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Biz Marketing 61 - Preamble

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The Biz Marketing Newsletter talks to you about how to dig deep inside yourself to discover that treasure mine and be organized to read about things that interest you and write, if you wish, about what you already know to improve your life.

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In This Issue of Biz Marketing 61

  • Biz Marketing 61 - Special Invitation.
  • Biz Marketing 61 - Top Wednesday Thought: Perseverance!
  • Biz Marketing 61 - Intro / Publisher Main Spot: Why Reading Some New Ideas Is Always Useful?
  • Biz Marketing 61 - Guest Coolest Corner: How Do You Start Your Own Auto Tune-up Shop?
  • Biz Marketing 61 - Search Engines: Some Dots on Searching for More Information about Auto Tune-up Shop!
  • The Biz Marketing 61 - Web Market Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-), to save money or to improve your life!
  • Biz Marketing 61 - Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters.

Biz Marketing 61 Special invitation

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Biz Marketing 61st Top Wednesday Thought: Perseverance!

"In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm. In the real world all rests on perseverance."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, (August 28, 1749 - March 22, 1832) was born in Frankfurt, Germany to a middle-class family. He was German author, poet and playwright.

If you knew more information about Goethe or his works you can publish it through any form on the political website linked above. Thanks.

Here is a German version about him - Aus meinem Leben: Dichtung und Wahrheit (German Edition).

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Biz Marketing 61st Introduction

Publisher Main Spot

Why Reading Some New Ideas Is Always Useful?

Life development depends on ideas. Just look to Walt Disney's world! Disney has built that entire fantastic world from simple ideas. It is much about cleverness and creativity.

Therefore, the question in the headline of this column is obvious, as it blows towards achieving that new idea. That is the purpose, and it will always be the purpose of Biz Marketing 61 Newsletter.

The new idea in today's edition of Biz Marketing 61 is about auto tune-up shops. The article in the Guest coolest Corner is about how to open one.

Is the term "auto tune-up shop" new to you?

If so, the article on the Guest Coolest Corner will satisfy your knowledge about it.

If not, the same article, "how to start your own auto tune-up shop" may help you get more ideas to operate one. Of course, if you needed to do so.

In addition, if the topic is interesting, you can do a search on it using the Search Engines' Section of the Biz Marketing 61 and the search tool at the right column.

If the article falls apart of your interests, get your interests from the resources section of Biz Marketing 61.

That is it.

Have a good reading in this edition of Biz Marketing 61.

Biz Marketing 61st Guest Coolest Corner

How Do You Start Your Own Auto Tune-up Shop?

If you were looking for a job, this article may help you start one from your garage.

This business idea is one of those recession-proof opportunities that can put you on "easy street." When the economy heats up and inflation increases the cost of living, people become "do-it-yourself" conscious, looking for ways to save money.

Whenever the economy falters, people again are searching for methods of saving money and making what they already own last longer.

The marketing principles outlined within this report emphasize the money-making potential of an independent auto tune-up shop in any part of the country. One of the secrets of success in this business is the specialization. No longer do auto owners expect their neighborhood service station to keep their cars tuned-up and running smoothly.

There are several reasons for the demise of the local "do-it-all" auto mechanic: First, there are very few auto mechanics running service stations anymore. A good journeyman auto mechanic can earn much more, without the responsibility, by hiring out to big-time auto dealerships.

Most service stations today are simply gas and tire selling outlets operated by the major oil companies who advise you to take your mechanical problems elsewhere for repair. When you do find one with a mechanic on duty, the prices are such that only the very rich can afford them.

There's also the problem of unethical operators. Although many state legislatures have enacted licensing and consumer protection safety measures, the rip-offs continue. The crux of the problem is that most auto owners do not realize they've been taken until after the fact, and then it's too late.

After being taken once or twice, many consumers turn to "do-it-yourself" auto repair until they run into the technology and advanced electronics of the ignition system on today's cars. That's when they'll be needing your help.

It really doesn't take any special education or training to set up an independent auto tune-up shop. Any automotive repair experience you may have will help, but a simple knowledge of basic tune-up procedures is all that's really necessary.

In fact, the important prerequisites will be a strong business sense and an old-fashioned "down-home" ability to get along with people.

Remember this fact: In starting and operating this business, it's not mandatory that you be a qualified auto mechanic; but your success will depend upon your ability to "serve others," and upon having a genuine desire and ability to do a good job.

