The Biz Marketing 65 - Intro!

The edition of the Biz Marketing 65 is just below this intro I added after some years to the business newsletter to update the list of readers and let them know the development of this network.

It may not make sense to you if you are not in the list, so skip to the main columns of the newsletter to live the sophisticated browsing experiences of this edition and to read good insights to improve your life.

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Biz Marketing 65!


Wise Biz Marketing 65! Wednesday, 26 May, 2010

The Momentum Personal Success Newsletter is all about --

"Capturing Seven Shadow Strategies Online to Benefit from the Web". Benefits gained from the Web could be anything about things you love to do.

Published and Distributed FREE Weekly By - Khalid Osman's Network Publications -- Copyright©2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Biz Marketing Sixty-fifth Marketing Video Tour! This tour helps you understand how the Web works to benefit you.

Biz Marketing 65th Preamble!

Biz Marketing Newsletter, which is also titled Wise Biz is a content newsletter focused on any potential home based business you want to build and it offers in demand good information to acquire more knowledge about something and use it as a base of a business to achieve your personal success.

It talks to you about how to dig deep inside yourself to discover that treasure mine and be organized to read about things that interest you and write, if you wish, about what you already know to improve your life. In addition, it introduces good and honest resources to people to get some of their daily important needs from them.

NO subscription requests should be made at the Wise Biz main page or on any page on this site. In stead of that bookmark the main pages of the business newsletter to read them every time you want to get some insights.

However, you could get the business manuals easily, when you Forward Wise Biz to your friends and other people in your socials.

In This Edition of Biz Marketing 65!

  • Special Invitation: Making You an Author and Helping You Publish!
  • Top Wednesday Thought: Hopes!
  • Biz Marketing 65 - Intro / Publisher Main Spot: Like to Solve Love Problems and Make Some People Happy?
  • Guest Coolest Corner: Third Part of "House and Apartment Cleaning Services"!
  • The Burning Flame of Love: Our Parents Refused our Love!
  • Search Engines: Some Dots on Searching for More Information about "House and Apartment Cleaning Services", or Love as Well!
  • The Biz Marketing 65th Web Market Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-), find love, save money and improve your life!
  • Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters: Avoid Parasite Hosting!

Biz Marketing 65th Special Invitation!

Making You an Author and Helping You Publish!

This week edition of the political newsletter, HOA Political Scene 18 is at this link, in case you are interested in politics. Why not subscribe to it?

Are you journalist, or had you ever been?

Then join the Journalists Internet Café here at the Horn of Africa's Journalists. It's more than a Journalists' Internet Café. You can be a reporter from the area.

It's an International Gathering also, where you can develop your profession, career and passion, get new ideas, keep in touch with new people from the same profession, exchange experiences, make new friendship, develop new thoughts and innovation about the International Peace and make the Globe intact.

If you are a poet from the Horn of Africa, you have a chance to join the Squadron of Poets at the HOAs Poets and help us fundraise a publishing process to publish your books through the HOAs Poets Project and the HOAs Poets' Store.

Are you in any town or city in the Horn of Africa?

Write about it and bring it to the world to know about it at Any Beautiful City. You can upload pictures from it too and take some "I Love You Gifts" of friendship from the second page, when you submit the form. Read about beautiful places in the Horn of Africa at Gondar and Kordofan.

Biz Marketing 65th Top Wednesday Thought: Hopes!

"Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor nor should life rest on a single hope."

Epictetus, (55-135 CE) was a Greek Stoic philosopher and one of those followers of Zenos' Stoicism. He was born slave in Hierapolis, Phyrgia in recent days Turkey.

Did you know more about him? Did you know where he lived most? Did you know information about any beautiful city in Greece or Turkey?

Well, you can answer the rest of the questions about locations and write about beautiful cities and places at Any Beautiful City. You can also read about beautiful locations, destinations and resorts in Greece at Aegean Sea and Olympia. Thanks.

Biz Marketing 65th Publisher Main Spot!

Like to Solve Love Problems and Make Some People Happy?

I started the Burning Flame of Love again in Biz Marketing 64, in case you have not read it yet, to warm your thoughts at the evenings and motivate you to solve some love problems. This could help some people and make them happy.

Long time ago, I started the Online Love Consulting Services and since then many people have submitted love problems, all of which you can read on pages at the website. It is more important here to mention that I provided good solutions to some of them and those love problems were over.

There are still some problems waiting to be solved. You can read those problems on the website and let us know what you think. Your input could help some people solve their love problems. Thanks for generosity.

The main emotional problems are at the following pages:

Comments| Ezine Acts Business Forums| Ezine Acts Comment C2 Entries| Ezine Acts Comments| Ezine Acts Discussion Board| Ezine Acts Forums| Ezine Acts Love Commentaries| Ezine Acts Love Entries| Ezine Acts Love Stories| Ezine Acts Sentimental StoriesLove Consulting ServicesOnline Love ConsultingOnline Love Consulting Services| Second Section of the Comments| Zines Commentaries

In addition, we have some lines in the Biz Marketing 65th Love Column below. One person has submitted this love problem and he is waiting for answers. So, before replying to him let us know what you think.

