I am Jealous!

by Sheena



Sheena wrote from the Philippines, "i have a problem,,, selosa ako... we're always quarreling because im jealous when he always with other girl".


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You should provide more details in short sentences and short paragraphs. Write the information in clear language to understand you right.


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Lovi wrote from Mauritius about break up with her boyfriend the following: "Hello i have break up with my boyfriend it has been six month but i do have some feeling for him. And he has a girlfriend too he betrayed me because of her .But that her girl always try to make me jealous why ?? and the worst i have some strange dreams these days because of my ex why will you please help me.And even i have my boyfriend but sometimes i have feeling to have my boyfriend back in my life what should i do?"


* Please always write short sentences in short paragraphs to understand your problem and provide the consulting needed to solve it. You have mixed it all up in long paragraph and there are many mistakes in your request.

You should always be patient to write good requests. Remember the consulting services are free here and we cannot help you unless you write in clear language following the guidelines.

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Mona wrote from Australia, "im 28 hoping you can still advise as i realy need one.

So my dating life is miserable. The last guy i met was at a bar and we talked casually he got my number and left he texted me Monday that week. il live in Sydney for work is in Melbourne. after first text we starting chatting alot and we went out on First date. we slept together but didnt have sex.

Then in next three weeks i away in US and we stayed in touch over texts. then finaly after a onth we were decided on next date, that would be on sunday aftter noon. i said i w ill confirm to him. Now what happened over texts that i day that i need your advise..here is it

Then sunday morning he messaged me if im coming, i said yes ill see u at 11.30.

he said
great come over to me place when your ready i have plenty of drinks.....

so i sent a message for fun saying ...
what im hungry....
and then i sent another message saying....

i m not just comin to ur place, i dont remember where you live, pick me up from somewhere?:)..sorry i got a little uncomfortable you telling me to come over to y our place:(
he said...

well i dont what to say...i respected you.you came to my bed before and we didnt have sex..but obviously you dont trust me..so dont worry abt it..lets meet next time...

so i replied
hmm didnt say that...so are we not catching up...i just asked you to pick me up. because i i dont know where you live...look i wanted to see you today if your not interested then its ok

So its Saturday today and its going to be a week he has not sent any message..should i message him?is he really mad that i offended him?

I realy appreciate your advise on this and that it is kept private"


You have not written this request in good language. Are you really living in Australia?

Rewrite your request in good language. Write short sentences and begin sentences by capital letters. Write short paragraphs.

This is why we delayed publishing it all this time. We only reply in details to good requests in this network.

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