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Subject Line: Is Yahoo's Web Webbing?

Biz Marketing 42

Issue No.42 Wednesday, May 04, 2005

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In This Issue of Wise Biz Marketing Newsletter:

  • Special Invitations
  • Top Wednesday Thought: ... Influence!
  • Intro/ Publisher Main Spot: Blogging Blogs in The Blogging Game!
  • Guest Coolest Corner: Is Yahoo's Web Webbing?
  • The Web Market Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-) save money or make money!
  • Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters
  • Archives: Our publications!

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Biz Marketing 42nd Top Wednesday Thought: Influence!

"You can get anything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want."

Zig Ziglar


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Biz Marketing 42nd Publisher Main Spot:


Blogging Blogs in The Blogging Game!

Wayouya, boy...

Many people think the best thing they could do is to blog it by just writing their immersions about something, or about what they do everyday in few lines and then wait for the money to drop in.

Blogger, or even Wordpress is not a cow to milk it using one finger (that is your few lines). Blogging for pleasure (if it was OK) is more than that. You just need more than bright letters and polite touches to throw over here and there.

Even bright letters and polite touches should be fertilized by something useful that eager readers who use the internet through their classic PCs, or tablets and smartphones want.

It is what they want that makes home based businesses built on narrow niches and based on demands bloom.

"Blogging" only doesn't work, but "building" works better. So, the blogging platforms that ignore the building process, which exists of original invaluable content, based on information fail dramatically.

Yes, they fail compared by the building and optimization tools that offer everything you need to build original content out of your hobbies, or experiences about something.

So, we obviously have many articles for you to read right now in Biz Marketing 42. Start with the link dpages and then get the Blogg'n Fever and how to benefit from it in two ways at the RSS Blogging Ezine and the "Guest Column".

The article in the Guest Coolest Corner is sent to you (and published) as a courtesy of the webmaster at HOA Political Scene.

I hope that you'll find the articles interesting and beneficial.


Khalid Osman

Biz Marketing 42 Newsletter Senior Editor

Biz Marketing 42nd Guest Coolest Corner:


Is Yahoo's Web Webbing?

Oh, no… is it an article or a quiz?

You may be guessing!

However, it seems interesting question to bring your attention to this development at Yahoo’s atmosphere, although the experiment is not new. What is new is what I have discovered.

I have discovered that Yahoo has come with a practical gravitation process to give strong meaning to Isaac Newton's theory of Gravitation.

How does Yahoo get that theory to make more apples or perhaps roses fall into your Internet garden?

I am addicted to some kinds of humor. Therefore, I will show you how.

Yahoo simply knows the strong impression of the fallen apple in the gravitation theory. Gravitation is all about traffic, I reckon.

Therefore, the tech staffs at My Blog Log use the gravitation theory while doing some Communities Marketing to symbolize personal circles of influence. Personal circles of influence attract traffic too.

They do this by only getting people together and then enable them to connect through different electro-web means to send smiles to each other in relevant atmosphere of work experiences.

Continue at the link above.

Notice, that according the time I published this edition, that platform Yahoo had acquired blow the net by storm. Unfortunately, Yahoo has discontinued it.

Get the updates of this website by clicking on the Yahoo button at the top of the left column and then follow the instructions at Yahoo to read it from your Yahoo.

Biz Marketing 42nd Web Market Place:


What You See, is What You Get!

The Web market place is supposed to offer many products and services including consuming items that range from beverages, food whether it is fast or not, beauty and styling products for the body and hair, models of fashions, TV movies, shows and series, music and songs and many other items.

However, such items could possibly be included from within throughout the textual content on Biz Marketing 42. Nevertheless, you can get some of them below, if you were concerned about building, or getting your offline business online.

WordPress Or SBI!

Referring you to the Publisher Main Spot, you will read in depth information that would absolutely remove your doubts about whether to blog, or build, use Wordpress, or not. Even if you want to use it, another article will show you the best ways to do that.


Perhaps, you may want to go bilingual using Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, or Spanish. There are many languages supported by all in one place tools here. The tools support Arabic, as well.

Moreover, they come up with complete set of products to start from the start, considering writing alone, or combined with photographing and producing digital and video products provide top notch content that dominate the search engines world and bring more free websites traffic, that you could monetize easily.

You can even compare these tools with any other tools you know on the internet to know some facts about all businesses online whether they are small businesses, or large scale businesses.

Compare Web Hosts

Biz Marketing 42nd Search Engines Marketing Resources:


Search engines secrets and other HITS Quarters:

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Content 2.0

It is only the content that you build and publish about your hobby, experience, or passion that drive traffic. It is not only free online business advertisement, writing and distributing free press releases to press releases platforms that make you acquire search engines top placement.

That is because, CONTENT make you understand how to improve your website presence and then move forward to improve your website presence. It is as simple as that.

SBI! Traffic Test

Read the complete set of articles at the Articles Section and the search engines section on Biz Marketing 42 below to get the best ways to feature your business and drive .

Search Engines Tutorials and Other Articles:

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Yours in Peace,,, Love and Global Prosperity


Khalid Osman

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