Moreover, we continued the "House and Apartment Cleaning Services" by publishing the third part of it at the Biz Marketing 65th Guest Coolest Corner.

However, there are more parts remaining, as the article is so long. It is a report in fact that helps folk establish such business. However, you can get the full report to your home library through links at the Biz Marketing 65th Guest Coolest Corner.

I appreciate your active sharing. Let us read your thoughts and comments on the issues we publish in the newsletter.

Have fun and pleasure while reading this edition of the Biz Marketing 65.

If the article falls apart of your interests, read about other things that interest you and see relevant links to your interests between the lines of the Biz Marketing 65.

That is it.

Biz Marketing 65th Guest Coolest Corner!

Third Part of "House and Apartment Cleaning Services"!

Here is the Third Part of House and Apartment Cleaning Services!

I published the first part of this article in the Biz Marketing 60 here and the second part is at the Biz Marketing 64. You need to read those editions first, then come back to continue here.

We ended on that paragraph, which says: Now take these flyers, along with a box of thumbtacks, and put them up on all the free bulletin boards you can find - grocery stores, laundromats, beauty salons, office building lounges, cafeterias, post offices, and wherever else such announcements are allowed.

Here is part three.

When a prospective customer calls, have your appointment book and a pencil handy. Be friendly and enthusiastic. Explain what you do - everything from changing the beds to vacuuming, dusting and polishing the furniture and cleaning the bathroom to the dishes and the laundry.

When they ask how much you charge, simply tell them six to ten dollars an hour, but for a firm cost quote, you will need to see the home and make a detailed estimate for them. Then without much of a pause, ask if 4:30 this afternoon would be convenient for them, or if 5:30 would be better.

You must pointedly ask if you can come to make your cost proposal at a certain time, or the decision may be put off, and you may come up with a "no sale."

Just as soon as you have an agreement on the time to make you cost proposal and marked it in your appointment book, ask for name, address and telephone number.

Jot this information down on a 3 by 5 card, along with the date and the notation: Prospective Customer. Then you file this card in a permanent card file. Save these cards, because there are literally hundreds of ways to turn this prospect file into real cash, once you have accumulated a sizeable number of names, addresses and phone numbers.

When you go to see your prospect in person, always be on time. A couple of minutes early won't hurt you, but a few minutes late will definitely be detrimental to your closing the sale. Always be well groomed. Dress as a successful business owner.

Be confident and sure of yourself; be knowledgeable about what you can do as well as understanding of the prospect's needs and wants. Do not smoke, even if invited by the prospect, and never accept a drink - even coffee - until after you have a signed contract in your briefcase.

Actually, once you have made the sale, the best thing is to shake hands with your new customer, thank him, and leave. A little small talk after the sale is appropriate, but becoming too friendly is not. You create an impression, and preserve it, by maintaining a business-like relation ship.

When you go to make your cost estimate, take along a ruled tablet such as those used by elementary school students, carbon paper, a calculator and your appointment book. Some people find it easier to work with a clipboard and ordinary blank paper with carbon. Later on, you may want to have general checklists printed up for each room in the house, with blank lines or space for special instructions.

Whatever you use, it's important to appear methodical, thorough and professional, while leading the prospect through the specifics he or she wants you to take care of: "Now, you want the carpet vacuumed and all the furniture dusted and those two end tables, the coffee table and the piano polished as well, I assume?"

Simply identify the specific room at the top of the sheet of paper, and then lead your prospect through the cleaning steps of each room, covering everything in it. Your implications of putting everything in "ready for company" shape will cause the customer to forget about the cost, and hire you to do a complete job.

Always have a carbon paper under each piece of paper you are writing on, and always look around each room one more time before leaving it; then ask the prospect if he or she can think of any special instructions you should note for that room.

Finally, when you have gone through each room in the house with the prospect, come back to the kitchen and sit down at the table. Take out your calculator and add up the time you estimate each job in each room will take to complete. Total the time for each room.

Be liberal, thinking that if you can do the carpet job in 15 minutes, it will usually take the ordinary person 30 minutes. Convert the total minutes for each room into hours and tenths of hours per room. Add the totals for each room to arrive at your total hours to clean the entire house.

Talk with your customer briefly, wondering how she can ever find the time to get everything done at home, especially when holding down a full-time job. A little bit of small talk, a quick mental evaluation of the customer's ability to pay, plus your knowledge that you can get everything done in four hours, instead of the six hours it would take most people, and you summarize by saying:

"Well, Mrs. Johnson, you've certainly got enough routine cleaning work to keep you busy all day every day of the week! I certainly don't know how you do it, but any way, we'll take this whole problem off your shoulders, save you time, and actually give you time to relax. We can do it on a regular basis, every other week for $120 per month, or the one single time for $75.

