If You Are Blogging for Pleasure, Stop Right Now!

Blogging for pleasure, or fame could be good and bad at the same time. The good of it is that it puts YOU online blogging about what you do, your feelings, some news you come through, some activities you are running, or some other events and incidents in your area.

Many people actually, are blogging even pictures like the following and videos, as you see on the Ezine Acts Video and expect that they will make money from such activities. They are missing a lot of facts about blogging, whether it is for pleasure, or for real MATTERS.

This page has two main section at this central spot. The first is about blogging and whether it is right for you, or not and the second is supportive pages indexed to explain the main first section farther.

But, there are some questions here about blogging:

  • Is that all of it?
  • What are you doing it for?
  • Is that all you want from it?
  • Is it a waste of time, or not?
  • Did you make money from it?

If you were just blogging for fame, or pleasure without getting any return on investment for your time and efforts, the right thing to do is just to stop right there where you are and think once more of the benefits of blogging, so you could get the pleasure doubled in additional income for your time and efforts.

Let the Blogging for Pleasure to Your System!

The Blogging for Pleasure, site map 23 will get you through this Internet activity to do it better. I know, you need to learn the best blogging strategies rather than just blogging for pleasure, or fame. Even fame without income, is not fame anymore.

The lessons provided through the index are invaluable. Teach yourself to know the differences between building and blogging. When you do, you'll discover that it is more necessary to build first and then blog what you have already built, as part of your entire site automated system.

The way blogging becomes effective is through building. Every time you build, the site automation system should do the blogging by itself. You don't even need to blog manually.

But, what to build?

While getting involved, think of what you do while blogging using your old blogging efforts. Ask yourself, are those things you are blogging about are interesting to other people.

Then, ask yourself again, could you build those things in well tiered website that has its own automation system to blog them by its own whenever you build web pages!

This should get you to reviving your mentality and renovating your topics. You should research your topics, first. Know exactly what is on them for others to read. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What your topics are about?
  • Are your topics narrow, or broad?
  • Are they all necessary for other people?
  • How many interested people actually are there?
  • How many competitors are there already?
  • How could you win over your competitors?
  • How to write those topics to attract interested folk?
  • How to use supportive items while building a website about your favorite topics?

Based on the outcome of the answers you'll get by yourself, you'll discover that one or two of the topics have the great value of demand, but they have also great numbers of people who are already doing them online.

One way, or another while researching those topics, you'll find specific angles to handle them the perfect way you could and effectively different from the way others handle them.

You should focus on the theme, then research it again and again until you come to the core that differentiate you from the competitors and make you stand with authoritative backgrounds on your theme.

Remember that question about what to build?

Discovery would make blogging for pleasure just more than blogging for pleasure. It makes it blogging for the theme of interest that is more important to you and other people who search daily for information based on that theme.

The knowledge of such differences between building and blogging, as explained here is good enough to get you through to build more and more content while you build web pages.

The automation system would take care of the blogging for pleasure part to build automated content for your website. This what your tools (if you have the right tools) are supposed to do: build automated content.

This automated content appears at your website blog. One of the most effective methods of blogging for pleasure is to get your website to do that for you, without even having to build any blog.

To demonstrate examples of this, read the automation of this website at the Ezine Act Blog by dates and get more automation at HOA Political Scene Blog and iWatch Best TV Blog.

Most Effective Blogging for Pleasure Bar None!

You'll get the idea and know how this website updates itself automatically, every time I build web pages. This would let you know how to avoid blogging for pleasure, or use it as part of the automation system of your web business.

So, what to build is really about content based on your theme. But, it is not just only content and it is not just textual. It is original content about somethings you know great deal of information about. It should also be supported by images and videos.

Everything you should know and focus on is based on the answers of the eight questions above. Each of the questions you should ask yourself requires scientific search, research and study. Your focus should be on values and the time available for you to build a theme focused website, instead of just blogging for pleasure.

The theme should be based on either your hobby, or one of the other things that interest you. Your passion, or your professional and personal experiences have knowledge values. Think of these values to build a small business on them, or maybe some narrow niches about them.

To determine the broadness or the narrowness of your topics, you need to pick up a theme that summarize all of these topics. But, what if the topic is of different themes. You should stop here. Do a search based on your favorite topic. Research it, study it, analyze it, know its popularity and those who had it already covered on their websites.

Get beyond blogging for pleasure to discover a powerful theme out of your topics. There are mathematical facts about such theme, which provide the valuation of the theme in numbers.