This means remembering faces and names; addressing customers by first names as you get to know them; and listening to them; interacting with their problems achievements. The best way to explain the kind of "people empathy" you need for success in any kind of service business is to think of all your customers as close friends.

You can start this business in your garage - and even on a part-time basis. Run an ad in your local paper:

QUICK IN & OUT AUTO TUNE-UPS - - Low cost, guaranteed -- We pick up and deliver -- Call (Your Name, or Business Name) at (Your Phone)

Place a similar ad or notice on all the bulletin boards in your area. To drum up business and get the ball rolling, you could even elicit customers via telephone. Simply start calling people out of the phone book.

Tell them that your shop is offering a change-of-season special on auto tune-ups - in and out in less than an hour for $5, plus parts, which usually run less than $10, and then ask them if they'd like for you to pick up and deliver their car this afternoon or evening.

Another way of managing, building, and promoting your business is via the service stations and auto parts stores in your area. Have posters or signs painted, advertising your "quick in-and-out" tune-up service.

Take them around to all the service stations that don't handle auto repairs, and to the auto parts stores, and ask them to put your signs in their windows.

The next thing would be to hand out your business cards wherever you go and to everybody you meet. Give a handful to your friends, and ask them to write their name on the back of the cards and hand them out for you.

You could promise them a dollar or two for every customer who brings in a card with their name on it. You'll be quite pleasantly surprised at how fast your business will grow when you take advantage of these promotional methods.

Still another idea is to have advertising circulars made up. Pay some junior high school students to hand them out at busy shopping centers on weekends, especially after the first cold snap or hot spell of the year.

If you live in a large metropolitan area, leave off stacks at your downtown parking lots and get the lot attendants to hand them out as the people pay their parking fees.

You should be able to trade tune-up work for free radio advertising, especially after or during any change in the weather. This kind of advertising should work very well for you, so plan on it and use it at those times when people are most likely to be thinking about a tune-up.

For advertising insights see the Bulletin Boards, Classified Ads, Ezine Acts Advertising, Ezine Acts Business Publicity, Free Publicity and Free Online Business Advertisement.

You can set this business up very simply and operate it according to the sophisticated time-saving methods of the highly capitalized franchised operations.

This means an electronic check of the ignition system and scientific diagnosis of the engine. Check with the auto parts and tools distributors in your area. They should be able to steer you the national manufacturers or suppliers of the equipment you need.

Here's how to buy the equipment: Decide upon a supplier explain your business plan to him, as explained at the Ezine Acts Business Plan and the relevant business pages. Tell him you want to finance the cost of the equipment through your local bank with him as your co-signer.

Get the bank to draw up the papers, make a layout of your shop and equipment with the help of your supplier, and that's all there is to it.

For more insights on financing a business, see Advance Paycheck| Auto LoansBusiness Financing| Business Financing Service| Cash Advance| Credit and Debt Counseling Service| Debt Consolidation| Ezine Acts Business Financing.

After you've electronically checked the ignition, the next step in your quick tune-up procedure is to replace all parts that aren't operating properly. This usually means points, condenser and plugs.

In some cases, this may include a new rotor, distributor cap, fuel filter, air cleaner and maybe spark plug wires. Be hesitant to suggest extras beyond the basics until your business is established.

Spray some chemical cleaning fluid into and on the carburetor, start the engine, set the timing, make any necessary adjustments - and the job is complete. You charge the customer about $10 for parts, (or according to your cost) plus $5 for labor, and you should be on your way to a good income.

As you become established, and as your customers gain confidence in your work, you'll be able to suggest and sell them such things as new batteries, battery cables, starters, voltage regulators, alternators and sometimes even generators - when these parts are not working properly and need replacement.

It's important that you don't sell, or even allow your customers to buy parts from you that are not really needed for continued trouble-free operation of their vehicles.

Another thing: when you do replace a major piece of equipment on a customer's auto, always schedule the replacement work for a time when you're not handling regular in-and-out tune-up customers. In other words, you might schedule the replacement of a generator for Monday, after advising the customer of the need on Friday.

Suggest that he leave the car with you all day, and pick it up on his way home from work. Or he could stop by on his way to work, and you take him to work, replacing the generator during the day, and pick him up after work.

The charge for replacing major engine components such as suggested should be $10 plus the cost of the replacement part. It's also very important that whenever you contract to do this kind of work, you have the work done and the car ready for your customer at the time you promise him it'll be ready.