"I can well imagine how tired you are when you get home from work. If you're at all like me there are times when, faced with all this housework, you want to run away someplace and hide. Now, we'll take care of everything for you - keep the house spic and span, ready for company, allow you to forget about housecleaning chores, and for a lot less than it's costing you now in time, work, and worry.

And we guarantee that our work will more than satisfy you. So, would you like to try our cleaning service one time for $75 or do you want to save $15 a call and let us take over all these chores for you on a regular basis?"

Here you begin finding a place in your appointment book, and tell her: "Actually, I have an opening at 8:30 on Tuesday morning. We could come in every other Tuesday at 8:30, clean the whole house and have it done before you get home from work."

I'll publish the fourth part in one of the next editions. However, if you were in a hurry and want the full report, it is here at How To Start Your Own House And Apartment Cleaning Service

You may be also interested in these two items to accumulate necessary things and to enrich your knowledge about the topic: Apartment Cleaning 101: Or How To Get Your Deposit Back (Volume 1)

Outwitting Clutter: 101 Ingenious Space-Saving Tips and Ideas to Make Any House or Apartment More Livable.

You can eventually build this offline business, or any of the offline businesses at the Ezine Acts Offline Businesses a good online business, if you decided to implement the ideas in this long article at About SBI. This service gives you all the tools you need to succeed online all in one place.

Biz Marketing 65th Emotional Section!

In The Burning Flame of Love!

Our Parents Refused Our Love!

Behanu wrote from Sharjah, UAE saying that she loves a nice person from her nationality. However, when they told their parents they refused to marry them although the boy has both good job and nice salary.

Her parents dragged her to Dubai to prevent her from meeting him, while her lover is in India. She wanted to contact him and she says she will die without him. However, she was very brief while writing her problem and she did not provide more details that could help us help her.

I sent her some emails to answer some questions and submit more details that could help. So, what do you think of such love problem? This kind of love problem happens always in India.

Read the problem at Our Parents Refused Our Proposal and share your thoughts about it. Thanks.

Watch some Love stories in videos and hear love music to warm your evenings at

Biz Marketing 65 - Search Engines Tips to Search!

Some Dots on Searching for More Information about "House and Apartment Cleaning Services", or Love as Well!

The following tips could be helpful while searching using the terms "House and Apartment Cleaning Services" and "Love" to explore more information about the topics.

As for "House and Apartment Cleaning Services", you can devoid the search term into two parts and then use quotation to get accurate results.

As always, when you type the first letters in your search terms, notice the search box and you will see that the search engines tries to complete words for you... of course if you elected to have this feature enabled in the search engines you use.

Try experimenting with the search tool at the right column of Biz Marketing 65. The best results will always appear in the first five pages.

Use this search it tool to look for love too. The best results will also appear either on the top or at the right of the first result pages. You can stop wasting time on all of that and find love here.

Biz Marketing 65th Web Market Place!

Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-), find love, save money and improve your life!

I'll publish the fourth part in one of the next editions. However, if you were in a hurry and want the full report, it is here at How To Start Your Own House And Apartment Cleaning Service?

You may be also interested in these two items to accumulate necessary things and to enrich your knowledge about the topic: Apartment Cleaning 101: Or How To Get Your Deposit Back (Volume 1)

Outwitting Clutter: 101 Ingenious Space-Saving Tips and Ideas to Make Any House or Apartment More Livable.

You can eventually build this offline business a good online business, if you decided to implement the ideas in this long article at About SBI. This service gives you all the tools you need to succeed online all in one place, as you see through the Biz Marketing 65 and the other editions of the newsletter.

Biz Marketing 65th Marketing Resources!

Search engines and other HITS Quarters: Avoid Parasite Hosting!

You may find the complete secret to search engines and hit quarters to attract more free traffic here on Biz Marketing 65. This is alone will solve your traffic problem and help you avoid parasite hosting.

However, here is a tip on how to avoid unnecessary work if you are small business owner who looks for free traffic.

If you have a thought of having a parasite hosting to drive websites traffic, think again. Search engines become cleverer to know this new trick.

Do not ever create pages using such kind of hosting to fill them with keywords to drive traffic to your website. That will never work especially with a search engine like Google. You will get penalty and be out of the game.

If you still wonder about parasite hosting, just know it is a kind of setting up a website on some servers owned by some hosts because they are rank well in the search engines. Some people call parasite hosting black hat technique.

Instead of doing that, you must think of your niche. Your niche is your special knowledge about something that you want to build it a website.

Studies say that through ten-day process you can build this niche and make it solid to go on a website. Prepare before you leap and fall. A good method that sets you up to run correctly in whatever direction you wanted is at the AG both in text and in videos.

See the resources on the Biz Marketing 65 below.

SBI! Proof

SBI! Tools


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Well, here we are now at the closure of our Biz Marketing 65. We hope it was interesting.

Yours in Peace,,Love and Global Prosperity


Khalid Osman

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