How To Improve Keyword Density Using Your Affiliates?

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Example of picture to demonstrate how to improve keywords density using your affiliates. Theatrical art scene from Imagining Argentina.

Example of picture to demonstrate how to improve keywords density using your affiliates. Theatrical art scene from Imagining Argentina.

This tip about how to improve keyword density using your affiliates could be helpful to many starting businesses. If you found it so, don't shy away from tweeting the comment, and sharing it with others using the small buttons on this page. Thanks.

It is about how to add relevant keywords and seeds of keywords using your affiliate programs when you build web pages and even using the automation process of your Amazon, or other available companies that offer the same automation to build automated content on your website. Of course, you have chosen your affiliates according to your theme and keyword focused content website.

Use this tip as a new way to brainstorm your (seeds of existence) using your affiliates data associated with the products you promote. Brainstorm their keywords.

I am experimenting with this and I hope you find it interesting and useful.

Get affiliates that offer their products with images. Take the images and add them in a relevant page on the sections of the pages that support your content. It is that simple.

But... before doing this, optimize the images and then add them there.


Take the HTML codes, add the keyword for that page to the src attributes and the alt attributes. You can even add your name if you thought it makes sense... and if it is (search engine-ably)

In some products you will find details of the products that come with full descriptions. Take the relevant keywords from these descriptions and add them where it is prober on the alts and the srcs.

This way, search engines find even seeds of keywords relevant to your content page and increase the chances for the pages to be at the top, according to the relevancy of the pages to the searched terms.

It does not only strengthen the keyword density, but it also makes the content strong and beautiful by images. In addition, you will get an increase on image searches.

This works better for arts, photography and traveling sites. However, it's good for all categories.

I haven't mentioned how to monetize that content, yet πŸ˜‰ Drop me a cup of espresso macchiato, if you liked it.

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