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Biz Marketing 56 Wednesday, 24 March, 2010

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Biz Marketing 56's Preamble

Wise Biz Marketing Newsletter is a content newsletter and it offers exclusively good information to acquire more knowledge about somethings and achieve personal success.

It talks to you about how to dig deep inside yourself to discover that treasure mine and be organized to read about things that interest you and write, if you wish, about what you already know to improve your life.

In addition, it introduces good and honest sources to people to get some of their daily important needs from them.

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How to Read Biz Marketing 56?

As you see from the table of content of the Biz Marketing 56 below, there are many columns in the WBM Newsletter. You can read the edition entirely, or scroll between the columns to read what interests you.

Make notes of any subject that matters to you and you think the information could get you authoritative background on the subject of your choice to read it first. you'll find that subject linked on Biz Marketing 56.

In This Issue of Biz Marketing 56

  • Special Invitation
  • Top Wednesday Thought: Self-trust!
  • Intro / Publisher Main Spot: What You Do If You Were Looking for Information?
  • Guest Coolest Corner: How Do You Find Authoritative Background on Any Subject?
  • Search Engines: Some Dots to Recover from the Habits of Bad Searches!  
  • The Wise Biz Marketing Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-) to improve your life!
  • Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters!

Biz Marketing 56's Special invitation

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Biz Marketing 56's Top Wednesday Thought: Self-trust

"Self-trust is the first secret of success.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson, (25 May1803 - 27 April 1882), was an American poet, philosopher and essayist.

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Biz Marketing 56's Introduction

Publisher Main Spot

What Will You Do to Find for Information with Authoritative Backgrounds on a Subject?

If you were looking for information about something, you should consider finding an authoritative source on that subject. People actually use some search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and they even use Yandex and Baidu searches, directories and other social tools to find information on the Internet.

The way people look for information on the Web surprises me. I am observing how people search on the Web, through my Traffic Center (TC) and I could see all search terms people have used to search for some information about some things and found my pages.

I see of course only the terms that found my websites on the Web on my websites traffic centre. But, I also find any term you or other searchers enter in the main three search engines to look for any information on the web. I see what you have typed in that or this search box.

So, I know many things about this topic to provide you with good hints to improve your search quality and find the authoritative sources in any subject. Not only that, but I could help you use the same methods to learn useful things to improve your life.

I have many websites on different subjects. When I look to the results in my TC, I see complete sentences and sometimes questions people have entered in the search boxes. By some measures, entering complete sentences is wrong, as this make the search terms broad.

Search engines are made only to use few terms, absolutely not more than 3 words to return good results for a certain topic. So, you should focus your searches on something.

I will tell you in seconds about some other ways to find authoritative resources on the subject you are looking for. Just let me complete this insight to consider using when you use the search engines to look for the information you need.

If you were using Google as your default search engine in your browser as a toolbar, click on the "Adjust Toolbar Options" you see on the right of the toolbar. This will open a window starting with the adjustment to Search, and you can read at the left column under that word, General, Custom Buttons, Tools, AutoFill, and Share. You can click on each of these words to adjust the way you want it to work.

However, under Search, check the box beside Suggest searches as you type. This will help you see words when you only enter the first letter in the search box on your toolbar and save your time.

You need only to enter one, two or three words about that information you were looking for. If there is a place, you wanted to get this information from it, add the name of that place.

For example if I were looking for cheap flight tickets to Australia, I could enter only few words in this sentence like, cheap flight and then the name of the city in Australia. I do not need of course to enter; I am looking for cheap flight tickets to Australia, or even cheap flight ticket to Australia. I do not need the "to", "and" and other similar terms.

People enter also questions in the search boxes. You can also minimize your question to give you accurate results. However, the word suggestion you have adjusted in Google toolbar options, can help you do your search for the information you were looking for easily when it offers you suggestions as you type. This is indeed smart techno.

However, there are also some other ways to look for authoritative sources in your area or some other places without using search engines. I captured an old article, I do not know who wrote it, about this and I publish it in the Biz Marketing 56's Guest Coolest Corner.

I checked some mistakes on it, to help you find authoritative sources on your subject. Check it out and pay me a coup of cappuccino.


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In addition, there are some dots in the Search Engines Corner to support this column. As a loyal reader to Wise Biz newsletter, I will surely enjoy helping you to do more than only reading this newsletter. You knew that already.

