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Free press releases are proven to be effective in many ways to let readers take actions replying to some calls included in those press releases.

A press release is a news release in nature. It is also called media release or media statement. You can write it or record it and distribute it to your media sources. You do not need to publish it on your website.

Instead of that write full articles about that topic and then write news briefing to use on other press release platforms to attract traffic to the main articles, or to your website in general. You should start with free press releases first and experiment with them.

You also do not need to write more than 500 word count press release. One of the most important values of the press release is that it generates publicity very quickly. But, it needs urgent matters or important things that other people tend to search for, or love to read.

You write it about news or events or even some new products and services. You can write a press release every time you publish a book, or release a service or a product to let other people know about your achievements. You should search here for free press releases to distribute your press release free.

When you first start it, you will see mid-range publicity immediately. You can achieve wide-range publicity when you continue to publish your press release on many sources that offer free press releases. However, you may need to consider paid press releases services. I included many services that offer free press releases here.

This page started actually at Free Traffic and Websites Traffic to explain how the press releases generate free traffic to your website, if you have a website.

There are methods when writing a press release to implement regarding the layout of the press release and the content of the press release. There is also basic information you need to concentrate on it to identify and feature the topic of the press release.

In all kinds of press releases about products and services, you should begin with the press release title as PRESS RELEASE in bold like this. Then start with your contact information, or the contact information of the authoritative producers and publishers of that product and that service.

There should be also a second title beneath the first header and at the top of the press release to make it flow from that point you ended the information needed about the producer or the publisher.

All the titles in any press release or article should begin with bold letters. Follow that by compelling first paragraph in every press release. The first paragraph should be written in clear language and you should think of it wisely to attract the reader’s attention.

Then include in the following few paragraphs some information about the product or service and some of other important information about the necessity of this product or service. Every thing here should be brief and direct to the point.

No much details needed. Just explain why the product or the service is important and what it does for others. All the paragraphs should be short. Include in the middle paragraphs your intention and go direct to the point to encourage readers take action.

Give them reasons that should get the product or service. End the last paragraph by information about the producer or the publisher and direct the readers to the source from which they can get the product or the service.

You should also make the readers wanting to click to a website where they can read more information or more features to that product or service. At the very end of the press release make the press release closure by some signs.


Please, if you intended to use any of the following press releases, investigate and make sure that they are good for you before taking any action. WE ARE NOT LIABLE for any damages encountered there or anything disturbing.

Looking for Great Free Press Releases?

Reading about press releases could make your knowledge to press releases solid. So, here are the press releases resources.

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# More methods to write good press releases are at The Public Relations Writer's Handbook: The Digital Age. This resource helps readers do wide range of writing, including news releases, crisis responses, letters, proposals etc...

# Writing for the Web has also specific methods included in this source.

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