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Wise Biz 70! Wednesday, 7 July, 2010

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* Wise Biz 70's Top Wednesday Thought: Manhood!

* Wise Biz 70's Intro / Publisher Main Spot: What to Do, If You Faced Economical Shortages?

* Wise Biz 70's Guest Coolest Corner: Help People in Your Area Not to Be Self-Centred!

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Wise Biz 70's Preamble:

Wise Biz Marketing 70 Newsletter (WBM) is a content newsletter and it offers in demand good information to acquire more knowledge about something and achieve personal success.

It talks to you about how to dig deep inside yourself to discover that treasure mine and be organized to read about things that interest you and write, if you wish, about what you already know to improve your life. In addition, it introduces good and honest sources to people to get some of their daily important needs from them.

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* Wise Biz 70's Top Wednesday Thought: Manhood!

"Work is not man's punishment. It is his reward and his strength and his pleasure."

George Sand Dressed as a Man in Wise Biz 70
George Sand, (1 July 1804 - 8 June 1876). Known by the pseudonym George Sand, she was a notable woman-novelist and one of the accomplished 19th century French novelists. She was born and given the name Amandine Lucile Aurore Dupin, then Baronne Dudevant.

She lived a Bohemian life from which she enriched the French literature and the world literature by her works. Did you know more about George Sand? Did you know where she lived most? Did you know information about her town or about any beautiful city in France?

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* Wise Biz 70's Introduction:

Publisher Main Spot:


What to Do, If You Faced Economical Shortages?


Thanks to those friends who sent me replies to the Business Questionnaire I told you about last week. If you have not answered that questionnaire yet, please do this simple job at the link above. Many thanks.

There is an article in the Wise Biz 70's Guest Coolest Corner I wrote for the Wise Biz 70. The article is intended to enlighten you about that why you might not consider calls to become a millionaire even if they were realistic.

We live in hard recession period that made many problems not only to some big economies in the world, but also to many people as well.

While becoming a millionaire is a dream to some people who try even to play lotto to win those promised millions of dollars, it is necessary to bring attention to reality and advise people not to depend on chances that may not fruit anything and save their money.

I for example play lotto and manage not to spend much money on it and I do not expect to win a million dollars.

In the other hand, it is always better, when we face somewhat difficult situations that we cannot economize something, it is always better to think for practical methods to reach the goal of solving such situations.

The first thing I could imagine is to check the monthly expenses of my household, make a list and then drop everything that is not necessary.

The second thing I should consider is to look inside my house and see if I have some unnecessary equipments I could manage to make them a garage sale in my yard. Check the article I published in Biz Marketing 59 here. Or perhaps you could open auto tune-up shop in your yard, as explained in Biz Marketing 61 here. Hey, the Wise Biz Newsletter is useful resource.

The third thing to do is that I could look forward for a working power inside my house and see if my children could do something in the weekends or in their school vacations.

I will not consider lending resources to have any kind of debts. This is very dangerous and it raises monthly values to complicate the economical situation I am living.

There are many things to do. I could take a good time calming down to bring them into my mind and then think of how to arrange them according to priorities.

I hope the article in the Guest Coolest Corner helps you avoid being self-centred person and help others in your surrounding out of such tight corner.

That is it for this column in Wise Biz 70.


* Wise Biz 70's Guest Coolest Corner:


If You Wanted to Become a Millionaire,...

By: Khalid Osman


This article is in fact about why you need to:

Help People in Your Area Avoid Being Self-Centred!

When Brain Tracy asked me,"Will you become a millionaire?" I never thought about it even for a while. I just replied "No, I have no such dream. My only dream is to help my people in the Horn of Africa see the lights through the narrow tunnel and find ways to better their lives." I in fact replied to him in this article you're reading now in Wise Biz 70.

However, although becoming a millionaire is not my intention as proved to be since I have been in good position in the wealthiest lands in this world, wealthier even than America; and I have not dreamt of becoming that millionaire, because simply I do not want to be.

This is a good lesson in my life to continue giving myself to the people. I feel I am obliged to do so by my profession as journalist and activist working in different fields, building environmental networks and human rights network for people.

This is my lifetime mission and although I consider myself a leader, I do not want to be a president. I am satisfied with my job and my mission in this life.

Why I am telling you this?

First, you are my friend and second, when somebody concentrates on becoming a millionaire, he will actually forget anything about those who suffer from different hard living circumstances. He may even exploit some of them to build wealth for himself.

I took from those intellectuals like Tracy and others, what I need to achieve my goals concerning what I stated before, but not to be a millionaire. Some of their methods are good to self-improvement, mental diets, self-ideal, effective leadership and so on.

However, they think the way capitalism thinks. We knew already what capitalism means!

Therefore, I take advantages of noble (achievement) and ignore such scheme about building oneself wealth. I want to build wealth for the states, but not for individuals. When the state became rich by human, natural and economical resources, the people get enough jobs, good free health care, good free education and good care on retirement.

There is a story here. Even when I sometimes play lotto, I think of those needy people in my continent and somewhere else who really want this money.

That is the only difference in the target itself.

I am telling you this simply because I care to bring your attention to help self-centred persons know this is a weakness and ignore them, if they came to know it and they do not care. When you help, you will in fact help other people they get in touch with them too.

The more you become helper, the more you become near the people in your surroundings, share good healthy relations and live happy.

However, you can see if becoming a millionaire is true or not through "The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires" and the "Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income"


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Well, here we are now at the close of our Wise Biz 70. We hope it was interesting.

Yours in Peace,,, Love and Global Prosperity

Khalid Osman

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