you get to know some other visitors and interact with them through your entries and responses.

  • Third, and this is more beneficial, you get some gifts. The gifts include useful ebooks and e-curses to read and learn useful things from them to get some influence and some management skills to improve your life

We call the benefits "Gift Package" because they develop the lives of talented people and help them wake up to succeed in whatever they do, whether online or offline. Therefore, it is not any gift package, but it is gift of love.

In this regard, you could tell interested contributors the following:

You'll get the ebooks and e-courses in addition to some Business Reports to learn more about the following:

To use the last elements, referring to the C.2, you should already have your referral URL that generates income for you from this source.

What you get from comments, as an owner of a website?

In addition to what I have explained on the main page, as a person with a website, you get the following benefits when you enter some good lines and respond to commentaries through the forms on your pages:

  • You will also interact with others and build somehow friendship, or business relations with them.

  • You will make your website interactive and bring more Free Traffic to your pages by building tiers of commentaries to support the main tiers of the pages on your website.

  • You get access to contact the leads your system generates to help them improve their lives, which reflects on more benefits for you.

Well, did I mention that the second section of the comments page is one of new revolutionary forums on this network?

The modern forums are at the Ezine Acts Business Forums, the Ezine Acts Discussion Board, the Ezine Act's Forums & the SBI Discussion Board. They are included in the Site Map 14 in this network. The last discussion board belongs to the site map (22) Site Build It, though.

The Ezine Acts Comment C2 Entries and the Ezine Acts Comments are the supportive pages to the mentioned forums

So, what is left after covering the commentary strategies you need to implement to improve your website presence?

I am disclosing methods in simple steps you can use & see proofs on them on this page & the mentioned discussion boards above.

The proofs are clear on the advertisement you see on those pages. This should give you an idea about what I am trying to convey to help you improve your life.

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You are at the Second Section of the Comments.

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