Search Tutorial to Help You Search Better!

The search tutorial will help you do your search better, whether you want to get information, or do other things to improve your life (i.e aerobics classes, a research, build web pages, college assignments, health care). Read it, watch videos and view pictures and enjoy learning some ways to do your search better.

It includes, in fact, more than one tutorial for searches. You will need these tutorials, when you use the search engines to conduct a search on the web.

While searching for information about something, including things that are important to you, such as food and medicine and things that interest you, such as books, movies, music and pictures, consider the following tips as your guide to do that search better.

You can search even for pictures, or videos about that topic.

Search Tutorial, Eddie Murphy in Trading Places
Search Tutorial, Eddie Murphy in Trading Places. For more beautiful places see my daughter's website at the 100 Beautiful Sites Blog. Get posters to make your site beautiful

Just click on the tabs of "Images", or "Videos", when you use Google search, or Yahoo search, or Bing search. To get the right images, or video for that search term, see the light blue colored block below the image above.

Read the linked term associated with it, as a search term, so you could learn from it how to use relevant and tied search terms to the information you want to look for it. Continue reading the main article about search tutorials to know more about it.

Search Tutorial focuses primary on simple terms of searches to facilitate your search, if you were just looking for information.

It is also for you if you have a small business online. It gives you good business ideas about how people use the search engines to search for information.

So, you can decide on your own keyword terms and optimize your content for free websites traffic. However, this search tutorial just goes beyond that to help you determine choosing the best domain for those terms you like to build them good content.

The first point is to summarize that thing you were looking for in few words including two, or three words.

However, you could use a search term just as a question. For example you can question your favorite search engine by entering a question, such as:

How to apply for college in Chicago?

How to make Italian ice-cream?

How to earn money monitoring stocks?

How to secure my data?

How to make money online?

How to lose weight?

How to be investor in the stock exchange?

How to find cheap air tickets?

How to Use Free Forex Signals?

Looking at the first 5 pages on the result pages, see your search terms highlighted. Check the descriptions written on each and choose the best description that gives you good answer and follow the link to read.

Search Tutorial, Eddie Murphy Dressed in African Traditional Dress
Search Tutorial, Eddie Murphy Dressed in African Traditional Dress in the Express Train in Trading Places. Get posters to make your site beautiful

If you found a description that tells you nothing more than repeating your search terms, or manipulating around, don't follow the link. Save your time and scroll to the next.

Click at least on the numbers you see at the bottom of the first result page until you reach number 5. That means 50 pages, if the first page showed ten websites.

Find the best description. The best description should convince you to follow the link. If you didn't feel it, don't touch it.

If I were looking for a thing, I know I should enter the name of that thing in the search box.

As, you know this too, you may only need to get to that term alone, but not to other synonyms, or terms associated with it. So, quote it, such as "back pain relief", or "muscle pain relief" in this case to make the result pages focus only on that term.

Take note of "back" and "muscle",  and then "pain", the relief would be obvious to search engines and you can see it suggested while typing the two words in the search box.

The results will push pages with only the relief you are looking for. See how many kinds of pain relievers are there. This is only an example to use when you decide to look for what you want and get to the result quickly.

Now, this is all you want to do, if you were a regular searcher for information. So, how you could use the search tutorial to improve your website presence, if you own a website, or how to use it to build automated content?

Search Tutorial, Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis and Denholm Elliott in Trading Places
Search Tutorial, Eddie Murphy Dressed in African Traditional Dress, Dan Aykroyd Disguised with Jamie Lee Curtis and Denholm Elliott in the Express Train in Trading Places. Get posters to make your site beautiful

This is so essential. It needs only faith, passion and determination to control something you already own. You own your knowledge. This is obvious. You also own a hobby, or a passion for something. Moreover, you own personal experiences on something.

So, why not start by that thing you know about, or you have passion for, or you enjoy as a hobby, or you have come to know it in-out through long experiences?

Take only few terms that describe that thing you knew about, experienced, used or still using as a hobby. Study these terms.

Feel the benefits they have for you and certainly for other people just like you who are interested on them. Then use Choose It to determine which term to use to build a work at home business about something many people are actually looking for it.

This is the most wonderful part of the search tutorial. The fact is that you must be patient and passionate to build successful narrow niches from the things you enjoy most.

I mentioned small business above and then narrow niches at this point of the search tutorial. So, why I am concentrating on small and narrow?

At the start, you will absolutely want to start small using a narrow niche. That is because you will be able to master it easily. In addition, that small, or narrow niche keeps you focused.

When you are focusing on that niche, you will get to build more focused content around it. More focused content builds you a solid foundation of your own.

You have chosen it using the tool I mentioned above, right?

Now, you will need to expand it around that narrow niche and keep it focused, despite that. There is not any contradiction here. You will expand using the same term. Use the Search It tool here to learn more.

The term has potential to fruit many terms that are so relevant, or close to it. But, you should have a tool here to do that. You cannot collect all the data needed for that term by yourself using only your mind.

It is really hard job and you will never achieve it without having the right tool to toll and bring you the data you need to use and guide you all the way to build it a home based business.

We call that tool Brainstormer. It begins with the Action Guide and the CTPM Process. However, the Brainstormer is only available to SBI owners. Read about SBI here.

The Wise Biz newsletter has many search tutorials in the Search Engines and Hits Quarters, which is one of the columns in the newsletter. You can view the editions of the business newsletter at Biz Marketing, Newsletters, WBM, Wise Biz Marketing and Wise Biz Newsletter.

Search Tutorial, the Express Train in Trading Places
Search Tutorial, the Express Train in Trading Places. Get posters to make your site beautiful

The search tutorial has also many insights to do any home business better and even do your business math better through some relevant pages at How to Convert Traffic Into Sales?| How To Improve Keyword Density Using Your Affiliates?| How to Improve Your Website Presence?| Link Building Strategies|

One way to use the search tutorials and do it right is to keep focusing on your topic. Your topic has good relevant search terms in quantity. Now focus on the quality of these search terms to acquire Search Engines Top Placement.

You need to be at the top for inpatient searchers to find you on few pages among the result pages. When you focused in building good content around that topic and provide good information about it in good manners, you will keep the free traffic coming to your website.

You will never need any website services to bring you free website traffic.

Why? Because you will simply use the tools I mentioned above and then keep working on optimizing a website that is search engine friendly website and build even more content using the optimization methods I mentioned here.

Search Tutorial, Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places
Search Tutorial, Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places. Get posters to make your site beautiful

In addition to the text and the image content of the search tutorial, here are more search tutorials in videos.

Enjoy watching and before you leave, please use the comments from on this page to comment, or to write more search tutorials. Use also the rating form to rate this page and receive invaluable gift of love to read and get more search tutorials. Thanks.

Google Search Tutorial!

Interview with Matt Cutts Senior Engineer, Google. Matt Cutts points out some useful and scientific search terms to make your search easy.

I found it useful and supportive to the search tutorial on this page. Please note that this page has not any intention rather than to help you search better, if you were a regular searcher and help you use it to build, or improve your internet business, if you own a business.

You deserve it, since you are here at this line. So, why not give it a shot?... And remember, don't forget about these videos. Rate them.

Google Search Tutorial on PowerPoint Presentation!

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Search Tutorial, Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places
Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places. Get posters to make your site beautiful here.

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