safari, apple internet browser

safari, apple internet browser

Safari proves to be bad internet browser, continuously. This is very interesting sad story about the incapability of Safari.

It happens every time while I have two pages on two tabs with working links that open onto fast websites, I know. Even in one browser window, Safari doesn't work as expected.

The website I have chosen to open on the 3rd tab didn't load and instead of that Safari displayed the page with the message that states "I am not connected to the internet".

When I click on help and enter some searches with the question, why Safari doesn't open webpages, and then select all help concerning Safari, I receive this message:

The Selected topic is currently unavailable. Make sure you're connected to the Internet. For help connecting, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Network, and click "Assist me."

If you're connected to the Internet, and the content still doesn’t appear, try again later.

What a silly help and a silly suggestion?

That is the only solution a big company like Apple, which sells very expensive products have to solve the incapability of their products.

I know of course my connection in-out and I can move from the site on the first tab to another page on that site. However, the page as I "always expect" loads slowly, although the site is very fast.

I have another mini laptop I use for this purpose.

That laptop is 120 dollars in value and it is cheaper than the new Mac. It works fast since 4 years and it has never stopped. Microsoft browser works as a rocket.

Safari also doesn't display images at once, even when those images are small and there is nothing wrong with the Flash player on my system.

Sometimes the image takes 100 years to load on a page, that I know is very fast and it loads in seconds with all its images on other internet browsers such as FireFox and Microsoft IE, even while using the old IE7. It has never loaded images on Twitter and sometimes on Pinterest.

All of this could indicate that, if it was not Apple, then local companies selling Apple products as new products sell in fact second hand products, or something. I couldn't understand and of course accept all of these problems happen in a new Mac OS X Lion and that Mac is the expensive one Apple sells.

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