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Introduction: Biz Marketing 50 is one of the editions of the Wise Biz newsletters I started earlier on 2001. I published the newsletter first on another server, using another host. Then after a tragical story, I moved it here and expanded the newsletter network.

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Biz Marketing 50, Saturday, 28 Sept. 2008

"Capturing Shadow Strategies Online for Any Small Business Success"

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In This Issue of the Wise Biz Newsletter No. 50:

  • Special invitations:
  • Top Wednesday Thought: Procrastination!
  • Publisher Main Spot: Build Cells of Small Networks!
  • Humorous Interval: Did You Know How to Speak Like Ducks?
  • Guest Coolest Corner: 1- What is Bartering? 2- Taking the Friendship Love to the Second Level!
  • The Web Market Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-) save money or make money!
  • Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters
  • Archives: Our publications

Welcome to the September edition of Ezine Acts Newsletters! Find some useful information and great sources to help you develop anything that is important in your life inside this edition.

Moreover, by the way, I have some e-books downloads for you to enrich your cultural reading and encourage you to think of ways to develop your life even during hard times of economical recession.

Thank you for your continuous support and thank you again for reading Biz Marketing 50 with its updates. Here we go...

Wise Biz Marketing 50th Special invitations:

* Are you a journalist, or had you ever been?

Then join the Journalists Internet Café at HOAs Journalists Project. The political network is at the political website linked above. It's more than a Journalists' Internet Café. You can be a reporter from the area.

It's an International Gathering also, where you can develop your profession, career and passion, get new ideas, keep in touch with new people from the same profession, exchange experiences, make new friendship, develop new thoughts and innovation about The International Peace and make the Globe intact.

* Not a journalist but want to discuss or read about the Horn of Africa?

Well, join our political blogs and post comments and articles there and then send your page to your friends directly, or through FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Yahoo, Bing Google and other social media to follow your perspectives at the political network.

If you would like to post anything that has African flavor and could be useful, link to posts in Arabic at the Arabic HOA Political Scene on and the primary English version HOA Political Scene Blog on

Biz Marketing 50th Top Wednesday Thought: Procrastination!

"Procrastination is the thief of time."

Edwards Young

Edward Young (June 1681 - April 1765) was a British poet. He mentioned this expression, which becomes a proverb in 1742 in his poetry "The Complaint: Night Thoughts on Life, Death and Immortality". This expression has a relevant Arabic proverb that says, “Don’t spare today's work for tomorrow”.


Biz Marketing 50th Presents!

* Would you like to get everyday thoughts free with your café au lait, tea, soft drink or breakfast?

Visit some best and sincere intellectuals online and get the insight of your life everyday. Start with one of the most inspirational blogs in the world to discover some invaluable methods to improve your personal experiences, or the other activities you do online.

Among other values, you will get to know the best ways to use the social media, or any network online, paying attention to get more benefits without consuming your time at the social media networks for nothing.

You will also know the best methods to convert your passion, personal and professional experiences, hobby, or some things that interest you into a profession you do online.

Take also some insights to improve the way you are doing things from How to Creating Personal Happiness and then link to the other Ezine Acts inspirational articles at the Ezine Acts motivational sites map of the Ezine Act.

* Thank you "Presents" for being (Wise Biz Marketing 50) Ezine reader:

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Recommend Biz Marketing 50 to your friends and let them read and share it. Just fill the form to Forward Wise Biz 50 and you'll get your gift of love, when you did that.

Visit also the 5 Pillars to see first-hand the quality of these PDF products and download more FREE ebooks you need to make a strategic Ezine Acts home business success, while you are carrying with some partners in success. Put it into action to work for you.

Biz Marketing 50, the business and love E-Newsletter of the Ezine Act is for money saving and money making strategies and successful Internet home based business!

Biz Marketing 50th Publisher Main Spot:


Build Cells of Small Networks!

If you are a leader, just about any activity you lead in your surroundings, the information in the Biz Marketing 50 could help you improve your life and the lives of those people you know in your surroundings.

How? Create an atmosphere of attraction and influence. Yet, this is not all.

Have you ever thought about forming a group of activists to do something you all share together?

You could achieve this through building a network for friends; and if you were a student, you can build all of that online, improve your living and help them improve their lives too, while you and your friends are studying.