See the Collective Consulting Services, Online Free Consulting and Online Free Consulting Services to get more insights on this. Have pleasure.

Biz Marketing 56's Guest Coolest Corner

How to Find Authoritative Background on Any Subject?

An article, I have received long years ago included in a business package to use free for any purpose and even to sell it with other articles. However, I offer them free to my loyal readers.

When you are doing a research or looking for information on a particular subject, it is a lot like a detective checking all his possible clues. The important thing is to know who or where your sources are.

In almost all instances, your first move should be to your encyclopaedia. If you do not have an up-to-date set, there is always your public library. Most of the time, an encyclopaedia will give you at least the general facts about your subject. You may have to check other sources for more detailed information.

Thus, your next move should be to books on the subject. The subject and title sections of the card catalogue or the bound volumes of computer print outs in most public libraries will give you plenty of listings.

After you have selected a number of books for background information, check the magazines directly related to your subject, or those carrying articles on the subject. Most of the time, you will find that magazines will provide you with more up-to-date and timely information than books.

To check out information on your subject in magazines, look in the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature. Under subject and author headings, the complete collection of this guide will list articles printed in magazines since the turn of the century.

The Suggestions for Use section will instruct you on how to read the codes under each heading. If you cannot find your subject listed, think of similar subjects that might be related.

If your subject is part of a particular field of study, there may be a special index to help you. Among these special indexes, you will find Art Index, Business Periodicals Index, Consumers Index, Education Index, Humanities Index, Social Sciences Index, Biological and Agricultural Index, and Applied Sciences and Technology Index.

You will even find a Popular Periodicals Index, which lists articles that have appeared in currently popular magazines.

You will also find that most newspapers are veritable goldmines of reference material. Most of the big city newspapers have computerized indexes. Several of the special national newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal also have reference indexes.

Without a doubt, the New York Times Index is the most complete. In these newspaper indexes, subjects and people are listed alphabetically with the date, page number, and usually with the number of columns devoted to that particular story.

About all you have to do to avail yourself of this information is to stop by the newspaper office, tell them the kind of information you are looking for, and ask their help in locating it within their index.

Facts on File, is a world news digest that's found at most public libraries. This is a weekly publication that's broken down into four categories: World Affairs, U.S. Affairs, Other Nations, and Miscellaneous.

Editorials on File, is a similar service that comes out twice each month. It is a survey of newspaper editorials, which span a wide range of subjects.

Continue this article on Information Publishing Articles and read the other pages at Info Marketing Articles, Informatics Articles, Information Marketing and Information Publishing.

Biz Marketing 56's Search Engines Column

Some Dots to Recover from the Habits of Bad Searches

Those dots come, of course, to help you, if you are addicted to using the search engines to look for information.

People can search for names too. For example enter your name or my name in a search box. You will see many pages on the results that come up with the term you entered in the search box.

You will see also many people by your name and mine. If you added the location to the name, the results will appear more concrete. You may even see brands that take your name, when you search by name.

OK, this may help those who were looking for more information to build businesses about brands. However, you may discover through it whether you were there on the results pages or not.

Use the Search It tool, if you are about building a business for brands, heroes, heroines or celebrities etc… Well, you could build yourself as a brand here and I am 100% sure about it. You'll actually do that when you focus on your hobby, professional and personal experiences and things that you know.

Some more ideas?

OK, you can use that brand to make your content presell and establish your authority in something you know great deal of information about it. You should provide that information in attractive content, so people recognize you as expert or at least as somebody who knows, and then they can admire the way you write and trust you.

They only become presold this way and there is no way around it. The article about "How to Make Your Content Presell to Attract Presold Visitors" in the Biz Marketing 55 gives you more insights and the Ezine Acts Video with the video number 6 at HOAs Videos have the reading and watching enjoyment of how that process works.

The Biz Marketing 56's Web Market Place

SBI! Order Page

* The Wise Biz Marketing 56's Resources

Search engines and other HITS Quarters

You will find the complete secret to search engines and hit quarters to attract more free C T P M attracts traffic. here.

Well, here we are now at the end of our Biz Marketing 56. We hope it was interesting.

Yours in Peace,,Love and Global Prosperity

Khalid Osman

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