No one likes to wait around for the completion of work that was promised to be done at a specific time. By completing the work on time, and having your customer's car properly serviced as promised, you'll build more long-term loyalty than any fancy advertising, "come-on" gimmicks or rock-bottom prices ever offered.

So the thing to do as you organize your business is to establish accounts - sources of wholesale priced parts - with the major auto parts distributors in your area.

You'll want to maintain a general supply of new parts on hand, and not have to worry about paying for them for at least 30 days. In other words, you'll need a cash-flow system that works to your ad vantage.

Your profit will come from developing a standard routine that allows you to move at least four cars through your shop every hour. Some automotive purists may argue that you're only providing a "pep-up" instead of a tune-up, but let them beat their gums. Give each car the same procedure: an electronic check, new points and condenser, then an engine diagnosis, and collect your fee.

Talk with your customers. Get to know them and allow them to get to know you. Then when your engine diagnosis indicates a valve job or a new carburetor you can recommend it to them and they'll trust your judgment.

Continue the rest of the article at Here is also some useful resources to get more knowledge and start your own auto tune-up shop correct:

How To Start Your Own Auto Tune-Up Shop

You may be also interested in these items to accumulate necessary things and to enrich your knowledge about the topic: Micro Machines Distributor Cap Tune-Up Shop Playset

New Fix-It-Yourself Manual: How to Repair, Clean, and Maintain Anything and Everything In and Around Your Home

2004 Town Car Workshop Manual (Paper)

Fun To Know Car Care Tips

How to Diagnose and Repair Automotive Electrical Systems (Motorbooks Workshop).

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Biz Marketing 61st Search Engines Section

Some Dots on Searching for More Information about Auto Tune-up Shop!

The following tips could be helpful while searching using the term "auto tune-up" and to explore more information about auto tune-up shops.

You may add "shops" plus your location to any term to help you find services in your area to learn from them how to do it.

This will give you more information about other searches users have entered in Google search boxes to find information about auto tune-up shops.

When you start typing inside the search box "auto tune-up" and even before completing the term, Google will suggest many keywords and you will find many "auto tune-up" terms that you may not be interested on them, of course until you complete typing the full term.

Here you can read suggestions by Google such as, auto tune-up cost, auto tune-up checklist, auto tune-ups, auto tune-up coupons, auto tune-up services, auto tune-up instructions, auto tune-up parts, auto tune-up prices and even auto tune-up san diego.

This will give you an idea also about the popularity of such term and the people who used it to search the web.

Hey, this could be a good start to small web business if you knew about any auto tune-up business. I guarantee its bloom if you built it as explained in the Action Guide here.

However, that is not the purpose of this column.

Now you can add to the term "auto tune-up" your location or the near locations to you to see and read more. Before you enter that and when you just make the space after "up" to type, Google will open the small window in which you can read among the other terms, auto tune-up shops.

You will find on the result page more than 44,800,000 pages about that term. Of course, not all of them are accurate. However, you can look for more concrete information through the first links at the top of the result page and at the right of it. Use the search on the right column and see if it does this in the new page.

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The Wise Biz Marketing 61st Web Market Place

Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-), to save money or to improve your life!

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The Biz Marketing 61st Marketing Resources

Search Engines and Other HITS Quarters!

You'll certainly find on this column of Biz Marketing 61 the complete Search Engines Secrets, along with the best Search Engines Marketing methods and hit quarters to attract more free website traffic to your business website and monetize the volume of the free traffic you get.

If this is about building a focused home business, then you should have all the building, automating, optimizing and monetizing tools included in one place, not only to do all of that for you, but to help you learn proven methods and guide you step by step to succeed.

As you may already knew some of the tools, take them to compare with this resource and then read the results of good presence here. In addition, we have so many articles about websites traffic and search engines in the following pages...

Ezine Acts Link Building StrategiesEzine Acts Optimization| Ezine Acts Traffic Converter| Ezine Media AdvertisingFree Press ReleasesHobby| How to Convert Traffic Into Sales?| How To Improve Keyword Density Using Your Affiliates?| How to Improve Your Website Presence?| Improve Your Website Presence| Narrow Niches| Optimizing a Website| Search Engines Top Placement| Search Tutorial|

Well, here we are now at the closure of our Biz Marketing 61. We hope it was interesting.

Yours in Peace,,Love and Global Prosperity

Sincerely Khalid Osman

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