How I Feel the Strong Feeling of Love?

by Pall

Eddie Duran and Loren Tate Enjoying Deep Feeling of Love at the Sunset in Hollywood Heights.

Eddie Duran and Loren Tate Enjoying Deep Feeling of Love at the Sunset in Hollywood Heights.

Pall wrote from India, "HEY… IM Pall (24 years)i meet a guy in my class …he approached me for friendship and it has been three months knowing each other.he is a year younger to me. we text each other almost everyday.he confessed that his love for me and i eventually fell in love with him.he looks smart with great physique.but he is emotional and more sentimental then me.for him his girl friend is the prospective wife.but i don't seriously feel that strong for him,he is good company to be with and he makes me smile every time.i don't wanna play with his emotions but at the same time i don't wanna end the beautiful moments i am sharing at present.before him i had three guys whom i dated but feel nothing for anyone strongly. i am confused what i should do with this guy and would i ever feel strongly for anyone?"

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That is the chemistry magnet of love you are seeking. However, take care of the following:

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As a student you should take care of your English language and write better requests. The guidelines are provided to help you write good requests in good details and good language that we and other readers could understand.

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Maggie wrote from Hong Kong, "I am so confused" and continued, "When I am dating K, E loves him so much. After a week, I dumped him. Three year passed and K never reply her. I realise how lucky I am....When E told me how he loves him now and before, my heart aches. Tears streamed down my cheeks. Is this a sign of me still loving him? I think of him everyday but take no action, do I really love him? Do he still love me? What should I do? I said I will support E, but my heart tells me to snatch him away. My mind tells me to concentrate on studies. My mouth tells me to support E and get over him as I hurt two people at one time. I feel awfully bad. I want to be with him...but studies are my top priority. I want to support E, I dun want her to hate me...but my heart says no. I want him. This is my feeling right? I told Eris not to hesitate if she loves someone and confess, but ain't I the hesitate one? I am so confused. Anyone can help me? These are all my true words".

Maggie hasn't provided any email address to get in touch and offer the consulting services. But, I read the following request at the end of the message:

Please don't publish. I just want to hear some solutions or things that I can do. I want to realise my feelings..Please don't expose anything to the public. Please and thanks!

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