I know time is short and the job is hard. Therefore, the following articles in the Biz Marketing 50 will be very brief and to the point to open many business opportunities in front of you.

It is not important to depend totally on a social media like FaceBook, for example. But, it is important to seek options to let your friends be aware that they could invest good time out of their breaks to take care of their future better and achieve what they want.

The Ezine Acts Biz Marketing 50 comes full of useful sources for home based businesses owners or those people who are intended to take this boat to sail to the treasure island in this cyberspace.

Your friends are absolutely on FaceBook, ask them, why they use it. Discuss options to invest most of that time they spend on it, or in any other platform in doing something useful to build their own groups of network and enjoy more benefits.

When you find interested and like minded friends, get them into a group and make them a folder in your computer to continue with them, using some methods of persuasion.

You know of course every one of your friends has hobbies. You know also the professional careers of your friends. Well, ask every one only one question like this...

"Have you ever thought of using this hobby or profession to improve your life and have good future, even almost without doing the hard job?"

You get the idea. After getting your friends interested you can sell them combined. Don't laugh! They will love you, because you sold them to build them good future.

Here is my point, to develop this cell of network, build yourself good future and build every one in your network his or her own future. Study this source. and then use the 5 Pillar link above to get an account.

When you get the account, you'll get your link to business. Then encourage your friends to use your link to get their links to business and continue promoting to get additional income.

See how even some students did build their future right. See how other elders have retired for good. Then get cracking to promote to help every one of your friends build his or her future right even if they were students. To learn more about it and achieve that, get your Masters Courses.

With all that said and considering the article in the "Guest Coolest Corner", "What is Bartering?", you can continuously think of ways to modernize this trade by using the social media network, without having to send all of your time on it. You can even use your cells of small network to build it.

If you liked this sincere effort to help you build good future, please do like and tweet Biz Marketing 50 to Twitter using the small buttons at the top of the right column. Thanks.

Biz Marketing 50th Humorous Interval:


Did You Know How to Speak Like Ducks?

I want to hear your laugh. However, you can "quack, quack, quack" like I did here in Sweden while enjoying my time. So, you can do it for enjoyment, or to shoot your stress.

I hope the video included with the WBM edition works on your browser. If you received Biz Marketing 50 in your outlook express, there should not be a problem. If you can't see the video in the emailed copy, please read Biz Marketing 50 online here.

Biz Marketing 50th Guest Coolest Corner:


What is Bartering?

Does bartering still exist nowadays?

I do not know. Did you know?

If you knew, the following article on Biz Marketing 50 provides you with some more insights to consider, so you could succeed with it offline and support it by an online presence.

I got this article, as I think around 2001-2003. I publish it here in Biz Marketing 50 to provide more information about bartering, so it could be something valuable for you.

Bartering is not negotiating! Bartering is "trading" for a service, or for the goods, you want. In essence, bartering is simply buying or paying for goods or services using something other than money (coins or government printer paper dollars).

Thus defined, bartering has been around much longer than money as we know it today. Recent estimates indicate that at least 60 percent of companies on the New York Stock Exchange use the principles of bartering as a standard business practice.

Congressional representatives barter daily to gain support for their pet projects. U.S. aircraft manufacturers barter with foreign airlines in order to close sales on million dollar contracts.

Perhaps you have experienced at one time or another in your life a friend saying, "Okay, that's one you owe me." Basically, that is bartering.

How Do You Begin Bartering Services?

The reason bartering enjoys renewed popularity in times of tight money is simply that it is the "bottom-line" method of survival with little or no cash. In times of high interest rates, cash in anyone's pocket is indeed a very precious commodity, and bartering is even more popular.

Bartering affords booth the individual and the established business a way to hold onto cash while continuing to get needed goods and services.

In addition to saving a business borrowing costs, bartering can improve its cash flow and liquidity. For anyone trying to operate a successful business, this is vitally important, and for individual families in these times, it makes possible the saving of cash funds for those purchases where cash is necessary.

To start and successfully operate a bartering club, YOU MUST THINK IN TERMS OF A BANKER. After all, that's precisely the reason for your business - to receive and keep track of people's deposits while lending and bringing together other people wanting or needing these deposits.

So your first task is to round up depositors. As a one-man operation, you can start from your home with nothing more than your telephone and kitchen table, but until you get helpers you'll either be very small or very busy (probably both).

