Did He Change His Heart?

by Sonal
(Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India)

Sonal wrote from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India in one long paragraph, I divided here, "I met a guy in my office around 2 years ago and after few months of our meeting we fell in love with each other, even though he did not propose me directly".

"We used to chat over night and had built up an appreciable understanding for each other. He wanted to go for an MBA degree from the very first day I met him. I constantly encouraged him to study harder and harder to make his dream come true and finally he achieved it".

"At the time he was leaving to join his college he eventually arranged a meeting between me and his mother and told about our likes for each other. After few months, it got somehow approved like they will consider me because there is a lot of differences between our culture and all things".

"But, only after completing his course, his family will think about his marriage and all. I can bear two years easily for him because I love him blindly and can endure any test for him... just to have him by my side forever".

"But, the real problem started IN the last 6 months. He's continuously avoiding me. And the only reason he gives is that he has no time left for talking with me or any other friends - leaving his study things".

"Now, we are in different cities and cannot meet, as earlier, so I cannot devote some quality time just to talk with him. Everything we decided, when he was leaving from here is now reverted".

"I cannot understand what he exactly wants in his life. Please help me readers. My parents are also encouraging me to get married, because of these uncertain things in the future".

"They want me to get settled with some other guy from my culture. But, I know he is not a wrong guy and I just cannot live happily with any other guy. I don't have any rights to destroy any other's life".

"Suggest me something. I am feeling very restless these days and cannot concentrate on my job also. He is very important in my life".

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He is Confused Between Me and His Cousin!

Somebody wrote from Cochin, Kerala, India in short paragraph, I divided here, "Am undergoing terrible mental pain now. Am in love with a guy who loves me too. His family’s financial background was little weak that his uncle helped them in need".

"That uncle is requesting my guy to marry his daughter. She loves him, as my guy came to know about this love just now while he wanna marry me. He has respect and gratitude towards his uncle and the girl says she'll commit a suicide, if she did not get my guy".

"He is helpless, because of all of that. We want each other. Please, help".

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Engaged in Love During Courses!

John Mayers wrote in one short paragraph from Delhi, India, "I love a girl and we talk a lot. We are both in coaching classes and she initiated this connection with me. She doesn't talk to other guys, but only me. I am unable to take this relation further. What should I do?"

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