You'll need tools, such as the Choose It tool to achieve this and study the numbers based on the outcome. You would decide on which theme to take, when you get 2 or more themes to the evaluation tool.

Then, you'll come through the steps needed to build such theme in content focused webpages. The process of building and optimizing and blogging is run by the tools that drive the CTPM Process. The content would be focused on ingredients in that theme, which you would write in turn on some pages.

The required process for building is called CTPM. But, what about choosing the theme itself?

The Choose It tool get you there where you can research and study the valuation of your theme and choose it just from things that interest you.

The set of pages by different headlines make the whole content of the website. And then again, every time you go through the article writing techniques provided by your website building tools and build a page, the website automation tool would blog it.

This is absolutely not blogging for pleasure. But, it makes pleasure for you and you could consider it blogging for pleasure, anyway.

Blogging for Pleasure Index!

Blogging for Pleasure, site map 23 includes the following pages:

Blogger - home-biz-trends.com/blogger.html: There are millions of blogs at Blogger and also such great numbers of blogs at WordPress. Blogger was developed by Pyra Labs, as multi user and multi micro blogging and acquired by Google in 2003. It is meant only for short blog entries, but users use it to do more than that.

WordPress is a web software in a free and an open sources blogging to manage content on PHP an MySQL with a plugin web architecture. The important question is that, are blogs really important?

Blogging for Pleasure - home-biz-trends.com/blogging-for-pleasure.html: This is the site map 23 in the Ezine Acts Network and you are reading it right now. So, nothing more, nothing less… you are still here continuing through to the other pages on the index. Thank you.

Blog It - home-biz-trends.com/blog-it.html: The ideas of blogs when they were created are to be used for discrete entries into a platform that works as a web diary. They were not even for discussions, as this is relevant to forums.

So, the values of blogs are limited. This despite the fact that bloggers nowadays shifted them to build content. But, what content? The second question is why should bloggers blog when they can build?

Ezine Act RSS Feeds Center - home-biz-trends.com/Ezine-Act-RSS-Feeds-Center.html: This is one of the articles in the technical parts of Blogging for Pleasure. Along with other Feeds and RSS articles, it shows you how the XML and RSS work together to automate your website. It is true here too, that your website building tools should have the gears needed for this job.

Ezine Acts Blog - home-biz-trends.com/ezine-acts-blog.html: To the end point at Blog It above, the Ezine Act's Blog assures you that building is better than blogging and shows you how to build and then let your website tools do the blogging.

Blogging is not your job. It is the job of your tools, please for the sake of yourself, understand this.

In addition, this is not the Ezine Act Blog. This is only a page to show you all of that I mentioned above.

Ezine Acts Feeds - home-biz-trends.com/ezine-acts-feeds.html: The page continues with the Ezine Act's RSS above to learn more about the topic and to go farther to try some services provided on the relevant pages in this category.

Ezine Acts RSS - home-biz-trends.com/ezine-acts-rss.html: RSS resources are important to learn the easy techniques and to do the job to RSS your website with some RSS platforms. You can even use some platforms to get content to your site in some RSS Feeds.

Ping and RSS - home-biz-trends.com/ping-and-rss.html: It is necessary while going through the blogging for pleasure, or for profits and doing the RSS thing of automation, to see also how the ping works.

In the old days, this was done by Ping-O-Matic and then many services followed to get bloggers engaged with them and make some money from their efforts.

Ping and RSS It - home-biz-trends.com/ping-and-rss-it.html: The page continues with the linked page above to get you more insights on the ping and RSS arena, so you could use the tech right and improve your website through it.

RSS Blogging Ezine - home-biz-trends.com/rss-blogging-ezine.html: covers the whole development of feeds, RSS, blogs etc… shows the direct meaning of such terms and advices on how to use each to improve your website presence. The page was really published during the first RSS fever on the internet, so it is old. But, the information worth reading.

Share Blogs - home-biz-trends.com/share-blogs.html: How to share blog? Why should you do that? Who else could share blogs with you? OK, before all of these questions, should you really share blogs?

* Top 7 Things Your Blog Needs To Have - home-biz-trends.com/top-7-things-your-blog-needs-to-have.html: This is a guest writer's article about some points to consider when building a blog.

Why Using a Newsreader? - home-biz-trends.com/why-using-a-newsreader.html: You may see that the article is old, as the title suggests. Maybe you don't need one now, as you could do everything you want even through your smart phones. My goodness, how fast the technology running? You'll never catch up, boy… so, don't get mad after it.

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