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There are some proven methods to attract websites traffic. The essential steps to attract free traffic to your websites are at this link, as this page is a continuation to the article at the linked page.

The article includes original keyword focused content, search engines optimization, websites updates, compelling headlines, descriptions and titles, RSS, comments and videos. So, please read the first original article first and then continue here.

Pictures increase websites traffic. Tag: Shemar Moore, Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds.

30 + Websites Traffic Hints!

≠ Pictures drive traffic. They did drive traffic, even before the lunch of You need only to optimize your pictures using some methods through the ALTS and description of your images. This is part of optimizing a website.

Your website should have something to do with pictures, such as caricatures, other arts, photography, travel, cartoons, cinema, or freelance photography, though. If you ran out of pictures, get pictures for your website.

Newsletters have proven methods to attract more visitors, build loyalty and let you enjoy direct contact with your list through your websites mailing system. They continuously drive traffic to your websites.

So, learn to get it right following this advice. Do not send complete newsletters through the mailing system you have. Send notifications, instead, telling your list that you have published the new edition of the newsletter at this link, for example (Biz Marketing 36).

You can use two methods here. Send notifications to read the new editions of the newsletters. Send some calls to take action, or to respond to some offers, with some educational lines about your theme.

(That is the theme they are interested in and they have subscribed to read more about it. So, it is the theme of your website).

Search engines index newsletters. It is good idea to add one more keyword to the name of the newsletter, in every edition, so as not to appear such as duplicate content. You can even add numbers, or alphabets to the editions.


See Biz Marketing 50, Biz Marketing 65, Biz Marketing 69, Ezine Act 50, Ezine Act 61, Wise Biz 70 and Wise Biz 74.

Good Voice Messages drive visitors to take action, or move to the next page. They build a kind of credibility combined with the authoritative voice of the publisher.

Search engines do not look at voice messages, but at the well-optimized content of the page, of course.

Despite this, when visitors arrive at that page, good voice messages could drive them to other pages to increase the overall websites traffic you get.

You can focus on relevant keyword focused messages on that part of the page where you have inserted the player on it.

Contests, Polls, Prizes and Sweepstakes on well-optimized pages prove to drive websites traffic. They engage visitors in the pages and give it more page views. They also encourage the visitors of your websites to take action and drive them to other relevant pages to maintain the traffic of the entire websites.

Free Courses and Personal Improvement Seminars on well-optimized pages drive websites traffic. They get your visitors engaged and became loyal. They may connect to you more and keep coming often.

You build direct contact with them through your websites messaging system. The messaging system should be essential part of your websites services provided by your website building tools. This is a must have system.

Links to Useful Relevant Resources (BUT NOT COMPETING) increase your websites traffic. However, avoid your competitors and link to sources that support your content and provide you with a clue to add relevant keywords, or seeds of keywords to your pages, where you included the resources.

You can even use those useful resources as monetization module for your websites. See How to Improve Keyword Density Using Your Affiliates.

Content Added by Guest Writers increase the frequency of your websites traffic. You can start by getting some of your friends to add content as guest writers. The content C.02 I mentioned at the first page will get you started with this step.

Most importantly, this method add more keyword focused content and build new pages. The guest writers add values to your websites and increase your credibility and authority in your topic.

Use the Content C2 Entries System parallel to this step to encourage your visitors and website's fans to comment on posts of their interests. Then tell them to forward and share the pages they have built. However, you absolutely need the C.02 System linked to it above.

Websites Reviews make your content solid, build new pages and prove your authoritative character. Factors are that they increase websites traffic and encourage your visitors to trust you and then interact with you, driving even more websites traffic.

Host Some Relevant Trade Shows on your websites to increase your websites traffic. Those managers of the trade shows would give you more off site exposure. This method works as on site factor and off site factor too.

Social Networking drive websites traffic. You should have at least few social media services, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Plurks Timeline Friends and Stumbleupon to boost your websites traffic.

However, increasingly invested time on those social networks may prevent you from adding more content and concentrating on your websites. So, be moderate at this level.

Communities Online, such as art, economical, literary and social forums, including even Business Forums increase websites traffic. So, choose the best that have some things that interest you.

So, participate in some communities and Discussion Boards, post good comments, interact with other fellows, offer your help providing your knowledge about something and build credibility and authoritative background. Read Communities Marketing here.

Communities Offline drive targeted traffic to your websites. You connect with people in your area, chat with them and enjoy good times with them. They visit your websites when you tell them about them directly through the word of mouth, or by distributing your business cards.

Keep them engaged and encourage them to forward your websites to their friends through a webpage on your website. They will do you many favors when you get close and befriend them.

Spreading the Buzz through communities and other methods increase your websites traffic. Your messages get clear and your voice gets to many people around you or even in some other places you visit frequently.

Personal Cards, Personal Sport Scorecards and Discount Cards could also bring you some traffic. You can distribute your cards using the two methods above. Leave them in every public place you visit and send them to your friends in many areas in this world. You can even offer incentives to encourage them to distribute your cards.

Videos Increase Traffic. I mentioned videos on your websites at the first page. But here, you should use video platforms, such as YouTube to upload your videos, write relevant keyword focused titles and include relevant keywords on the descriptions along with the URLs of your websites.

Articles Directories could also drive traffic to your websites. However, I always wonder when some people build content on other websites, instead of publishing this content on their websites. Articles are the main source of the optimization of the website.

I have seen many articles directories that had used my articles extensively to bring traffic to their websites and just few websites traffic to the my website.

Directories could also attract websites traffic, if you succeeded o index your business there. Search for the best directories using the search tool at the right column to submit your websites to them.

Some directories have editors to check your submission and you may wait for long before you get your websites included in their indexes.

However, you will find some platforms for free press releases at end of this article and the link included here below.

Free Press Releases are proven to bring websites traffic too. Write or hire some writers to write press releases for you to submit to good press releases directories. This is important gear of the Free Publicity you should get to drive websites traffic.

Search for those directories through the search tool at the right column, or look somewhere on this page. Type "free press release" in the search tool.

≠ Free Radio Advertising increase the chances to get free traffic to your website. Get to it through people you know and trust in the media. You can either do it as is, or encourage them to conduct interviews with you and then you can point to your website. It is one of the methods of free website traffic you should use.

≠ Bulletin Boards could also be one the boards you may use to get free websites traffic. Free advertising opportunities are found on these boards and on other messages boards you may use to get traffic.

≠ Freebie Ad Magazines also get you traffic, somehow, when you get advertising on those magazines, or some ad sheets on magazines you know in your area. However, you can make your ad sheets yourself, if you were a good designer and use classified ads too.

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