You can run a small display ad in your local newspaper. A good ad would include the following ideas:

New Bartering Club!

Trade your expertise and / or time for the merchandise or services you need. We have the traders ready - merchandise, specialized skills, buyers too! Call now and register.

ABCD Bartering telephone numbers here.

Continue bartering here. In addition, here are some useful bartering resources on the Biz Marketing 50, I hope they add more values to this business and provide good information to follow, so you could succeed in the bartering business.

The Biz Marketing 50th Useful Resources!

Peer-to-Peer Bartering: Swapping Amongst Self?interested Agents

Becoming a Helper

Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions

Bartering - Die Entstehung einer Sonderform wirtschaftlichen Handelns, dargestellt am Beispiel von Soft Commodities (German Edition)

Biz Marketing 50 Takes the Friendship Love to the Second Level:


Squadron of Poets Hoodedsweatshirts T-to Play Games Not Wars and support PEACE.

You know friendship love makes you happy. Getting many friends around is very important to help us all enjoy this life. At some levels, some of your friends may break off, because of many reasons. Friends always break off, when they feel that their friend is not honest, or s/he only want to use them.

Never, let a friend feels that you use him or her to improve your life without getting the favor back to them. You should also be concerned to help them in any way and work hard to make them happy.

You make them happy by the way you deal with them and by providing the good advices, sincere points of view about something and most importantly, make them feel that you could do more for them without having to expect any return on the time you invest with them.

* Gifts of Love and Friendship!

Are you a professional person?

Did you know some professional people that you could do them a favor?

So why not use the lessons you have learned from the Biz Marketing 50 to help yourself and your friends develop their professions into something useful online, either to accumulate what they do offline, or to retire earlier?

Biz Marketing 50th Web Market Place


* Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-) save money or make money!

You may find many items of your interest in the Biz Marketing 50 Market Place. If not, use the search tool at the right column to look for it elsewhere.

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* Biz Marketing 50th Resources:


Search engines and other HITS Quarters:

The Search Engines Resources include many Ezine Acts articles with the complete information about what narrow niches and large scale businesses need to succeed online. The articles takes every single element that improves websites and helps web-masters drive free website traffic, by complete explanation.

It is not necessary to be an expert in this field to work your optimization right following the simple process called CTPM, which starts by good research and study to your specific theme, choose it right and then CTPM it.

You choose your theme right from things that interest you. Then you follow the process to evaluate that theme, see its potential, competition and ways to do things your competitors cannot do, by taking that theme to define the thing you are good at doing and then write it down when you build web pages in a way that no one else can do.

The way you take that theme and write it eliminate the competition, or leave the competitors behind, as they don't have the knowledge, or the experiences you have about your theme. You improve your website presence by the uniqueness of the content you write about your theme.

It is not only the best ways to feature your business, by using free advertising, social media, free press releases, free publicity, or bulletin boards, or freebie ad magazines that you need. It is also not only knowing the link building strategies, or all the search engines secrets, or how to improve your website presence that make you good to achieve good search engines top placement.

It is eventually more than that when you study the search engines marketing from with the CTPM and know how to convert traffic into sales, as the materials included in the CTPM teaches.

Therefore, this process never stops at these points. It takes you to discover new ways you could use to make success stories like the stories of those intellectuals here.

Search Engines and Other Articles:

Free Online Business Advertisement| Guaranteed 1,000,000 Hits to Your Website| How To Improve Keyword Density Using Your Affiliates?| Link Exchange| Optimizing a Website| Search by Name| Search Tutorial| Use Yandex and Baidu Searches| Value Exchange| Websites Traffic| Yandex Search Engine|

SBI! Traffic Test

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You already know that the Ezine Act was the sister newsletter of the business newsletter in this website and since it is about politics and specifically about the Horn of Africa, I changed its name to the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter to be the voice the political website at the links at the top of Biz Marketing 50. However, there are still some editions in the archives on this website.

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As for the other publications, my daughter has the Beautiful Scene Newsletter at her website. in addition, the collection of books I publishes are at Lulu here.

Well, here we are now at the close of Biz Marketing 50. We hope it was interesting.

Yours in Peace,,, Love and Global Prosperity


Khalid Osman

Teacher, Intellectual Writer and Web-master at and Want to pick his brain? Visit the two websites.

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