Use Yandex and Baidu Searches!

There are many reasons to use Yandex and Baidu Searches, whether you were intended to look for information or you wanted your visitors to use them on your website to look for information. The users' data base is large according to the following accounts.

Use Yandex and Baidu Searches: Baidu logo.
Use Yandex and Baidu Searches: Yandex logo.

Great numbers of people use the primary search engine, Google to look for information. Google has dominated this field for a long time. But, what about now?

Google has involved in many web based development to increase its income and then came lately with its Panda, which affected many websites, and then continued to do the Penguin, which have all affected bad websites and good websites, as well.

This makes many webmasters think that Google has abandoned to some levels it's starting point as a search engine to involve in other businesses including Google Videos, YouTube, Google maps, Google Plus, etc…  

Yahoo tried bookmarks and other social media marketing, as I wrote in Communities Marketing and then dropped all of that to concentrate on what matters, by acquiring Bing.

So, more people are dropping Google everyday to use Yahoo and Bing and they find them convenient. Yahoo is great web directory and search engine and Bing grows strong now.

However, there are other search engines that many English natives have not considered until now. Maybe because they think that the two search engines use only their languages, which are Chinese and Russian.

The two (unthought of) search engines appear to be good. The first is Baidu, the Chinese search engine and the second is Yandex, the Russian search engine.

This is only anticipation in this article, as I have not studied this matter before. The users of those search engines make the largest users’ map in the world. Therefore you may consider to use Yandex and Baidu searches.

As you may know China has a population of over 1.3 billion. It makes 19.5% of the world’s population and the population growth increases significantly amongst Chinese worldwide more than it increases at home.

Many Chinese use Baidu search engine. China makes 13% of my traffic rate, although I am not using Baidu, or writing in Chinese. So, why not use Yandex and Baidu searches?

The population in the entire USSR is over 298 million. They use the Yandex search engine. Apparently high numbers of the world population use the two mentioned search engines. So, why they should not dominate the field?

I started to use the Yandex at the 3rd right column and I see good results. I have some visitors from this search engine.

The Soviets make 5-7% of my traffic rate. I wanted to use Baidu, but found that their search codes are too complicated. However, I have got few visitors from this search engine.

Those search engines could be useful and I hope to see more visitors in the future. It does not take time to experiment and use Yandex and Baidu searches.

However, consider the options you follow to monetize your websites. You may need geo-targeted ads. Google AdSense makes this snap. However, their services are now conditioned to strange standards that involve some risks to some people.

The useful lesson in this geo-map is that I for example should be using targeted geo-ads. AdSense does that sometimes, but regretfully, I began to delete it regularly until I get it completely off my websites.

I use another AdSense alternative for now and looking for other AdSense alternatives.

I almost tried most of those AdSense alternatives, but I just do not trust them. They never worked when I placed their ads in high trafficked webPages.

I get a clue on the impressions I should have, when I look at the numbers of visitors and the page views. But, when I view the impression on the ad-serving dashboard I see less impressions.

You could use Yandex and Baidu searches and then choose the ad services you most like. But, you should also see if your advertising company provides large targeted geo-ads or not.

Check and compare your traffic and impressions in your website traffic centre with those impressions you see at your AdSense or other ad-serving companies.

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